Devotion 13/09/2015

Sometimes, I find meaningful words/verses/phrases and I do a screenshot of them. But somehow, an idea struck me today and I thought, “Why not just do a weekly Sunday thing?” Just in case the phone dies and the screenshots disappeared *choy!*

3 days of course is over just like that and 1 more day till I start doing what I’ve always wanted to do since I was 4yo. During the course, I realised how awesome my teachers were. Especially in secondary school. Almost bursting with examples and stories to share but I was rather tired from gastric, commute and cramps that I just kept quiet. But, really. I hope I can be half as good as my teachers (:

It’s kind of scary, really. Was just telling my mum that I am scared to start school. The kind of ‘scared’ that makes me want to cry. Kinda like when I was 3yo and heading to nursery. Back then I cried for 6 weeks (I really don’t think my parents were kidding). But now that I am an adult, I can’t cry, my parents can’t visit me in school anymore ;p  Why is it scary? Well, this is afterall something I wanted since I was 4yo. Achieving your dreams/ambition can be scary because what if it doesn’t turn out the way you envisioned? No, I will not let my paranoid self take over. It will be awesome *sings Lego song*

Here’s to a fruitful career and a great blessed first week (: Amen!

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in faith so that you overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. – Romans 15:13

You may not know what is going to happen this week.But one thing you can do is put on the helmet of the hope of salvation and tell yourself that you are going to have a fantastic week! Not “hope so” but “know so”! – Joseph Prince’s Devotional

Dear Heavenly Father, help me as I battle pride today. Give me a humble heart. Humility brings wisdom.
– ODB, 12 September 2015

It does not matter if you are a nobody with nothing in the natural. When the Lord is with you, you will end up with everything because He will empower you to succeed and live the abundant live. – Joseph Prince’s Devotional

My fear sometimes overwhelm me, Father. Yet I know that You are here with me. May Your perfect love cast out my fear and still my troubled heart! – ODB, 10 September 2015

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