I have had so many aww-worthy moments. But I thought this is worth blogging about.

I have 3 musketeers in my class. They are BFFs and will always talks to each other by shouting across the classroom. I won’t go one day without shouting their name and asking them to pay attention. They are the biggest contributors to my collection of confiscated items.

But this past 2-3 weeks, one of them had a total change in behavior and attitude. He pays attention in class and his work is excellent. I can’t pinpoint what happened (writing a note to his parents didn’t help previously) until now while keying in their conduct report for the term.

  1. I gave him the chance to redeem himself when he did something really bad. I didn’t call his parents but got him to write his apology in his pupil’s handbook. I told him I will let him tell his parents his version of the incident so he won’t get punished.
  2. I caught him scribbling in a book during lesson. I confiscated the book and found out that he had a fight with his BFFs. Instead of scolding him, I asked him what happened and he very shyly told me that they kept calling him names so he decided not to friend them anymore. I asked if he wanted me to help him and he said no.

I think reason 2 must have played a bigger role. I AM SO PROUD OF HIM! He is super eager to participate in class these days and has done rather well for the exams. Moments like this just makes me smile (:

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