Letter from Year 26


잘 지냈어? 이해 어때요? 난 지금 서울에 있어! 기억이 났어? ^^

Okay, that’s about as much Korean as I can think in right now. Tsktsk. But yes, hello from Korea! (: Remember how you extended your trip out of anger but in the end, this week has been one of the greatest so far? (:

Recap, recap! Year 27 started in a tiny room in Nine-Tree Hotel. But they upgraded you to a bigger one with an awesome view after your feedback. Had lunch and coffee with Chung and Natsuki! Remember the cake? Yums! And then you walked around Myeongdong all by yourself (: Enjoying the cold and churros! But clumsy clauds striked when you deleted all the photos of the Xmas lights -.-

How was Year 27? Went by in a zoom and it’s been quite a journey (:

If it hasn’t been too awesome, I want you to remember how thankful you are right now. For being able to come on this trip. For the friends in your life. For your family. Remember how the weather held up in Jeju? Or how it’s sunny on your birthday? Don’t fret. God has a plan for you(:

Did you take up the job that San introduced? Are you on your way to become a teacher now (like finally)? I’M A TEACHER NOW! Quite a story behind it which I will include in the letter to Year 29! ^^

Taken any more trips? Japan? Seoul? Grounded the entire year. I think I didn’t even head to Sentosa. ㅋㅋㅋ.

Have you cut out the unnecessary people in your life? 그새….아마?

Have you finished Level 3? Started Japanese? Completely stopped lessons. Didn’t quite like the teacher, no energy, no funds. Don’t think I will pick them up in the near future too 😦

Bought Note 4? iPhone clan now? I know I know, I ask the same thing every year! Samsung all the way, yo!

How’s the family? Grams? Mum? Dad? Ah Yong? Dajie? Mostly doing well. Dajie moved out though. And mum got shingles this week. Her mood is quite bad. Hopefully she feels better soon.

The lumps in your breast. Are they better now? Remember, trust in God! He will heal you (: Put your faith in Him first! Been ‘upgraded’ to annual instead of half-yearly visits. AMEN!

Attached? Met Siwon yet?! No and no. ㅋㅋㅋ

Quite curious how this year has been for you. I mean, Year 27 was so goal driven, so purpose-driven. Year 28 (woah. 28!) must be quite different without an ultimate goal in mind. Confused much? You’re talking about Year 26 and Year 27. I just turned 28 today!

Take it as a lapse year. 앞으로 chase after your other dreams! Like trip to US, Aussie. And the BIG ones like a house, letting the parents retire (: 알아 알아. Year 28, fighting too!

Approaching Year 28 with a bit of hope, abit of dread, a bit of fear. Ahhhhh….But if you are reading this…YOU MADE IT! (: Good job! 27. 27! haiyo.

Remember to thank God for guiding you through yet another year! Yes. It’s been a blessed and grace-filled year. Everything in His time (:


Remember, Shan. All your tomorrow’s are in God’s Hands! Amen!




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