Devotion 13/12/2015

Sometimes, I find meaningful words/verses/phrases and I do a screenshot of them. But somehow, an idea struck me today and I thought, “Why not just do a weekly Sunday thing?” Just in case the phone dies and the screenshots disappeared *choy!*

2nd week – over. Birthday – over. That was fast. In 2 weeks, I will be back at work and in 3 weeks, waking up at 5.30am again. Where did the time go? Time really DO speed up after 21/23/25. Ah wells. Enjoy while I can (:

This week has been peaceful and restful. A week of staying home, catching up on sleep, reading and drama. Hopefully the rest of the weeks will be the same (: Mum’s not feeling too good this week, please ease her discomfort and help her get better, God.
A restful, peaceful and thankful week ahead! Amen.

Fill my heart, Lord, with rejoicing at the gift of Your love and forgiveness found in Your Son, Jesus. – OBD, 6 December 2015

Joy doesn’t come frpm having your circumstances in order and under control; it comes frpm what’s in your heart. Contentment is not about fame or being well-known, how much money you have, your position at work or your social circle. Contentment is a heart attitude. The word content means, “being satisfied to the point where nothing disturbs you, but not satisfied to the point that you never want any change”. Life is all about the choices we make, so choose contentment and satisfaction every single day. God, I want to be content and satisfied with where I am, right here, right now. Give me the strength to choose to be content every single day. – Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life

God promises that He’ll never put more on us than we can bear and deal with. God is on your side. God wants you to know that He has an individual plan for your life. Lord, I want my contentment to come from You, not my circumstances. Show me every day that Your plan for me is perfect and that I don’t need to worry. – Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life

Dear Father, thank You for forgiving us what we don’t deserve. You have forgiven my sins and provided a way for me to be reconciled to You through the gift of Your Son. Help me to always be grateful for Your grace. God’s gift is grace. – OBD, 9 December 2015

Lord, I only want my heart to be filled with thoughts and desires that are from You. As I spend more time in Your presence and focus solely on You, I know that my heart will change for the better, affecting the rest of my life in godly ways. – Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life

Lord Jesus, thank You for coming to our rescue when we were lost and helpless in our sin. – OBD, 10 December 2015

Know in your heart that He has great plans, and no matter how much time He takes, He loves you, and He always has your best interest at heart. Lord, O want to spend my time agreeing with, not fighting, the great work You are accomplishing in me. I thank You that when I start to waste time, You always remind me that You love me and that Your timing is always the best. – Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life

In You do I trust; cause me to know the way in which I should walk. – Pslam 143:8

God, I know that true happiness comes from giving, not receiving. I want to live the life of true happiness that comes from forgetting about my selfish desires and seeking to give to those around me. – Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life

Lord, give us hunger to hear and understand the truth of Your Word. Help us show Your love to others by faithfully living out its instructions for us. – OBD, 12 December 2015

Lord, You clearly care about helping those who are poor and lonely. Give me Your heart for justice and show me the hurting and broken that You want me to help. – Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life

Never again can we say that no one understands us. Jesus does. May the light that entered the world that night cast its brilliance into the deepest corners of our soul this Christmas, giving us peace on Earth of which the angels spoke so oong ago. – Randy Kilgore

Blessed week ahead, everyone. Amen.

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