Link to Singtel’s Samsung Galaxy S5 ready for pre-ordering!

[Update] Registration for pre-order has ended. I have registered but think I will give up the slot. anyone interested?

So yes! The day has come! When technically, it has came and went in Korea due to some sales suspension rule (what?).

But for us, the rest of the normal folks, the pre-order for each telco starts today.

While I don’t know much about the price and other telco, here’s the link to Singtel’s pre-order website! Registration starts at 12pm! So fastest fingers first! (: Ahh…I still remember clicking rapidly for my S3 two years ago.

Good luck everyone!

As for me, I am waiting for the initial hype to die down before I head down to Singtel shop to renew my corporate contract and get the phone at the same time. How silly is it? Every company must have strike some deal with Singtel and pay them some amount (?) for the special rate. BUT! We can’t renew contract online? What?!


And I find that I am increasingly getting reliant on the S-Pen in my Galaxy Note 2. Feels weird to have to switch back to Galaxy S5 without a S-Pen. Meh. Whatever it is, I still have some time to think about it.

Oh yeah. You can find out more about the pre-order on superadrianme 🙂

are you getting the Samsung Galaxy S5?

I think my friends have gone pass the stage of asking me this question because I will almost always always without fail, get a Samsung phone every other year (when my contract expires). Instead, they will either keep quiet or go, “Apple, Apple, Apple.” #truestory

I’m a huge Samsung fan a loyal Samsung user. From the A800 to Samsung Omnia to Samsung Galaxy to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  Even when my S3 died, I grabbed the chance when Daniel offered me his spare Galaxy Note 2.

every phone has a story.

every phone has a story.

However, after my ‘harrowing’ experiences with the Samsung Service Centre and the super short lifespan of my Galaxy S3, I am actually *hold your breath, folks* having second thoughts about pruchasing the Samsung Galaxy S5 when my contract expires…TODAY.

During one of the lunches with ZQ, I told him, “I don’t want any fancy latest technology for the new S5. I just want them to make it more durable and usable.”

And I think that’s precisely what happened. To quote a report from TODAY newspaper –

Mr J K Shin, President and Chief Executive of Samsung’s mobile division, said: “Our consumers do not want eye-popping or the most complex technology.” Instead, a survey revealed that they were interested in simple enhancements such as durable design, a better camera, faster and more seamless connectivity and the ability to manage fitness plans.


But did the S5 do that? I don’t know.

In terms of technology, the fingerprint scanner was expected. Download Booster (send data over Wifi and mobile data) sounds useful but honestly, with only 2GB of data per month, I will stick to Wifi (white elephant function again). For camera, the real time HDR and the bokeh things  sounds interesting. But I guess the function that I am looking forward to trying the most is the S Health Suite 3 (a fitness tracker and calorie counter). It might either fan my desire to get a JawBone UP or might satisfy my desire for you (:

In terms of appearance, I guess it looks more durable but it seems to have lost the sleekness and refine-ness that I have come to expect from Samsung.

The polka-dot back cover T_T

can we say R-E-T-R-O?

Then the metallic finish of the side that somehow gives me the nagging thought that it will rust. Boooo! And it makes the entire phone look so thick (and cheap) 😦 I much rather have the cheapo plastic thing that S3 had.

Sigh. But the whole dust-proof and water-proof is interesting though.


Will I buy the Galaxy S5? 

I haven’t quite make up my mind yet. If only there’s a way for me to actually hold the phone in my hand to see how it feels…

But maybe I will still sign up for pre-order and see how it goes from there? I have about 1.5 months to think about it (am secretly hoping we belong to a later group) ;p


What’s your thoughts? Buy or don’t buy?

meet junsu!

I think by now, everyone knows that my Galaxy S3 has died at a young age. The youngest of all my (Samsung) devices, actually.

Anyways, I think I’m very lucky (: Daniel offered his spare phone to me and guess what? It’s a Samsung too! Galaxy Note 2 to be exact!

I think by now, everyone knows me and my weird love for Samsung phones. No matter how laggy they become (Omnia) or how troublesome they are (Galaxy s3), me and Samsung…together forever, never be apart. Even though DK dug out his iPhone 4 for me, when I heard Samsung, I’m sold.

Was just jokingly telling the Korean classmates that S3 is a girl (cos it’s calls me 언니), Galaxy Note 2 is a boy (cos it’s calls me 누나)! Yes, it’s the message ringtone. I couldn’t find the 언니 ringtone somehow so had to settle for the 누나 one.

And since I have a habit of naming my phone, decided to name this “Junsu” cos the word keeps coming up on the dictionary (when I’ve never type the name). Plus, the ringtone sounds like something one of the kids in “아빠 어디가?” will say. So…Meet Junsu!

Galaxy Note 2!

Galaxy Note 2!

Doodling with the S-Pen was quite fun! Going to do some googling to see what else I can do with a Note 2. I’m sure it’s more awesome than my S3 (:

Tuesday was more than I bargained for.

When I woke up on Tuesday, I was expecting it to be another chillax day. Read some Harry Potter, nap, watch some daytime TV, more harry potter and then dinner. But….

I did read Harry Potter. I finished up Book 3 in fact. And I finished it @ 11.11am. I saw the time when I finished my book and exited from Aldiko on my S3. Then…the phone died. It exploded into sparkles. Okay, fine. Dead pixels.

Galaxy. Literally.

Galaxy. Literally.

If I wasn’t so upset, I would have thought it’s pretty. But yes. I tried to restart it, took out the battery, give it a few good bang and even try to charge it. Nothing works. The funny thing is…I can still hear my messages and emails coming in!

Desperate, I called the mum using the house phone to tell her I will be heading out, switched on the Wi-Fi and posted on my Facebook to let everyone know that my phone is dead. I also sent out several emails.

It was quite a….unique experience going out without my phone.

I couldn’t check what time the next bus was coming. So I just waited there, checking my watch every few minutes. Tapping my foot restlessly while waiting. Sticking my head up to check if the bus is coming. Longest 10 minutes of my life.

But I did something nice! I saw a guy running after a bus and helped him hold the bus. Wouldn’t have noticed him if I had my phone with me.

Then, I couldn’t decide if taking the Circle Line or the NS Line to Marina Square was faster. I decided on the Circle Line cos the 3G signal is stronger. Realised I can’t use my phone so erm…But I was already at the Circle Line station so I decided to just take it. Then! I wanted to check if I should alight at Promenade or Esplanade cos I wasn’t sure…I couldn’t T_T So I had to guess (it’s Esplanade).

Met a weirdo at the train station. He stood super close to me and kept sticking his head out to look at me when I chose a seat far away from him. Wanted to tweet about it to feel less freaked out but…you know the story.

My experience at the Samsung Service Centre @ Marina Square was quite pleasant. The lady at the counter (Christina) was really honest and gave me practical answers. After listening to her options, I decided not to repair the phone cos the cost is almost equivalent to buying a new one (approx $500). Almost.

Took a long train ride home again. I am so glad I insisted on separating my entertainment and daily usage devices *hugs iPod touch* Without it, I would have died of boredom and get super irritated by the noise on the train.

Came home, saw some emails that made me upset. I don’t think people believed me when I said I don’t have a phone 😦 Hence the emails. Tried to ignore them and searched for my old phones. Found Omnia (from 2008!) and realised that the battery has “bloated up” and can’t be used 😦 It was still working in June!

Luckily my mum came home and offered to lend me her iPhone 4. It must have caused her some inconvenience but she didn’t want to upset me by asking for the phone back. Cos when she thought that I was sleeping, she called the dad and asked him where my old Samsung E870 was (from 2006). She sounded quite irritated with the dad when she realised that he threw the charger away.

I offered to return the iPhone 4 to my mum and she said it’s okay. She will just go buy a flip phone from the Ah-Bengs shop. I felt so bad 😦 She knows I can’t afford to buy a phone now so she rather be the one spending.

So after she left to buy dinner, I cried abit but pulled myself together and managed to locate the charger *phew* E870 is still working! just that the buttons have fallen out and it’s quite impossible to type. Super afraid the mum will go and spend unnecessary money so I quickly went to FB and asked if anyone has a spare phone to lend me. And many people came forward. Thank you thank you (:

Now that the phone problem is solved, I am left with a lingering headache that grew as the day went on. Meh. I am going to sleep soon but…Here’s a photo of my phones –

every phone has a story.

every phone has a story.

I bought Samsung Omnia cos I wanted to give the mum my Samsung E870. Then E870 was passed on to the dad when his phone died. Bought Galaxy S because Omnia was getting retarded and well….It’s about time. Bought Galaxy S3 because of vanity. But I passed it on to the little brother whose HTC was dying.

See! All my phones have a history and I always work them hard. Not like Galaxy S3. It’s probably the phone I treated with the most care. It has it own casing, change of screen protectors, least no. of falls and etc. And it died after ONE year! BOOO!

Anyways, glad that this is over. I am going to bed now. Tired and this headache needs to go away.

2011 Girls’ Generation Tour with Canon Powershot S100 (:

After the madness of clicking, I managed to snag 2 tickets for the show *sayang mouse and fingers* 잘했어요!

Could have gotten better seats but silly me keyed in the wrong expiry date for my credit card and missed the time. Yes. I keyed in the wrong date MANY TIMES and for the ENTIRE holding period (think it was 5 minutes) *stabs self and dies*

Just like my post about SS3 + S95, this post is split into the concert and the camera.

The concert!

지금은 소녀시대!

If you look at the way I shouted and screamed at the concert, you might think that I’m more of a SONE than an ELF >.< Hahaha! Yes, I was screaming my lungs out and dancing and trying to keep up with the fanchant!

fan project.

I was a tad surprised when I saw this and a Yahoo! postcard at my seat. Yes, they are the fan project! While the Yahoo! fan project didn’t really happen, this simple project was rather successful!

Tiffany actually noticed and commented about it during their “pretend” fianl stage.

the “pretend” final stage.

Yes, the “pretend” final stage.

Tiffany was rather funny! She knew that the fans are aware that there’s still 3 encore stages so she asked, “You guys know that this is not our final song, don’t you?”

When the fans screamed yes, she went, “Well, then. This is our “pretend” final song.”

Hahahah! Aww. Like. I love their english too. So polite. Ah, hard to explain!


WOOHOO! This has to be one of my favorite stage (: The Genie remix. If you have not seen it, you should! They did the same stage in their Japan concert and at Dream Concert!

Other than that, I rather like Sooyoung’s solo! HOT! She did Salsa (Tango?) to the song, “Sway” (I think). And omona! Her legs! Like!!!

I also like the encore stages (: Oh! too! 😀

Seohyun was the friendliest! Yoona was disappointing cos she was quite standard 😦

I did get a little bored somewhere in the middle (short attention span, yo!) though >.<

Anyways! Overall, I will give it a 5.5/10. On the ranking scale, it rates 2nd (after SS3 and before SHINee). Will I go again if they are back? Well, it will depend on their song list since this concert are mainly old songs.

The camera

Okay. While SS3 don’t allow DSLR, this concert don’t allow photography AT ALL. BAH! But I managed to sneak some shots 😛

I am compliant ok! I followed the old rule – “All media are only allowed to take photos for the 1st three songs.” Heheh.

Anyway, I was sitting at T08 (slightly off center), Row 27 (last row). So I was quite far back. But! I HAD CANON POWERSHOT S100!

Canon Powershot S100

Thanks to Renhao, Ogilvy and Canon, I managed to get my hands on the S100 for the weekend! (:

And the camera didn’t disappoint! It performed rather well! Less pixelation and better sensitivity. HS system rocks! (:


some compression by FB. color adjustment made.

The picture was cropped too! I couldn’t “activate” the digital zoom so I had to crop to make the photo “bigger”. Quite cool that it’s not as pixelated as I thought it would be.

Okay, at this point, I don’t have much to say about the camera. But if you are looking for a camera to bring to concerts/wedding dinners or the like, I think the S100 is a good investment!

If you like to have manual control on your compact (like me), S100 has it! If you are lazy, the Auto mode is pretty trust-able! (: Proof? My mum (who don’t know how to use a compact and is not tech-savvy) took this photo in auto mode –

with siblings for my birthday (:

I was laughing cause every time my mum press the Shutter, her hand will go down too. So, this photo was taken in rather shakey circumstances 😛 But it turned out awesome! And the color is not too bad too (:

Other features include, high speed burst (great for baby photos!)  + Movie Digest (hopefully I can try this out soon!) and  it shoots in *wait for it* RAW! Okay, I have still not reach the high level of shooting in RAW but RAW is good! It allows you to have more control of the control for post-processing! (: And S100 is the first compact to be able to do that! Hoots.

My only qualm with the S100 is that it takes quite a while to process photos after each shot. So there I was, anxious to continue to take the next “sneak” shot at the concert but the camera was still “busy” -.- 어떻게! 어떻게!

And I dont like that the shutter button is made of stainless steel. BOO!

Anyways, Renhao has very kindly helped me got a set for the camera! Yes, I am buying the camera!! So, stay tune as I discover and explore the camera.

Canon Powershot S100 is now out in store at a SRP of $699. 

More pictures of the concert by S100 can be found here. <working to fix the link>

how does it work?

(this post has just turned into a @clauds moment*piaks forehead*)

while introducing GeoDefense to uncle vincent on saturday, a question popped into my head.

how do they earn? because a game is $0.99 everywhere, every currency. so wont they earn close to nothing in places where the exchange rate is lower?

like S$0.99 is prolly abt US$0.66? so they will earn more in some countries and make a loss in some?

anyone can explain?(:

A bimbotic review on Samsung i900 (Omnia)

Okay, I may be slightly more tech inclined than some of my friends but I ain’t no techy. So don’t expect this “review” to be very information. At least tech-wise (: Just some very random comments and generally how I feel about it.

I bought Omnia back in August. It cost me around $600 with a 2-year i-One Plus student plan with Singtel.

still brand new(:

Being the loyal Samsung girl that I am, I was super excited. And played with it the moment I got it. Ignoring my sister throughout lunch. Hahahah. But ALAS! My elation and excitement died 4 hours later. I’ll spare you the details because after numerous times of NO HELP from the helpline, I solved most of them by myself. Here are some things I like and don’t like.

1. GPRS Connection

Sometimes, when I connect to the internet via 3G, I cannot disconnect. It will re-connect to 3G by itself. It’s useless to even try and “fight” with it. Cause you will lost. I called the Samsung helpline and they told me that there’s no easy solution to the problem. The only two ways are –

a) Leave it. BAD! Because it’s battery sucking!

b) Go to “Operator Settings” and switch to M1/Starhub. Everytime I want to use 3G, I have to switch it back to Singtel. MAFAN!

2. No actual “Shut down” of programs

Omny operates in a funny way. Once you open a program (like Alarms, Messages, Player), you cannot terminate it by clicking the tiny X button in the corner. So they stay open and takes up your RAM space!! Not a problem until you want to use your CAMERA! Many a times, I see something that I want to shoot and take out Omny only to get the message telling me that my RAM is not enough!! By the time I close all programs, the moment/thing I want to shoot are gone. BAH!

There are 2 ways to close the programs, none of them easy –

a) Click on the side button and “End All Task”.

b) Go to Settings -> System -> Task Manager -> End Task.

*piaks forehead*

3. Low internal memory

This is by far the most irritating problem for me. Basically, I have 3 storage memory – the internal memory, the 1GB storage card, the 16GB memory.

Messages, ringtones, Word document created and notes created are stored in the internal memory. Internal memory is also used to install applications like MS Word, Windows Mobile and etc. Which is perfectly okay if the internal memory is huge. But no! Its memory storage is in MB!

The storage card and the 16GB memory is practically useless! But I will get to that later.

It’s so irritating because once the internal memory limit is reached, I can’t receive messages! So I’ve to go around deleting messages that I want to keep and deleting my ringtones/alarm tones. I can’t customise my phone lah! MAH!

I cannot download games to play as well! I tried to download Lexulous and I was told there’s not enough memory!

Was told that there’s no solution to these as well.

4. No idea what happened

I have no idea what happened but suddenly, my 16GB memory is renamed to “My Storage 2”. And since then, I can no longer store my pictures in it! The camera does not detect the new name! MAH! So now, I have to save my pictures in the 1GB storage card. Thank goodness for that!

My 16GB memory is just sitting there-.-

5. Messaging

Love-hate relationship. Messages arrives and it is presented in MSN form. Nice right? Convenient as well!

But when you want to find old messages, it can get a little painful. Because you have to press “Older” alot of times-.- Sigh. And I can’t delete messages that I received one at a time. So for example, if I want to delete a “Good Night” message from Bestie, I CANNOT! Cause if  I do, the entire conversation history will be deleted!! MAH!

Irritating. And of course, there’s the thing of not having a program to back-up. Oh wait! There is! But I heard that it’s super expensive!

6. Shock Proof

Hahahah. It’s pretty klutz proof! I’ve dropped it 5 times and it’s still surviving! WHOO!

7. Touch Screen

Using fingernails FTW!

8. Appearance

I have customized Omny with my fingernail stickers! I’m so used to it that I don’t recognise another Omnia phone. Hahaha. Oh yeah, it’s pretty light.

Okay, that’s about it. On and off I have the urge to just sell Omny away and get a new phone/iPhone. But at the end of the day, I still like Omny. WiFi! Internet explorer! Opera browser! Google Launcher! Google Maps! loves~

Until another phone catches my eye.