sometimes you dont see what’s behind.

been cabbing to work quite a bit this week. 3 times out of 5. stopped only when someone went, “why are you always taking cabs these days?!” and that’s that.

ANYWAYS! While I was sulking about going to work, I looked at the rear view mirror and saw this –



and I went, “Wow”. I did look at the sky on my way out but it was nothing like that. I guess I was just too busy walking forward that I didn’t turn around and look at the sky behind me.


what's behind.

Not exactly the same as the cab moved before I can take a proper picture. But yups.

*ahem* let me try to describe what I was feeling then. I guess, sometimes we are just so focused on moving forward and so sure of what we want, that we forgot our past. and sometimes, we get so caught up in the rat race that we forgot to stop and take a look around. Imagine all the nice things that we have missed? Heh.

But yeah, after seeing that scene, I felt better(: Still sulking but probably 10% of the original amount(:

OH! Here’s how the sky look like while I was on my way to Timbre with Grace and gang on Thursday –

pretty colors.

pretty colors.

yups. anyways, omny is at it again. lumping pools of light tgth. zz..

ok, Z monster has arrved. off to bed.


friends are like desserts(:

Last night, while talking to ber, she said this – know what, we stop talking about him. because i can sense that this conversation is dredging up unpleasant memories for you..

And I love her for that! Because if not, I will just continue unearthing those memories and “re-live” them. Come back soon!

a good friend is one who knows when to stop a conversation topic becos she knows it’s dredging up unpleasant memories w/o you saying.

Tonight while talking to Juan, she said this –

..shan, i m really happy evetually u choose what u LIKE to do, not what u HAVE to do. really happy..

And it’s really sweet! Hehe(:

friends are those who are happier than you when something good happens.

counting my blessings! i may not have many close friends or friends who i meet up very often, but i know they are there for me. and that’s enough! thank you, god(:

Singtel Exclusive Blogger F1 Race.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the exclusive F1 race organised by Singtel for bloggers(: Thanks, Nanyate for the invite! loves~

SO! Victor, QQ, Vincent, Shuyun and I met up at 6.40pm. All late for the event! But they are working mah! And I…erm…I came from a very “tough” mugging session at home ok?!

ANYWAYS! We arrived and after signing up, the first thing I did was zoomed for the food! I was hungry! Hahahaha. OH WAIT!

Mus was super cute! When we came in, he walked passed us and went something like, “ guys better don’t sign up..” We were all like o.O before we burst out laughing. I HEART YOU, MUS! 😛

OKAY! Where were we? Food! Right, so as I was about to scoop rice onto my plate, Claudia said we HAVE to try on the racing suit! So I put down my plate unwillingly and went to put on the suit.

i cant be a grid girl, so i become a racer!

i can't be a grid girl, so i become a racer! (from Claudia's Innov8)

and a silly driver at that (:

and a silly driver at that (: (from Victor's camera)

It was pretty embarrassing cause everyone was staring at Uncle Vincent and I while we try to put on the suit! But yeah. Me being me! A little attention spurs me on ;p Yes, yes! HAHAHAH! Here’s a video and another one by Victor(:

One by one, we all took turns to try the simulator!

ready, set, go!

ready, set, go!

It was definitely one-helluva experience! You know those rides at Singapore Science Center where you go into a box and get shake around? It’s EXACTLY like that but BETTER! Total adrenaline rush! Woots! But it was super warm in the “race car” and by the time I finished, my back was aching (from bumping into walls too much)! Definitely FUN! Shiok-a-licious! (I sound so beng!)

Here’s the result!

race results!

race results!

I beat the 4 of them 😛 Victor is after Shuyun! Heh. Maybe like what Shuyun says, “..PLAIN LUCKY!” or maybe I am just damn good! ;p No lah. I had quite a bit of coaching from the guy who was there to assist us. He told me when to shift gear and stuff! So maybe that helped! 😀

Just when I was about to sit down and rest, Victor wanted to try on the racing suit and off I go to put it on again! *smacks forehead*

looking fierce! LOLS!

looking fierce! LOLS!

All in all, it was an interesting event! I’m glad I ditched the books and went! Now! Time to befriend those books again before heading to bed! Look out for a looong post on Wednesday or Thursday!

Once again, thanks Nanyate for the invite! (:

*clicks publish and chants, ” I love books, I love books!” *

if i were a boy.

ONE MORE PAPER TOMORROW THEN 10 days break/long study week! *dance*

Wednesdays are always the hardest.

ANYWAYS! Getting reconnected with biology was refreshing (: And I don’t mean it in a sarcastic way. I really like biology!

I wore my super huge red t-shirt today (: Always put me in a good mood! Almost.

Went for a modified stroll and I found a new stretch of route that is pretty nice. Noisy, yes. But nice. I shall try it out tomorrow or on Sunday! It will lengthen the distance I walk too! So that’s all good.

One boo boo will be that I have to forgo the quiet walk outside Deyi. But we’ll see how the new route work out (:

I bought Macdonalds for dinner! Nuggets + Sweet & Sour Sauce + Curry Sauce + Super Salty Fries = Heaven! But I am paying it with cramps now-.- It seems like Macdonalds is a must have before exams. HAHAHA! Ohwells.

Yups! Happy things for the days(:

dont let the music stop(:

the day didnt start out well. racing heartbeat. could be deal to dehydration, LBP or smth. but yeah. i had to cab to school for my paper.

FIRST PAPER DOWN! woots! so looking forward to thursday and my 10days break(:

thats 1 happy thing(:

i had waffles with ridzuan and ruiping in town! yums!! mabel!! we shld ask for chocolate chip waffles next time! it taste MUCH better and cost only 20cents more!!

so thats 2 happy items for the day(:

off to bed!

happy post(:


After tomorrow, I can use a rubber band, bundle the notes together and then put them nicely into my cupboard 😀 One down, three more to go! Heh!

Can that be considered as a happy post/thought for the day? ;p


Home-cooked lunch, afternoon nap, a short call from the bestie, MacDonalds craving cured (my mum agreed!) and a short stroll after dinner. Nothing fantastic but I am contented(: Simple joys in life, yes?(:

Alright! Bedtime (: Lucks for my paper on Tuesday, 5pm!