Super Show 6 Singapore

Waited for 2 months and it’s finally here (: And it was a really nice break for me. I know, there’s been long weekends before but being the person that I am, work is always on me but during the concert, work totally slipped away from my mind. It was just Super Junior and me.

I was screaming so hard that at one point, I think I almost lost my voice. For the first time in a very long time, I threw away my burdens and became the happy, raa-raa girl that I was 😀 I probably became one of those fans that I used to find irritating. Those that scream about anything and everything. Hehe. It was good. It was good.

Security was strict this time so I didn’t dare to sneak shots. But I did manage to get one or two towards the end.

the thank you bow (:

Siwon’s energy was low and he looked horrible during the first part of the concert. But right after he told us that he’s sick, his energy level shot up. He was jumping around and up to his usual antics (: I’m impressed, Mr Choi. Always so professional.

The set list is not too fantastic and they did a “discounted” version in SG. But with Teuk and Heechul back, it’s a much better improvement from SS5. Their ‘tribute’ to Shindong was nice too. I almost teared. They have an empty mic on stage and showed him during his last stage performing. So it really felt like he was there.

And Super Junior being Super Junior, they are up to their usual antics. Throwing away their idol image to make the fans laugh.

Frozen Competition

Riding on the popularity of Frozen, they had a Frozen competition. Henry was Olaf and the host of the competition. Heechul stayed loyal to Anna and came as Anna. There’s Elsapphire Blue (Teuk), Elsamurai (Siwon), El Jackson (Hyuk), Big Elsa (Kyuhyun) and I can’t remember the rest >.<

The preview video was funny (: Siwon acted cute in it and that’s so rare! After saying he is Elsamurai, he knelt on the floor and kicked the chair -.- When the PD asked if kneeling down hurts, he said, “I do not feel pain. Pain doesn’t exist.” or something equally zen. Then he started acting cute for some reason and after that….he started going, “har har!” and pretend to be swinging a sword and punching a person.TOO CUTE.

ANYWAYS! The boys kept teasing each other to speak in English and it was hilarious! But I’m quite shocked that SG ELFs Korean seemed to have deteriorated. Only a few of us replied immediately when the boys asked us questions. Sigh.

the boys doing their usual thumb kiss. wookie at the side throwing towels into the crowd (:

SS7 is going to be quite awhile. With Sungmin and Shindong in the army, Hyuk and Hae will be next. Then ‘my oppa’ and Wookie…Then Kyuhyun T_T I will miss the boys! 😦


Oh and this has to be my favorite part of the concert. Siwon sang “Lost Stars” and it blew me away. So full of emotions and I didn’t know he can sing so well. Leaving you with the fancam (thank you thank you to the uploader!) –

Thank you, Super Junior. For rescuing me from a difficult part of my life 5 years ago. For giving me a break from the million thoughts in my head today (:


The Boys Dance Recording (:

Been wanting to learn this dance for eons and when I saw it on CJ’s schedule, I contemplated taking it alone. But lucky Cyndy asked me and viola!

Had loads of fun learning the dance (: Some classmates were familiar faces and of course, Jojo is an awesome teacher who broke down the steps as simply as she could.

After 8 weeks of rushing home to change after work then rushing to class, the class is over! I think I am going to miss taking classes.

I messed up and my hair was all over my place. but I managed to do the “Jessica” step (right after 1st chorus)! like FINALLY! Love the “dance break” though I did acquire a huge blue black on my right knees for 3 weeks :p

Anyways, here’s the video –

Many dance that I want to learn – SNSD’s Mr Mr, f(x)’s Red Light, SJM’s Swing, SNSD’s Animal/Flower Power etc etc

But Korea is calling! #혜산유학전

thank you, FRANK (:

I was hooked on to FRANK by OCBC the moment I heard about the concept from my ex-colleague. When the then-boss suggested to head down to the SMU campus branch for a visit, I jumped on the chance and tagged along.

Was so won over by the branch design, the language used and the concept of the savings account that I ended up signing up for the Savings Account and paying for the card design. I thought that will be the end of my “experience”. But I was wrong.

About a year later, FRANK came out with their credit card. 6% cash rebate on all online purchases (if I spend more than $500 that month)! Tempting! So when I had to go to the SMU branch (again) as part of my CJ course, I ended up signing up for the card and got another design (free this time round!).

Unknowingly, all my purchases were consolidated into my FRANK card and my wallet was dominated with OCBC cards (:

dominated by OCBC!

During the first month of getting the FRANK card, I didn’t even know I was eligible for the suitcase. But guess what? A redemption letter was sent to my mailbox, giving simple and clear instructions on how to redeem it. It was painless!

That’s not all! I didn’t even know that my FRANK debit card was expiring until I received the replacement card (in the same design as my previous one) *thumbs up*

And then, as I was turning 26 and starting to wonder when the minimum sum rule will kick in, I received a letter from FRANK wishing me a “Happy Birthday” and informing me that the rule will only kick in next month *phew*

Then! The incident that triggered this post…I received a pleasant surprise in my mail again (:

rewarding me for paying on time.

I wasn’t even expecting this and paying bills on time is something that we SHOULD do. Therefore, being rewarded (in any way) for something that I am supposed to do is so so nice (: #FTIF

So once again, thank you thank you thank you!

I am so touched by FRANK’s efforts to reach out and to delight their customers (: Hopefully someday I’ll be able to do the same thing too (maybe even join them?). Heeeee.

meet junsu!

I think by now, everyone knows that my Galaxy S3 has died at a young age. The youngest of all my (Samsung) devices, actually.

Anyways, I think I’m very lucky (: Daniel offered his spare phone to me and guess what? It’s a Samsung too! Galaxy Note 2 to be exact!

I think by now, everyone knows me and my weird love for Samsung phones. No matter how laggy they become (Omnia) or how troublesome they are (Galaxy s3), me and Samsung…together forever, never be apart. Even though DK dug out his iPhone 4 for me, when I heard Samsung, I’m sold.

Was just jokingly telling the Korean classmates that S3 is a girl (cos it’s calls me 언니), Galaxy Note 2 is a boy (cos it’s calls me 누나)! Yes, it’s the message ringtone. I couldn’t find the 언니 ringtone somehow so had to settle for the 누나 one.

And since I have a habit of naming my phone, decided to name this “Junsu” cos the word keeps coming up on the dictionary (when I’ve never type the name). Plus, the ringtone sounds like something one of the kids in “아빠 어디가?” will say. So…Meet Junsu!

Galaxy Note 2!

Galaxy Note 2!

Doodling with the S-Pen was quite fun! Going to do some googling to see what else I can do with a Note 2. I’m sure it’s more awesome than my S3 (:

[Throwback] I miss my Maybank family (:

While going through my Facebook albums looking for some pictures, I found this –

24th birthday (:

24th birthday (:

Hahaha! I can still remember that SNSD was staying at Fullerton Hotel that day. The colleagues went down with me to “chase” them! And before this photo was taken, Iris stepped on CP’s foot. And that tiny photo on the right? The team went down to help Amy (our ex-boss) to clean up her cafe (:

Call it what you will. Say what you want. Maybe time add fluff to memories. But these days, I find myself missing my colleagues (: The infectious laughter and endless teasing!

I think it’s important that we remember the happy memories we have at any workplace (: Regardless of what happened that made you decide to leave.

Some people might think that being so ‘loyal’ or missing your ex-company so much might be bad for your future job hunt. But honestly, I don’t think so. Would you rather hire someone who has nothing good to say about their ex-company or someone who, despite everything, still have positive things to say about their ex-company?

Frankly, I’ll choose the latter (: Because if someday, should that person leave my company, he/she will have only good things to say about it. And, it’s always better to have one more supporter than a skeptic right? (:

I did a quick recap of things I remember about some of my ex-companies and all I can remember are the happy stuff (: Watching DVDs during lunch @ MOE, sharing a Krispy Kreme @ NTUC, sales period @ Perlini’s!

ANYWAYS! here’s a ‘list’ of a few things that I miss about the Maybank ‘family’.

1. Remembering the extension numbers of almost everyone

I think this takes practice. But after awhile, I started memorising the extension numbers of most of the people I regularly work with. Sometimes, I will even pick up the phone and go, “Hello! AMY!” Hahaha!

2. Seeing the word “BOSS” appearing on my phone

It’s quite funny. The word, “BOSS” appears when the CEO calls! When I first saw the word appearing, I had a shock and really nervous. But after awhile, seeing the word, “BOSS” appearing on my phone became something I look forward to. Kinda. Cos it means there’s a creative challenge to be conquered, an inspiring message to be sent out etc

3. The branches. Oh my, branches (:

I didn’t know that I will miss them. I didn’t know that I miss them until the brother started working part-time and had to visit the branches. I realised I have funny stories and nice things to say about almost every branch.

For example, how the folks at Clementi calls me, “Shan shan!” whenever I call them (: Or how Kovan always print out the EDMs I sent out and paste it in their backroom. Heee.

4. Ah-Kee Pte Ltd!

I miss Ah-Kee and my morning/afternoon drink. I love their fruit juices, longan + red date drinks, chee cheong fun and milk tea! (: His wife remembers when to give me packet drink in the afternoon and when to give me their afternoon special!

5. My team!

Yup! I miss their infectious laughter (: The sweet gestures of my colleagues. There was a time when I am obsessed with the Plum Sweet. And almost every other week, I will come in and find 2 bottles on my table on Monday. Or how my colleagues will buy my favorite food like Kaya Buns, Famous Amos and Cinnamon Melts when they know I am stress. Loves!

I remember on my first few weeks of work, they bought me eggs that were still un-cracked. Cos I didn’t know how to crack eggs and was too paiseh to ask so I just left the eggs in my drawer and….I FORGOT TO TAKE THEM OUT OVER THE WEEKEND! *facepalm*

The online shopping! Woots! And there was once Viv brought some of her stuff to office and we had a mini-yard ‘sale’. Everyone went home with something! I am still wearing some of the stuff from that time (: Too bad I didn’t manage to save that picture!

we all turned up in blue and in dresses from Dressabelle!

Oh! And I love how the team calls me, “Mei mei” (: Meeeeeeiiii!!!

6. The kiddos!

Yes, it’s weird. But yup! I miss the kiddos! I miss seeing them at events and having them visit the office. Nuff said. Pictures!

with gareth!

invasion of the CEO office!

7. The last minute creatives, the campaigns, the webmasters!

I used to grumble about it alot. Having to do last minute EDMs that was out of my job scope. But now, I kind of miss them.

I also miss the planning and execution of external service campaigns like Customer Delight and what I like to call…Ambush the Customer. Seeing the delight on the customers’ faces is priceless. I also miss the vendors I have worked with like First Food and Spectrum. Really nice people (:

I miss the webmasters too! People who I don’t really see very often but always there. Whenever I have some last minute updates or some technical problems, I know I can always email them. They are always so willing to help even if it’s beyond their job scope.

8. The CSR activities and this video sums up everything!

Helping out CSR activities is always something I look forward to. And seeing how the entire company come together to help out, it’s really motivating (:

I did a video sometime back when testing out the Movie Digest function on my camera. think it pretty much sums up everything.

Time add fluff to memories.

Bosses’ Day 2012 (:

Cookies for Sid (:

Been meaning to write this post for awhile now. So here I am attempting to write this via the mobile app since I have a bit of time (:

Everyone knows twelve cupcakes yes?


photo from twelve cupcakes facebook page.

The cupcake boutiques that sells really awesome and innovative cupcake favors opened by celebrity couple, Jamie Teo and Daniel Ong. I love their Chocolate Rum N Raisin and Red Velvet! Yums!

Anyways, Cookies for Sid is the sister brand! Initially, I didn’t take too much notice about the idea of a cookie shop cos I love Famous Amos and I shelved it as a mercenary venture (sorry!).

But! When I saw Daniel Ong’s tweet about who Sid is, hehe. I got curious! Sid is actually the name of Cookie Monster (: betcha didn’t know that! Apparently, Cookie Monster introduced himself as Sid when he appeared on Sesame Street. Cool huh?

So I liked their FB page and eagerly anticipated the opening of the shop. I mean, if it’s cookies for Cookie Monster, it should be pretty awesome!

A few weeks after their opening, I popped by the outlet at United Square after my dance class.

The packaging caught my eye! Hehe.


first impression counts.

Pretty right! I love the blue! And I love how the carrier is a ziplock bag (so the cookies won’t 漏风?). How the cookies each have their own individual pouch! Hehe.

And that witty line on the packaging!

…we recommend consuming these cookies the minute you get your hands on them or if you are unable to finish them for reasons we cannot fathom, please….

Hehehe! Anyways, I loved the cookies so much that I finished the entire box in 2 days and went back to buy more the following week.


Ginger Chewy.

The cookies: Are they good? Okay. First of all, they are not the hard crunchy cookies like Famous Amos. Instead, the cookies are a little chewy. Not soft soft ok! Chewy! Like Subway cookies but more awesome (:

The flavours: There are the regular flavors like Raisin Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, Triple Choc and M&Ms. Then there are the special flavors like Cranberry Pumpkim Oatmeal and S’mores.

My personal favourite? Malty Milo, Ginger Chewy, S’mores, Cranberry Pistachio and Triple Choc!


Malty Milo.

Omg. S’ MORES! A deadly combination of chocolate, melted marshmallows and cracker bits. They are worth the calories! I chugged 3 pieces down in under 5 minutes during my TOPIK preparation back in April :p


I have yet to try the elusive Rum & Raisin Oatmeal and Rocky Road though. Off tangent but CHOCOLATE RUM AND RAISIN CUPCAKE from twelve cupcakes are delicious! Been trying to get them for the past 3 weeks but sold out 😦

However, unilike twelve cupcakes where they have a list of special flavors for each day of the month, you will need to follow Cookies for Sid fb page to find out what they are.

Price: $4.60 for 3 cookies. Additional $0.20 for special flavors. Quite reasonable me thinks. The staff are really friendly too!

Brought the classmates to buy the cookies last week and they quite like it (: hehe.

Thinking of buying some home this Saturday to noms on while watching the National Day Rally on Sunday. Woohoo!

So if you like cookies like Sid, do pop by Cookies for Sid to check the cookies out (:


Cookies for Sid can be found at –

1 Raffles Link #B1-10 (City Link Mall, near to Starbucks and the link to  Marina  Square)

United Square #B1-60A (opposite Subway)