Super Show 6 Singapore

Waited for 2 months and it’s finally here (: And it was a really nice break for me. I know, there’s been long weekends before but being the person that I am, work is always on me but during the concert, work totally slipped away from my mind. It was just Super Junior and me.

I was screaming so hard that at one point, I think I almost lost my voice. For the first time in a very long time, I threw away my burdens and became the happy, raa-raa girl that I was 😀 I probably became one of those fans that I used to find irritating. Those that scream about anything and everything. Hehe. It was good. It was good.

Security was strict this time so I didn’t dare to sneak shots. But I did manage to get one or two towards the end.

the thank you bow (:

Siwon’s energy was low and he looked horrible during the first part of the concert. But right after he told us that he’s sick, his energy level shot up. He was jumping around and up to his usual antics (: I’m impressed, Mr Choi. Always so professional.

The set list is not too fantastic and they did a “discounted” version in SG. But with Teuk and Heechul back, it’s a much better improvement from SS5. Their ‘tribute’ to Shindong was nice too. I almost teared. They have an empty mic on stage and showed him during his last stage performing. So it really felt like he was there.

And Super Junior being Super Junior, they are up to their usual antics. Throwing away their idol image to make the fans laugh.

Frozen Competition

Riding on the popularity of Frozen, they had a Frozen competition. Henry was Olaf and the host of the competition. Heechul stayed loyal to Anna and came as Anna. There’s Elsapphire Blue (Teuk), Elsamurai (Siwon), El Jackson (Hyuk), Big Elsa (Kyuhyun) and I can’t remember the rest >.<

The preview video was funny (: Siwon acted cute in it and that’s so rare! After saying he is Elsamurai, he knelt on the floor and kicked the chair -.- When the PD asked if kneeling down hurts, he said, “I do not feel pain. Pain doesn’t exist.” or something equally zen. Then he started acting cute for some reason and after that….he started going, “har har!” and pretend to be swinging a sword and punching a person.TOO CUTE.

ANYWAYS! The boys kept teasing each other to speak in English and it was hilarious! But I’m quite shocked that SG ELFs Korean seemed to have deteriorated. Only a few of us replied immediately when the boys asked us questions. Sigh.

the boys doing their usual thumb kiss. wookie at the side throwing towels into the crowd (:

SS7 is going to be quite awhile. With Sungmin and Shindong in the army, Hyuk and Hae will be next. Then ‘my oppa’ and Wookie…Then Kyuhyun T_T I will miss the boys! 😦


Oh and this has to be my favorite part of the concert. Siwon sang “Lost Stars” and it blew me away. So full of emotions and I didn’t know he can sing so well. Leaving you with the fancam (thank you thank you to the uploader!) –

Thank you, Super Junior. For rescuing me from a difficult part of my life 5 years ago. For giving me a break from the million thoughts in my head today (:

The Boys Dance Recording (:

Been wanting to learn this dance for eons and when I saw it on CJ’s schedule, I contemplated taking it alone. But lucky Cyndy asked me and viola!

Had loads of fun learning the dance (: Some classmates were familiar faces and of course, Jojo is an awesome teacher who broke down the steps as simply as she could.

After 8 weeks of rushing home to change after work then rushing to class, the class is over! I think I am going to miss taking classes.

I messed up and my hair was all over my place. but I managed to do the “Jessica” step (right after 1st chorus)! like FINALLY! Love the “dance break” though I did acquire a huge blue black on my right knees for 3 weeks :p

Anyways, here’s the video –

Many dance that I want to learn – SNSD’s Mr Mr, f(x)’s Red Light, SJM’s Swing, SNSD’s Animal/Flower Power etc etc

But Korea is calling! #혜산유학전