Dragon Blade 天将雄师

dragon-blade-posterOkay, most of you are probably going to think that this review is going to be biased because I like Siwon and he is in this movie. But let me start but telling my initial concerns and thoughts about this movie.

Initially I thought…

  • With such a stellar cast, will the movie fall flat? We all know that when you put good actors together, it doesn’t always produce awesome results.
  • Siwon, as much as I like him, can’t act. Let me remind you how I have never ever watched any of his dramas. 미안해, 시원이~
  • After watching the trailer and realising it’s a mix of Mandarin and English, my reaction, “OMG. Why!” Because frankly, more often than not, when they mix languages, the dialogues don’t flow.
  • Jackie Chan. I was quite done with the martial arts x body gag. Love watching his re-runs on TV but another movie along the same concept? Uh-uh.

Would I pay to go watch the watch? Probably not.

The press conference

Tagged along with my friend to the press conference and saw Siwon up close *fangirl scream* after it, I was kinda looking forward to watching the movie at night (Adeline won tickets!).


I don’t know. Chemistry between the cast was awesome. Throughout the press conference, you can see them whispering to each other and John Cusack and Jackie Chan was quite buddy buddy with each other! Jackie Chan even helped John Cusack to refill his cup when he noticed that he was running low on water.


JC and JC. Sorry for the unedited photo. didn’t bring my flash 😦


these two have quite alot to talk about apparently. at one point, siwon was translating for John Cusack. Not bad, Mr Choi.

And through the videos they were showing prior to the start of the press conference, it seems like the movie is quite logical? Jackie Chan came up with a tiny arm shield thingy because he figured that his character is a mobile peace corp and need to be able to travel light. Therefore, he thinks it’s not practical for him to carry around a normal shield so he came up with the idea of a portable shield. Yes, small things like this impress me more than big ones.

Also, throughout the interview, Jackie Chan’s sincerity just shone through? How he said that the crew has it the hardest because they have to go early to set up and end late. I mean, I feel kind of sorry for the actress that said the wrong thing and triggered him. But his point came through. He also handled the press pretty well when they asked about his son. Yes, he is a star, he is used to it. Well, just because he is used to it doesn’t mean he should tolerate it. But tolerate he did.

Oh yeah. Jackie Chan also said that the movie carries the message of unity. How people with different background can come together to achieve something good. How we can turn our ‘enemies’ into our friends. I liked how the cast all agreed in unison when Jackie Chan said that it’s an important message in recent days. BUT! Despite this, I was especially skeptical because the message he wanted to send for “The Zodiac” was kinda lost on me.

The movie itself…

You made it! HAAHAHA. Okay, here’s a photo of Siwon to break the long paragraphs.


really dont like his fringe.

My intial concerns were moot (not sure if I am using this word correctly).

Siwon’s acting? From his <5 minutes of screentime, it seems like he has improved quite a bit in his acting. Good job, Mr Choi. Hahaha. Plus. it’s like a breather for the eyes when he comes on screen. He still manage to look good despite the beard and dirt. DO NOT KEEP A BEARD, MR CHOI.

Mix of English and Mandarin and a ton of other languages? It’s pretty entertaining. Surprisingly so! And the dialogues made sense. It didn’t feel awkward. So, woots!

Good actor + good actor + good actor = ? One fantastic show. I thought I will get bored (I fell asleep watching Up) but nope! Like I said, the chemistry between the cast was awesome. It showed on screen (: Adrien Brody…Wah. His brand of evil is effortless? He looked so lazy but yet the evil “aura” was off the radar. Awesome! The cast can all speak with their eyes so it’s very easy to watch.

Yet another Jackie Chan movie? 아니요. Not quite. No body gag this time. No pointless fighting. It’s all good! And did the message he wanted to convey come through? Yes.

Though at some point, I can’t bring myself to watch cos the scenes reminded me of recent terror events 😦

Should you watch?

If you like unity unity kind of movie, yes! Because this show is full of it. Touched me a teeny weeny bit.

If you have always liked Jackie Chan’s movie and yet shared my initial concern, just go watch (:

I might even suggest to bring the family to watch during CNY. Honestly, I can’t wait for Ch8 to buy the movie and then play countless re-runs on it ;p

How many popcorns? 3.5-4 popcorns!


the cast. stupid flash. i was raising my camera super high and it still got into my frame.

okay, heading to bed. it’s late and I just realised I didn’t eat the entire day. No wonder my gastric is acting up. Going to edit the pictures tomorrow!


[Movie] Home Alone 2 – Lost in New York

I’m still alive! Barely (: Grappling with the sudden decrease in me-time and sudden decrease in sleeping hours. And my $5 challenge has failed 2 out of 3 days. Aish.

Anyways! Back during Christmas, I took some time to re-watch “Home Alone 2 – Lost in New York”. Old movie, that I’ve watched numerous times before. But you can’t get any more Christmas-ish than this. Plus, I watched “Home Alone” the Christmas before last so might as well continue the trend (:

This is not a movie review. Nah. Just wanted to share some quotes from the movie that made me go, “Mmmmm.” Here goes –

I’m like the birds on the street.
People pass me in the street, they see me, but they try to ignore me.
They prefer that I am not part of their city.

Sometimes it’s like that isn’t it?

People fight for positions. They want to be seen and be heard.

That’s true too. And when you don’t want to fight for positions, they treat you like you are the birds on the street. Or like you are from another planet.

Sometimes when you trust a person and when things get down, they forget about you.

Maybe they don’t forget about you. They just forgot to remember you. I don’t think people mean to forget. It just happens.

Uh-huh. Same same but different. One sounds better than the other.

If you aren’t going to use your heart, then what’s the difference from when it’s broken? If you just keep it to yourself, when you do decide to try it, you’ll find that they aren’t any good anymore. You should take a chance.

That’s for all the jaded ones like myself. ㅋㅋㅋ

Good deeds erases the bad deeds.

But they don’t erase the scars.

Yup! That’s all (: Mostly from Kevin’s conversation with the Pigeon Lady in the park. Hee.


[Movie Review] The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Grabbed the movie buddies (which seems to be mainly Eddy and Kelvin recently) to watch Catching Fire with me today. I really liked the first movie caused it was rather close to the book! But the second movie? Not sure much.

Spoilers alert! Zoom right to the bottom if you just want to know if the show is worth catching (:

How big of a fan of the book am I? 

I think this question is always important when watching movies that originated from a book like Twilight and Harry Potter. I guess you can say I am a rather huge fan of the book! I was pestering my then-colleagues to read the book cos I was so impressed. I spent the last morning in Seoul reading the last book.

But I will never spend money to buy the merchandise or whatsoever.

Now that that’s established…

My gripes with this 2nd movie is that it spends too much on unimportant stuff and skip/fast forward some of the emotional and relationship stuff.

Like how they make Prim appear way too mature. Katniss only discovered that Prim has grown up and didn’t need her protection only in Book 3. In Book 2, Prim was still very much the little sister that you want to protect. You can tell that she’s growing up in the book. But in the movie, it’s just BOOM. THERE! She’s all grown up *facepalm*

Then there’s the relationship between Katniss and Gale. The movie didn’t even mention how Gale is now Katniss’ cousin as a cover up. In the movie, there’s no preamble as to why Gale is so mad with Katniss. Yes, he’s mad that Katniss and Peeta had to pull a lover’s act. But that didn’t warrant the degree of anger that Gale exuded in the movie. AND! The kiss between Gale and Katniss. The one where he said, “I just have to do this once.”? No atmosphere at all. It’s just a kiss *gags* Oh yeah. They keep making the both of them. To be really Singlish here…Got thing also kiss, no thing also kiss. Like what?

Now, the relationship between Katniss and Peeta. I tell you. Wah. Disappointed. You know all the turmoil that Katniss felt about Peeta? You don’t see any of that. So it’s almost as if Katniss purely felt like she owe it to Peeta to save him from the Quarter Quell. Not because she also love him. Just that little bit. And their interaction in the train and in the lift + how Peeta calms Katniss down? Not shown in the movie. BLEH.

The victory tour. It’s simple straight forward. District 11, Katniss said something then an old man raised the 3-fold salute before the crowd followed suit. Then Katniss and Peeta accidentally saw the old man being shot by the Peacemaker. Simple yes? No! They have to screw it up. Peacemaker immediately captured the old man and Katniss and Peeta saw everything. Plus, Peeta was shocked. HE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE! He should be solemn! He should be the one pushing the peacemakers aside and bringing Katniss into the safety of the building. DENG!

Haymitch. They make him too sober, too much like a normal human being. He is supposed to be a drunk, a jerk who was hurt. The audience is supposed to think of him as a useless bum and feel a little in awe when they realised that he has been planning the uprising all along.

Flogging of Gale. It’s just a mess. Gale was awake in the movie when Katniss arrived. Katniss was slapped by the new Head Peacemaker, not whipped. She even told the Head Peacemaker to shoot her (what?!). She was not even crying, no tears of anger. When Haymitch came to rescue her, he didn’t act like a jerk by saying, “Oh, fantastic. She’s got a photo shoot next week. What am I supposed to tell her stylist?”. Instead, he reasoned it out with the Head Peacemaker -.- And when Peeta appeared, he was calmed. The all important sentence for that scene in the book didn’t appear. HOW CAN! Peeta was supposed to say, “..if you want to get to him, expect to go through both of us.” That’s the moment when you realised that Peeta loves Katniss unconditionally. BAD!

Plutarch. There’s absolutely no shock when he appears at the end of movie and the audience realised that he was part of the uprising. Throughout the movie, whenever Snow suggested killing Katniss (much more than in the books and really unnecessary), Pultarch will come up with ways to deter him. Honestly? And Pultarch didn’t show Katniss the watch to give her the hint about the arena. But, they did have the scene with them dancing. No idea what the point of that is really. Since the entire point of the dance was to show her the watch. Really, directors? REALLY?! Oh and…the movie said that the idea for Quarter Quell came from him. Like what?!

Saving point. It was a good thing they left the Game itself largely unaltered. It was the only part of the movie that is the closest to the book *phew*

I thought they will skip the victory tour and start with Katniss in the forest after she was back. Have a flashback of the unrest in District 11 and District 8. Then continue the story from there. Have Katniss have another flashback of Plutarch showing her the watch when she figured out what Nuts was saying. But guess not.

*end of spoilers*

If you’ve read the book, go in with an open mind. With the mindset you used when you go watch a Harry Potter movie.

If you plan to re-read/read the book before the movie, DON’T! Watch the show first THEN read the book. Trust me. It’s going to be a win-win situation.

If you have not read the book, it’s going to be an awesome movie for you. Eddy said it was quite nice and he didn’t read the book. So yups!

In summary, I think the script-writers and the directors did a poor job in grasping the gist of the book, especially the development of the characters and their relationships with each other. However, they did a good job with the arena.

Rating: 3 popcorns out of 5

Resident Evil: Afterlife

After a failed attempt to catch the show on Thursday night, the sister and I decided to catch it today @ AMK Hub in 3D (:

Recap: Part 3 ended with Alice finding clones of herself (about 40, I think) at the research facility of Umbrella Corp. She discovered that the mastermind behind the T-virus have a HQ in Japan and she was ready for revenge.


Resident Evil:Afterlife started with a scene in Tokyo (I assume) with a girl standing in the rain at a cross road. People streamed pass her and suddenly, she lunged at a passerby and that’s how the whole infection started (No surprise). Several Alice appeared to attack the Umbrella Corp’s HQ and even though the succeed, the mastermind behind escaped and all the Alices died in an explosion. The real Alice (Milla Jovovich) is on the plane of the mastermind (no surprise again) and even though she managed to crash the plane, she is now HUMAN !

Alice somehow managed to survive the plane crash and she went in search of the others in Arcadia. Arcadia turned out to be a hoax (no surprise again!) and together with Claire (Ali Larter) they flew to LA where they found a group of survivors. From there, they battled the zombies, fight and searched for Arcadia (the other one).


No surprise in this movie. Pretty expected (you can know who is going to die/survive) and the zombies are still DEHYDRATED. I much prefer the juicier version in Part 1 and 2. There’s too many slow motion scenes too! I was like, “Can we hurry up please!” And the storyline is more focused on Alice getting revenge than the zombie-slaying! Darn! But I guess it’s a road the writers have to take. If it’s always about slaying zombies, it will get boring.

Quite surprised that Alice is finally human! But then, she is still as agile and strong o.O Ohwell!

Wentworth Miller is also in the show. He is Claire’s brother, Chris. Eye-candy for the girls, I think. Not for me though. Chris is also an integral part of the whole Resident Evil if my memory is correct. But I can’t remember where he fits in though.

Ohyah! I burst out laughing when Wentworth Miller came out though. We all know him from Prison Break, yes? And guess where he was in Resident Evil? Locked in a cell in prison! Best part is…He told the survivors that he knows the way out*smacks forehead* If I’m them, I wouldn’t trust him. Look! He took so many seasons to try and escape and he is still there!!! Okok, I lame. MOVING ON!

But overall, I still think it’s a pretty decent movie. The girls look sexy without revealing boobs. Well, okay. There’s one booby girl but she died rather early (thank god!).

There’s this scene where Wentworth Miller brought Alice to a room full of armory and she went, “Niccceeeeee *smirks*” Somehow, I like that scene quite a bit! Oh! And that scene where Claire and Chris shot at the corky mastermind together! Cooool!

Question! Why is it that when the zombies dies, there’s coins dropping out?

Is it worth to watch it in 3D? I would recommend it! The raindrops, the bullets (a little Matrix-ish though) and the slow-motion!

Other thoughts:

Cathay @ AMK Hub needs to clean their 3D classes and also iron out their screen. It’s so crumpled at the bottom that I noticed it! BOO!

And the girl sitting beside me frightens me! A zombie will come out and she will jump + wave her arms which will then scare me and make me jump o.O

In a nutshell:

It pales in comparison to the other parts but all’s good. It matches expectations.

Then again, being the Resident Evil fan (kinda) that I am, I will still watch it even if it suck! (:

3 out of 5 popcorns!

the ugly truth.

So I finally managed to get someone to watch this movie with me (: The advertisement was on FB back in early September but it was until I saw the trailer while watching “Time Traveler’s Wife” that I decided that, YES! I want to watch this movie! (: Not a fan of chick flick. But I have to say, this kind of chick flick + Katheringe Heigl is totally my kind of stuff 😀

Met Mabel after work last night and we caught the 7.35pm show. We terrorized the ticketing boy (probably gave him nightmares), changed our mind about the type of popcorn combi we wanted many times (and purchasing our initial choice at the end-.-) and finally we are on the way to the cinema!

my geeky/auntie look-.-

my geeky/auntie look-.-

While waiting for the movie to start, some bimbotic things involving the popcorn and the erm….*ahem* happened. But thou shalt not mention it. HAHAHA!

ANYWAYS! About the movie! (:

Filled with plenty of witty exhcange and LOL-ed actions, this is a movie to watch if you are a) well on the way to recovery or b) need a good laugh (: Katherin Heigl is superb as the uptight control freak. And the scene with the vibrating briefs was hilarious! Totally topped her performance in “Knocked Up”. Check out 00:13 onwards.

FYI, there IS such a product called the Vibrating Brief. Still havent figure out how it works and seriously, I am REALLY curious. It’s just a piece of flimsy undie so where is the vibrating component hidden? HMMMM.

*slaps self* I’m deviating *ahem* SO! While I like the most of the screenplay, I didn’t quite like how the ending was kinda abrupt? It’s just kinda like…Girl got Doctor. And then *BOOM* Boy who helped Girl to get Doctor like Girl! It’s a little fast? But I think it all blends well. If they really really explain everything, then I think the movie might be a tad draggy.

SO! Overall –

3.5- popcorns

3.5- popcorns

P/S: After the movie, Mabel wanted to go shop for shoes. But we stopped by Triumph and we all know that Triumph and I are best friend >.< So we stayed there for 45 minutes and I walked away 124bucks lighter, with 2 new bras and 1 membership card-.- WHAT?! THEY ARE PRETTY OKAY!!!

The Time Traveler’s Wife (:


I think I read the book (borrowed from ber) back in 2007 (only blog entry here) and I quite like it. Go to the blog entry to see 2 quotes I love from the book (:

The problem with the book was that it was kind of hard for me to conjure the specific settings. The settings for each chapter will be so different that it takes a little getting used to before your mind catches up. But the book was captivating enough (: And the ending made me teared a bit.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I dragged Weilong to watch the show with me today. But I guess, I was pleasantly surprised(:

The pace of the movie was just nice and the switching between time was not too sudden or fake. The actors were excellent and captivating. Initially I thought I will fall asleep, what with the lack of sleep for the past week and my record of falling asleep in cinemas. But I didn’t! SEE! That’s how good the movie was.

OH! Did you know that BRAD PITT is the executive producer for this show? Weilong and I saw it and we were like, “BRAD PITT?” HAhahahaha.

The only question I have of the show and the storybook is irrelevant. But I am going to ask it anyway. Since the time travelling is casued by fits and spasm of the brain, how can the fetus time travel? HMM. Maybe I need to go google or dig out my psych textbook and see if the brain is fully developed in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

AND AND! Don’t you think the book title is very clever? If it’s called, “The Time Traveler”, the book probably won’t sound so intriging because people will just think, “Aiya..Just another time travelling book.” BUT! Because they added the wife part to it, it becomes interesting! A new perspective! WOOHOO!

ANYWAYS! I think the ending was kinda nice (: Slightly different from the book if I didn’t remember wrongly.

“Why didnt you tell me that you were coming? I would have waited.”

“I didn’t want you to wait.”


Anyways, 4 popcorns! Nice as it is…There seem to be something missing(:


You know, after watching show, I was thinking. Maybe it wouldn’t be that to be a time traveler or be the wife of one. At least you know what is going to happen you. You can be prepared for what’s coming. You learn to TREASURE what you have. And it will never be too late. Yes, it will be sad because you know the future cannot be change. But at least, you can make the best of your time together.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

What about you? Do you want to know what is going to happen in the future?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Was invited to a preview of the show by MediaCorp @ GV Marina and I brought Shuyun along since I had an extra ticket. However! The movie was interrupted and could not resume due to (and I quote), “…technical difficulties..” so we were told to go out and get our complimentary tickets. A few things got me a little irritated. Firstly, the announcements was poorly made and incoherent. You would think that they will have a standard script for this kind of situation. Pfft. Secondly, when we went out to collect our tickets, the person handling out the tickets did not apologised and looked downright pissed. Thirdly, no representative from MediaCorp was there to apologise. I mean, not their fault but you invited us so as the “host” you could have at least sent your representative to apologise. BAA! Whatever!

ANYWAYS! Luckily Shuyun was “on” enough and we decided to cabbed down to The Cathay to catch the 10.30pm show! (: I have to say, the both of us were more excited than we were the first time round!

SO! The graphics are still FANTABULOUS! The transformations of the robots are still pretty amazing. The cars are OH-SO-SEXY! And Bumblebee is still so darn cute and hot!

Storyline was not so fantabulous though. The whole “He-died-and-talked-to-the-ancestors” part was kind of “WHAT?!” but I guess it was the only way to end the movie. I have to say, the storyline was kind of expected. Basically, it’s really literally just “Revenge of the Fallen”. The usual works of fallen trying to get back, good guys try to stop them and BLAH BLAH. BUT! No worries! Remember how it was kind of emotional and sad when Bumblebee (or one of the good guys) died/almost died in the first movie? Well! There’s a few of that in this movie! I went “Awwww” and “Ohno!” quite a bit. Especially when Optimus Prime died. Oh, come on! If you are following me on Twitter/Plurk, you would have already known!

I have to say! When Bumblebee came out, I was like, “Bumblebee Bumblebee!” He is still my favorite! The scene in the garage with Sam was quite funny!

Some quotable quotes from the movie –

what you are abt to see is top secret. do not tell my mother!”

what if we leave, and you’re wrong?

AND! Some random stuff that I noticed during the movie –

  • Robots can smell?!
  • Cool shit! The robot is 1D so that it’s hard to shoot him!
  • OHHH MY EYES! I did not need to see the butt and the crack!
  • HEY! That’s the little person from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
  • OHHHH! That robot haz balls! And they swing!
  • Hmm! That’s an LG phone and not an iPhone. No apple products !
  • They are in the middle of the dessert, where in the world did they get the bandage?
  • AND! When, how and where did they get the change of clothes?! Megan Fox changed from heels to boots! HMM!

All in all! A pretty good movie to watch! Not as nice as Transformers 1 but  STILL a good movie to watch! A must-watch for this season of movies(:


Tip: If you have short attention span like me and Shuyun, please bring along your 3G phone. The movie is not boring but having a 3G phone helps. A little plurk break can help you concentrate better. Trust me!