RT and #followfriday.

I guess if you are on my Twitter list, you will know that I don’t really like RT and detest #followfriday.

RT: Re-Tweeting

While I do understand that sometimes, there are certain quotes or articles shared by someone in your list and you think people in your list will enjoy it, I think if the MAJORITY of your tweets are RTs, then I’m sorry – Twittering FAIL.

Posted this up for Twitter Tees by Threadless.

Posted this up for Twitter Tees by Threadless.

Okay, let me attempt to explain why. Twitter (and I quote), “..is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time..” Therefore, if you are just purely RT, how are you staying connected?

NEXT! If you are RT-ing say on one consistent topic all the time then I think that is still acceptable, because it shows that you are interested in one topic and wants to share it with other people. It shows/reveals that you have a personality. BUT! If you are just RT-ing a jumble of stuff on different topics, then it’s irritating and reveals nothing about you.

BESIDES! By consistently RT-ing about one topic, it works in your advantage. For example, when people are looking for someone to follow on that certain topic, your name might just pop up in their mind/recommendation because you have consistently showed your interest and that you have interesting articles to share. Remember, Twitter is actually blogging in micro form. Think of it like a blog. If you are constantly blogging about one topic, people are more likely to recommend your blog for that topic. You know like uniquefrequency, who constantly blogs about social media. So yups! Use that blogging analogy and apply it to Twitter. (Of course, your credibility will increase in Twitter if you share your personal thoughts ON TOP of RT-ing.)

Think along the line of @photoschool who tweets and RTs things that are related to photography. (Sorry, I don’t follow alot of people on Twitter so this example may or may not be ideal.)

Still on RT: RT-ing yourself

I understand that there are some people who holds multiple accounts like @photoschool and @socialmediadude are all by @willyfoo (sorry, dude! have to use you as an example!). The aim or objective is so that you can tweet/RT about specific topics in specific accounts. For example, things about photography goes to @photoschool while things about social media goes to @socialmediadude. Totally make sense and in sync with what I’ve said above. Totally cool and dainty!

HOWEVER! When you start RT-ing yourself, like first, you RT on one account (in this example, @willyfoo) then you RT yourself again on the other related acoount (either @photoschool or @socialmediadude), it’s gets a little irritating. Imagine people who follows you on all three accounts. They will be flooded! Kinda. And if they do want to make a reply, which one do they reply to? To some extent, you are actually defeating the purpose of setting up the respective account because you are mixing everything up.

And IF! You only RT some articles about one topic in both accounts and some articles about that topic in only one account, people will get confused! Who do they follow? Just @socialmediadude or both @socialmediadude and @willyfoo (Sorry again! Using you as an example!)

Bringing it back to ‘generally speaking’, I understand that by RT-ing yourself, you are just ensuring that all your target audience will be reached (since not everyone follow you on all 3 account) BUT! Wouldn’t it be better if you just direct people to ONE account in your profile? And perhaps, add a byline in your profile to let people know that you have seperate accounts about <insert topic> and if they are interested, they should follow you over there.

In this way, your ‘direction’ is clear and you don’t flood people.

Moving on.


I was on a Twitter break for about a year. Okay, fine! I was hooked onto Plurk for a year. But the first Friday that I returned to Twitter, I was pretty impressed with the whole idea of #followfriday.

Basically, #followfriday invites people to recommend interesting Twitters to follow. Mashable probbaly has a better explanation – #followfriday and if you are on Twitter, you probably know how #followfriday works.

But after awhile, #followfriday got really irritating. It seems like people are recommending everyone on their list! Like everyone and anyone is interesting. And for some, the same people keeps getting re-recommended by the same people. If that person is really interesting, we would have followed him! You don’t have to recommend him over and over again. If you are afraid that some of your new followers will miss out, then perhaps you can re-recommend that person a month later and not every week.

Oh, and there are some we recommend other people in the hopes of getting recommended. Like heh?

I quite like this article about #followfriday – Followfriday is Sabotaging Your Twitter Experience. It summarizes my thoughts quite neatly and nicely. I quite like their suggestion of not recommending more than 3 person in a day and giving a reason why the person recommended is interesting and has follow-value.

However, I’ve noticed that even this seemingly useful suggestion is being abused (*gasps*) and it’s now even more irritating. Instead of getting on Twit with a list of people to follow, I get multiple (more than 5) tweets in one blast over several periods. Gah.


I’ve noticed that some people will recommend themselves every week. What’s up with that?

Add the byline that you have other accounts and then maybe recommend yourself on every other #followfriday.

You will sound less irritating and probably won’t appear like you are over-promoting yourself.

the deadly combination: RT-ing #followfriday

This is a relatively new observation I made. Someone will do several #followfriday tweets and then sometime later, someone will RT ALL those #followfriday tweets.

I mean, gee! Maybe you guys are recommending the same person for the same reason, but perhaps, you would like to paraphrase or come up with BETTER reasons that will probably entice people to follow the person that you are recommending. I guess I should say, “RT-ing #followfriday is not #followfriday, you parrot!”.

But I guess a few RTs of #followfriday is allowed. Just not ALL.

the end.

the office is really conducive for blogging! of course not during office hours where everyone is walking around and flooding your emails. right. heading home now.


what is your purpose for using twitter?

I think I wrote about this around the same time last year? Can’t recall.

But I guess how you use Twitter and whether it is deemed as “rude” or “okay” depends on what others think your purpose for using Twitter are.

If others think that you are using Twitter just to spread message, well, you can pop in once in a while, tweet and then disappear. Disregarding the replies or taking eons to reply to them (if at all).

However! If you are using Twitter to share information and at the same time make new friends/maintain new ones, then I think you can’t do the stuff above. You can’t just pop in once in a while, tweet and the disappear/take eons to reply OR (the worse case of all) don’t respond to them. It’s just rude, don’t you think? It’s like you are just trying to tell everyone that, “..It’s okay! I’m alive! kthxbai!” And to put in a very plurk way, it’s like you are just trying to chalk up karma.

For me, I think if that Twitter account has a face to it with a name/nick to it, then I will perceive that the person belongs to the 2nd category. HOWEVER! If the Twitter account contains a generic logo/logo/brand, then I guess, I won’t mind so much.

Oh and for community-intensive thing like Plurk, the first category DO NOT EXIST.

Yups. Just some random thought.

Singtel Exclusive Blogger F1 Race.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the exclusive F1 race organised by Singtel for bloggers(: Thanks, Nanyate for the invite! loves~

SO! Victor, QQ, Vincent, Shuyun and I met up at 6.40pm. All late for the event! But they are working mah! And I…erm…I came from a very “tough” mugging session at home ok?!

ANYWAYS! We arrived and after signing up, the first thing I did was zoomed for the food! I was hungry! Hahahaha. OH WAIT!

Mus was super cute! When we came in, he walked passed us and went something like, “..you guys better don’t sign up..” We were all like o.O before we burst out laughing. I HEART YOU, MUS! 😛

OKAY! Where were we? Food! Right, so as I was about to scoop rice onto my plate, Claudia said we HAVE to try on the racing suit! So I put down my plate unwillingly and went to put on the suit.

i cant be a grid girl, so i become a racer!

i can't be a grid girl, so i become a racer! (from Claudia's Innov8)

and a silly driver at that (:

and a silly driver at that (: (from Victor's camera)

It was pretty embarrassing cause everyone was staring at Uncle Vincent and I while we try to put on the suit! But yeah. Me being me! A little attention spurs me on ;p Yes, yes! HAHAHAH! Here’s a video and another one by Victor(:

One by one, we all took turns to try the simulator!

ready, set, go!

ready, set, go!

It was definitely one-helluva experience! You know those rides at Singapore Science Center where you go into a box and get shake around? It’s EXACTLY like that but BETTER! Total adrenaline rush! Woots! But it was super warm in the “race car” and by the time I finished, my back was aching (from bumping into walls too much)! Definitely FUN! Shiok-a-licious! (I sound so beng!)

Here’s the result!

race results!

race results!

I beat the 4 of them 😛 Victor is after Shuyun! Heh. Maybe like what Shuyun says, “..PLAIN LUCKY!” or maybe I am just damn good! ;p No lah. I had quite a bit of coaching from the guy who was there to assist us. He told me when to shift gear and stuff! So maybe that helped! 😀

Just when I was about to sit down and rest, Victor wanted to try on the racing suit and off I go to put it on again! *smacks forehead*

looking fierce! LOLS!

looking fierce! LOLS!

All in all, it was an interesting event! I’m glad I ditched the books and went! Now! Time to befriend those books again before heading to bed! Look out for a looong post on Wednesday or Thursday!

Once again, thanks Nanyate for the invite! (:

*clicks publish and chants, ” I love books, I love books!” *

the finance behind plurk karma.

If you’ve no idea what plurk is, take a look here. Basically, karma increases when you plurk about 3 new plurks per day.

Thing is, Plurk recently introduced a “Karma Freeze”. It’s for people who are going away or are unable to plurk for a long period of time. Once you activate “Karma Freeze”, your karma falls by 1.

Now, seeing that your karma falls at a rate of 0.16 per day if you don’t plurk, it makes sense if you are going to be away for a period of 6 days and more! Cause it’s more karma-effective.


There’s an arbitrage opportunity in this!

Take a “Karma Freeze”, take the -1 karma drop and then you can basically just reply as and when you like! And GUESS WHAT?! If you do reply, your karma will shoot up at an astounding rate!

I am supposed to be on an online-break so I took a “Karma Freeze” but yesterday, I went back for a while and plurked twice. GUESS WHAT?! My karma increased at a crazy rate of 0.50! WAH! Normal rate is like 0.02!

SEE! OMG. I cannot believe that the finance student in me is talking!

But yah. For those of you karma crazy people, here’s the method to reach nirvana! (:

Ping.fm and the likes.

I’ve heard about ping.fm for awhie now. Never really got round to experimenting with it or even reading about it.

Basically, ping.fm is a free web service that enables users to post to multiple social networks simultaneously (Wikepedia). Just add and login to the large variety of social networks/microblogging sites available then VIOLA! Just login in to ping.fm the next time and all those sites get updated(: You don’t have to move from one site to one site, typing the same thing over and over again.

Sounds good, isn’t it? Especially if you want to maintain your karma (on plurk) or perhaps to keep your social profiles updated. Not for me. Not in my opinions though.

I just feel that web services like this just kinda remove the whole point of social networks or maybe even social media. Okay, social media is about interactivity, right? And social networks is to help you keep in touch with your friends right? It’s about 2-way communication. Your friends know what you are up to, you know what they are up to. You interact!

Like when you go to Plurk and update, you get to take a quick glance of what other people are up to. Response to comments on your own plurks and response to others.

By personally going to each website and update, it makes your update more sincere too! Especially since your network of friends do not overlap.

I’m sure that there’s some overlapping. But sometimes, certain updates are more relevant to a group of people in one social network than that of the other. Especially if one network is used mainly for work purpose and the other is more of a casual account. Therefore, if you mass update and the topic is something that is only relevant to one group, the other groups will be huh-ing. Or something like that.


And since you are mass updating, it decreases the incentive for you to check up on the responses. Over time, I am pretty sure (or I have observed) you’ll just stop checking. Only responding at certain time periods. After a very long time has elapse. Maybe then, people will be deterred from commenting on your updates. Because what’s the use right?  You won’t see it until very much later or after the discussion has died or after the discussion period has closed.

In the long run, it means bad news.

So yups. I am against the idea of ping.fm but I’ve heard that FriendFeed is something similar but you actually get to view the responses. Maybe I should go try it out.

What’s your opinion?

Kampong Buangkok(:

I have no idea how this outing came about! Just that Victor and I was randomly throwing out venues in Darran‘s Plurk and then VIOLA! A photography outing was organised! *contented sigh* The wonders of social media. HAHAHA!

So, at 3.30pm today, Dorothy, Claudia, Victor, Darran and QiQuan met at Buangkok MRT. I was late 😦 Sorry! Heh.

Kampong Buangkok was not as wulu-wulu as I thought it was. Quite near civilisation actually. But, once you stepped inside, you really don’t feel like you are in Singapore. It was really a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon(:

I didn’t take a lot of pictures! But here’s the only one that I quite like from my camera –


Photography is not my forte! Even though I am interested in it. Heh. BUT! You can see all the pretty pictures of from the professionals photographers – Claudia, QiQuan, Victor and Darran. Dorothy and I are just there to look look see see (:

Oh and this little not so little dog came trotting towards me and I was a little terrified.

But in the end, it just wanted to shake my hand? o.O I have no idea. It sniffed a little and then raised up its front legs. Lucky it went away afterwards! *phews*

Thanks, everyone! And Claudia for leading the way! More outings to come! Henderson Wave?

rocking it!

rocking it!