Seeing the Minister in action

At the risk of sounding like a pro-PAP or even being brainwashed by my job, I am still going to write this.

For the record, I am more politically apathetic. If it doesn’t affect me, more often than not, I won’t be bothered. Yes, I will still read up on the new policy and what not but I won’t react to it.


I was at Certis Cisco yesterday for a learning journey. Minister Lim Swee Say was there as well. It was the first time in that I’ve seen him so up close and personal.

As with all learning journey, Certis Cisco gave a presentation of their corporate profile and how they have a “Employees first” policy. While it is hard to reconcile the image I have of the old security guard at my old workplace with the ones that Certis Cisco is presenting, I must say their policies are quite awesome. Do you know that promotion of a Cisco guard is “controlled” by the Singapore Police Force?

Anyways, I digress.

Minister Lim SG Lim really care for the workers. He presented his case of why the progressive wage ladder is important and really broke it down for the management of Certis Cisco. At the same time, he also understand the difficulties of the management who is kind of caught in the middle i.e. if they raise the pay of their workers, their cost increase and they can’t remain competitive to win contracts.

At which point, SG Lim introduced the aids that are available to them. And said that he is trying to educate companies who call for tender about the progressive wage policy too.

I driftrd off at some point because my attention span when made to sit still is not more than 30mins ;p but I have to say, seeing SG in action is really quite impressive.

Even though he did say something that made me *facepalm* towards the end and I gave him a bit of “discount”. Hahaha! But that only makes him more personable (:

I’m quite excited next year when the progressive wage policy gets implemented in the cleaners and garderners sector. I wonder how that will affect my mum (who is a carpark cleaner).

Note: The Progressive Wage Ladder is something like a minimal wage. It’s not a flat out rate but depending on your job nature, you get a different minimum wage.

Or so I was told. Still learning.