Ever since I started work again 5 weeks ago (feels much longer than that), I found myself eating lunch alone more often than not.

My team is really small. About 5 people (including myself) and I think they seldom lunch out.  I don’t have a orientation buddy. So that pretty much rules out lunching with folks in the office.

I do lunch with ZQ about once or twice a week though. Since we are both on some mega saving plans or other. But sometimes, he gyms, I am lazy and we just don’t meet. I have also met Jerrick several times (:

Plus, with my $5 a day budget, it’s easier to just lunch alone than having to explain and defend the plan. Also, I am in this stage where…eh…let’s just say I am in one of my quiet stage now.

SO! It is not uncommon to find me eating alone by the bay (: You will be surprise how many people eats there. Sometimes, it’s quite hard to find seats that are in the shade. Especially with the awesome weather in the past month.

Initially, I do feel awkward about eating alone. But after the first few times, I got used to it and even start to enjoy it. The quiet is awesome. And you are just spending time by yourself. No one to judge you, no need to make small conversation (when you don’t want to). It’s soothing~ Especially since work has been rather *ahem* recently. When there’s a chance to retreat into my shell, I grab it!

And because I lunch alone so much, I have also started going for lunchtime photowalks. Or even just taking photos from where I eat (:

Here’s some shots from my walks last week –

what to eat…

no caption for this.

where are you, my love?

Also, because I am alone and hence have more time to slowly walk and look around, I realised that there are actually terrapins/tortoise in the Singapore River! (:


Cute right! (:

I am also planning to play catch up with my Korean over lunch soon. And maybe to head to the Art Science Museum for the dinosaurs exhibition! So, who says alone is always bad? ;p

Actually, even when I was at Maybank, I opt to eat alone sometimes by either not joining them to eat out or just running out of the office ;p Yes, I need my me-time so that I can generate enough energy to be a little bimbo ;p

Anyways, if you are town and want to do lunch, let me know!(:


Life 3.0 – The Adventures Begin

By the time you are reading this, I am either a) squeezed in a train towards Marina Bay, b) have reported to work or c) half-way through my first day of work.

Superstitious person that I am, I am trying to keep a low profile this time (:

Here’s a hint of where I’ll be at. I love Raffles Place and am lucky to be back there again!

where i was, i was, i am.

While reviewing my Instagram photos for 2013, I saw this picture that was taken approximately 18 weeks again. And it showed where I was, where I moved and where I’ll be (: At least I think that building is where I am now. You know how bad I am with directions sometimes. Hehe.

To be honest, I am approaching this job with a mix of emotions. Not really sure what to expect or how to go about it. But HEY! I made my boss and my boss’ boss and they seem like nice people. That’s good! Here’s how I feel in Korean, “신난다 (Awesome). 기대한다 (Anticipation). 긴장 한다 (Nervous). 무서운다 (Scared). 좋은 물건 부탁한다 (Please be great!). 제발 (Please)!”

I’ll work hard! And of course, do the “$5 Challenge” well too!

Here’s to Life 3.0 – The Adventures Begin! Wish me luck (:


what motivates me?

I was asked this question during an interview and I got a little tongue-tied. I wanted to use the old answer,”People around me.” but somehow, I don’t think that’s really that accurate anymore.

I think many factors motivates me. Here’s a small list (rank almost according to importance).

1. Internal motivation.

I’m an introvert (surprise, surprise!). Motivation comes from within. I am my own best cheerleader. But sometimes, I get tired. That’s when….

2. People around me.

When I am tired or when I am running a little low on raa-raa oil, the people around motivates me. As long as someone has a positivity around me, I can keep on going. Of course, optimum scenario is when people around me are always happy and when internal motivation is on full blast *thumbs up*

3. Challenges/Learning

I think this is something new. Something I realised about myself from my previous job. When there’s challenges, I will be motivated to overcome it. Or when I am learning.

Come to think of it. The reason why I wanted to leave my Korean class was because it was starting to get stale. I wasn’t learning much/anything new. I started to get discouraged. But when lessons suddenly improved again, I am motivated again.

Am I making sense?

4. Everything else

Feedback: Don’t need to be direct feedback or positive feedback. But some form of feedback would be nice.

Good deeds: One good deed deserves another. I don’t know how to explain this. But yes.

Junk food: Ohhh. I have consumed so much of them when I needed to keep going. Yums! Forbidden food is always the best!

So yup! I think that’s about it (: 

[Throwback] I miss my Maybank family (:

While going through my Facebook albums looking for some pictures, I found this –

24th birthday (:

24th birthday (:

Hahaha! I can still remember that SNSD was staying at Fullerton Hotel that day. The colleagues went down with me to “chase” them! And before this photo was taken, Iris stepped on CP’s foot. And that tiny photo on the right? The team went down to help Amy (our ex-boss) to clean up her cafe (:

Call it what you will. Say what you want. Maybe time add fluff to memories. But these days, I find myself missing my colleagues (: The infectious laughter and endless teasing!

I think it’s important that we remember the happy memories we have at any workplace (: Regardless of what happened that made you decide to leave.

Some people might think that being so ‘loyal’ or missing your ex-company so much might be bad for your future job hunt. But honestly, I don’t think so. Would you rather hire someone who has nothing good to say about their ex-company or someone who, despite everything, still have positive things to say about their ex-company?

Frankly, I’ll choose the latter (: Because if someday, should that person leave my company, he/she will have only good things to say about it. And, it’s always better to have one more supporter than a skeptic right? (:

I did a quick recap of things I remember about some of my ex-companies and all I can remember are the happy stuff (: Watching DVDs during lunch @ MOE, sharing a Krispy Kreme @ NTUC, sales period @ Perlini’s!

ANYWAYS! here’s a ‘list’ of a few things that I miss about the Maybank ‘family’.

1. Remembering the extension numbers of almost everyone

I think this takes practice. But after awhile, I started memorising the extension numbers of most of the people I regularly work with. Sometimes, I will even pick up the phone and go, “Hello! AMY!” Hahaha!

2. Seeing the word “BOSS” appearing on my phone

It’s quite funny. The word, “BOSS” appears when the CEO calls! When I first saw the word appearing, I had a shock and really nervous. But after awhile, seeing the word, “BOSS” appearing on my phone became something I look forward to. Kinda. Cos it means there’s a creative challenge to be conquered, an inspiring message to be sent out etc

3. The branches. Oh my, branches (:

I didn’t know that I will miss them. I didn’t know that I miss them until the brother started working part-time and had to visit the branches. I realised I have funny stories and nice things to say about almost every branch.

For example, how the folks at Clementi calls me, “Shan shan!” whenever I call them (: Or how Kovan always print out the EDMs I sent out and paste it in their backroom. Heee.

4. Ah-Kee Pte Ltd!

I miss Ah-Kee and my morning/afternoon drink. I love their fruit juices, longan + red date drinks, chee cheong fun and milk tea! (: His wife remembers when to give me packet drink in the afternoon and when to give me their afternoon special!

5. My team!

Yup! I miss their infectious laughter (: The sweet gestures of my colleagues. There was a time when I am obsessed with the Plum Sweet. And almost every other week, I will come in and find 2 bottles on my table on Monday. Or how my colleagues will buy my favorite food like Kaya Buns, Famous Amos and Cinnamon Melts when they know I am stress. Loves!

I remember on my first few weeks of work, they bought me eggs that were still un-cracked. Cos I didn’t know how to crack eggs and was too paiseh to ask so I just left the eggs in my drawer and….I FORGOT TO TAKE THEM OUT OVER THE WEEKEND! *facepalm*

The online shopping! Woots! And there was once Viv brought some of her stuff to office and we had a mini-yard ‘sale’. Everyone went home with something! I am still wearing some of the stuff from that time (: Too bad I didn’t manage to save that picture!

we all turned up in blue and in dresses from Dressabelle!

Oh! And I love how the team calls me, “Mei mei” (: Meeeeeeiiii!!!

6. The kiddos!

Yes, it’s weird. But yup! I miss the kiddos! I miss seeing them at events and having them visit the office. Nuff said. Pictures!

with gareth!

invasion of the CEO office!

7. The last minute creatives, the campaigns, the webmasters!

I used to grumble about it alot. Having to do last minute EDMs that was out of my job scope. But now, I kind of miss them.

I also miss the planning and execution of external service campaigns like Customer Delight and what I like to call…Ambush the Customer. Seeing the delight on the customers’ faces is priceless. I also miss the vendors I have worked with like First Food and Spectrum. Really nice people (:

I miss the webmasters too! People who I don’t really see very often but always there. Whenever I have some last minute updates or some technical problems, I know I can always email them. They are always so willing to help even if it’s beyond their job scope.

8. The CSR activities and this video sums up everything!

Helping out CSR activities is always something I look forward to. And seeing how the entire company come together to help out, it’s really motivating (:

I did a video sometime back when testing out the Movie Digest function on my camera. think it pretty much sums up everything.

Time add fluff to memories.

Bosses’ Day 2012 (:

happy intern day! (:

Yesterday was “Happy Intern Day!” (officially known as ‘Thank Your Inter Day’) and the team bought some cupcakes to make our intern’s day.

thank you, brandon!

thank you, brandon!

I’ve never actually worked with him directly but whenever I see him, he is always smiling and full of energy. And seeing a smiley face is always awesome! 😀

Ah. Internship days (: Seems so looooonnnggg ago for me. But I’ll always remember how SIA cancelled my internship 2-3 weeks before the start T_T And how I cried after my interview @ Weber Shanwick because my interviewer basically doubted my ability to write in English because I scored As for my O and A’level Chinese, and attacked me personally.

Right. Anyways! I eventually ended up doing internship @ People’s Association – Senior Citizen Network (: I think my manager was really nice to offer me a place there at the last minute and letting me do comms (totally unrelated to what I was studying – Banking and Finance).

I think that was when my interest in comms started (:

Internship pay was crap though T_T $500 per month and I was doing really menial stuff like creating Powerpoint presentations, transcript-ing, translating stuff from English to Chinese and some tiny bit of copywriting, calling up the media to look for coverage of our events.

I also learned about office-dynamics, processes and other stuff during my stay there. Not because the office is very political. Just by sittiing in the office, I hear how colleagues interact with each other, what they are talking about and etc etc. You know as the chinese idiom goes – 潜移默化!

Of course, because of that internship, I started liking comms! Plus, I gained some work experience in the comms area and can put it in my resume. I think (and hoped) that to some extent, it helped to open some doors. I think applying for comms job might have been more difficult with my banking degree and zero comms-related experience.

Been telling my brother to apply for internships at companies that he likes or with job scope that he likes so that he can see if there’s job match.


I just heard from my colleague that publishing house don’t pay their interns and I’m like, “WHAT?!” But I guess it’s all about prestige and how by interning there, your resume will sparkle? Doors will open more easily for you. So everyone, REN! FIGHTING!!!!

But of course, remember, as an intern doesn’t mean you are cheap labour k! Don’t be bullied into climbing high climbing low (chinese translation) ok?