Photos by my brother (:

For some reason, my brother absolutely refuse to a) add me as a friend or b) go shooting with me! So, on and off, I will sneak to his Facebook profile and look at the photos.
Very proud of him indeed (: While I was hogging the compact camera, he started learning about perspective, the technical mojos and shooting with his Sony Ericsson phone. After I bought my D300, he refused to use the compact and stuck with his camera phone.
And when he finally got his 500D, I offered to send him for class. But he refused! Passed him LR and now, he is a better photographer AND Lightroom user than I am.
Here are some of his photos that I really like!!


his caption: i'm not dead. just tired.

i have no idea where this is!

somewhere in the neighbourhood.

from his room window.

laundry of the day.

He has 2 albums on Facebook. One contains photos from the first few weeks he got his DSLR. Not as nice. But if you move on to the 2nd album, you can see he is getting better and better.

I think we can learn something from him. There we are complaining about running out of places to shoot. But really, we are just lazy. Look at my brother, he made everyday things look interesting. I have had my D300 for almost a month. Unemployed for 4 months. Plenty of time spent at home and I can’t even come up with half the pictures he has of our house and its surroundings!

So yups. Perhaps, we should go back to places we have shot before and rethink our perspective? (:

And to the brother: JIAYOU! and GOOD JOB (:

the only time he shot with me.

And I don’t know if you can see it, but head on over to his Facebook for more!

Photography 500D and Photography 500D II