2011 Girls’ Generation Tour with Canon Powershot S100 (:

After the madness of clicking, I managed to snag 2 tickets for the show *sayang mouse and fingers* 잘했어요!

Could have gotten better seats but silly me keyed in the wrong expiry date for my credit card and missed the time. Yes. I keyed in the wrong date MANY TIMES and for the ENTIRE holding period (think it was 5 minutes) *stabs self and dies*

Just like my post about SS3 + S95, this post is split into the concert and the camera.

The concert!

지금은 소녀시대!

If you look at the way I shouted and screamed at the concert, you might think that I’m more of a SONE than an ELF >.< Hahaha! Yes, I was screaming my lungs out and dancing and trying to keep up with the fanchant!

fan project.

I was a tad surprised when I saw this and a Yahoo! postcard at my seat. Yes, they are the fan project! While the Yahoo! fan project didn’t really happen, this simple project was rather successful!

Tiffany actually noticed and commented about it during their “pretend” fianl stage.

the “pretend” final stage.

Yes, the “pretend” final stage.

Tiffany was rather funny! She knew that the fans are aware that there’s still 3 encore stages so she asked, “You guys know that this is not our final song, don’t you?”

When the fans screamed yes, she went, “Well, then. This is our “pretend” final song.”

Hahahah! Aww. Like. I love their english too. So polite. Ah, hard to explain!


WOOHOO! This has to be one of my favorite stage (: The Genie remix. If you have not seen it, you should! They did the same stage in their Japan concert and at Dream Concert!

Other than that, I rather like Sooyoung’s solo! HOT! She did Salsa (Tango?) to the song, “Sway” (I think). And omona! Her legs! Like!!!

I also like the encore stages (: Oh! too! 😀

Seohyun was the friendliest! Yoona was disappointing cos she was quite standard 😦

I did get a little bored somewhere in the middle (short attention span, yo!) though >.<

Anyways! Overall, I will give it a 5.5/10. On the ranking scale, it rates 2nd (after SS3 and before SHINee). Will I go again if they are back? Well, it will depend on their song list since this concert are mainly old songs.

The camera

Okay. While SS3 don’t allow DSLR, this concert don’t allow photography AT ALL. BAH! But I managed to sneak some shots 😛

I am compliant ok! I followed the old rule – “All media are only allowed to take photos for the 1st three songs.” Heheh.

Anyway, I was sitting at T08 (slightly off center), Row 27 (last row). So I was quite far back. But! I HAD CANON POWERSHOT S100!

Canon Powershot S100

Thanks to Renhao, Ogilvy and Canon, I managed to get my hands on the S100 for the weekend! (:

And the camera didn’t disappoint! It performed rather well! Less pixelation and better sensitivity. HS system rocks! (:


some compression by FB. color adjustment made.

The picture was cropped too! I couldn’t “activate” the digital zoom so I had to crop to make the photo “bigger”. Quite cool that it’s not as pixelated as I thought it would be.

Okay, at this point, I don’t have much to say about the camera. But if you are looking for a camera to bring to concerts/wedding dinners or the like, I think the S100 is a good investment!

If you like to have manual control on your compact (like me), S100 has it! If you are lazy, the Auto mode is pretty trust-able! (: Proof? My mum (who don’t know how to use a compact and is not tech-savvy) took this photo in auto mode –

with siblings for my birthday (:

I was laughing cause every time my mum press the Shutter, her hand will go down too. So, this photo was taken in rather shakey circumstances 😛 But it turned out awesome! And the color is not too bad too (:

Other features include, high speed burst (great for baby photos!)  + Movie Digest (hopefully I can try this out soon!) and  it shoots in *wait for it* RAW! Okay, I have still not reach the high level of shooting in RAW but RAW is good! It allows you to have more control of the control for post-processing! (: And S100 is the first compact to be able to do that! Hoots.

My only qualm with the S100 is that it takes quite a while to process photos after each shot. So there I was, anxious to continue to take the next “sneak” shot at the concert but the camera was still “busy” -.- 어떻게! 어떻게!

And I dont like that the shutter button is made of stainless steel. BOO!

Anyways, Renhao has very kindly helped me got a set for the camera! Yes, I am buying the camera!! So, stay tune as I discover and explore the camera.

Canon Powershot S100 is now out in store at a SRP of $699. 

More pictures of the concert by S100 can be found here. <working to fix the link>

Super Show 3 with Canon Powershot S95 (:

It’s been a week since the concert and I am still reeling from the awesomeness that is Super Junior (:

Okok, maybe that is a little too over but yes, let’s talk about 2 things today – the concert and the camera I smuggled in (:

Super Show 3 (#SS3SG)

I confess! This is my first paid concert and the first time I’ve actually queued to get tickets! I actually went to apply for an OCBC credit card just so I can buy the tickets during priority sales! (: Ber and I were discussing on how we should “attack” once sales start! After some boo-boos (hello, Murphy), we managed to get excellent seats BUT! they are seperated. Awww~

On the contrary, when the sales for the 2nd show came on, I was in a meeting with my boss about my confirmation! I was half an hour late but Shuyun and I still managed to get pretty awesome! Oh, we kept getting good tickets, letting go, getting good tickets and letting go because we can’t decide if we were being too extravagant by going to both shows. But we did buy the tickets in the end! (:



While the first show feels a little below standards, my seats were awesome! Thanks to ber, who gave me the arena seat! This is how close the boys can get IF they came up –

donghae! (:

siwon ❤

Awesome right? (:

On day 2, I was in the last row of the Terrace seat. Quite far away but at least I was in the centre! My Arena seat was right at one corner so at times, I have restricted view! Boohoohoo!

ANYWAYS! Day 2 was AWESOME! (: More fan service! The boys were having more fun on stage! Everything felt more personable! (: Awesome awesome! (: I was also shouting along to the fan chant! Muahahaha!

Aish! I miss Super Junior! >.<

You know, the last time I went so gaa-gaa over some pop group was when I was 13? I remember queuing for A1’s autograph session at Junction 8. But after that, I deeply regretted it and it put me off celebrities and idols till…Super Junior came along 😛

For more Super Junior goodness from SS3SG, head to my Facebook ! I’ve tweaked the privacy settings to “Everyone” so if you can’t view it, let me know! (:

Superb Canon Powershot S95 – the compact with DSLR function (:

Stupid concert rules about not allowing DSLR into the concert 😦 I had to leave my D300 and my 18-200mm at home! Imagine the awesome photos I could have taken T_T Sigh.

HOWEVER! CANON S95 to the rescue! Thanks to Renhao, Ogilvy and Canon, I managed to get my hands on the S95 for the concert!

What is the S95? (: Well, it’s a compact but the zoom is awesome-pawsome! It’s from 28-105mm! After 105mm, there’s still more zoom (though I try to avoid doing that)! So in the end, the zoom power is pretty awesome! (:

Don’t believe? Let me show you some photos from Super Show 3!

This was from the Arena seat on Day 1 –

yesung was looking in my direction but my focus was on Siwon :p

Awesome quality, yes? (: Yes, you might say that the boys are already quite close since I was at Arena but imagine if I was only using a normal compact! The quality won’t be as good and I won’t be able to get THAT close! 😀

Okay, to convince you of the awesome zoom, photos from my Terrace seat on Day 2. I was in the last row!

Siwon! (:

that was where I was seated on Day 1(:

And to show the power of the Canon S95….I caught Shindong flashing the crowd while doing Single Ladies with Lady Hee Hee! 😛

my eyes T_T

Not sure about you but I know my compact sure CMI! The photos taken will be 10 times grainier and 10 times more blur!

Other than the awesome zoom, the Canon S95 contains all the features that the Canon IXUS 130 has PLUS some more features like Nostalgic, Poster Effect, Super Vivid and…the HDR function! (: Saves quite a bit of photoshop work!

As I was rather busy, I didn’t have the opportunity to take the camera out for a proper shoot. But while fiddling with it on my walk home one day, I did something “cool” (at least in my book) with the HDR function !

bus moving backwards?

More shots from the camera –

At Vivo (:

I also like how I can have full control of the Shutter, Aperture (from F2.0) and ISO (from ISO 80 to ISO 3200) (: This shot was taken in full manual mode! I know it’s not perfect (becos I was just getting acquaintance with the camera) but it’s not possible on the compacts that I have used.


Ohoh! There’s this ring function that is unique to the S95! You can set the function you want to adjust when you twirl the ring in front. It was quite useful for me when I was shooting SS3. As the lighting of the concert kept changing, my ISO had to change to fit it so I just set the ring function and every time the lights changed, I just twirl abit and my ISO changed 😀

For some more shots on the S95, you can go to my S95 album or my SS3SG album! (: For more detailed review of the S95, go to dpreview! (:

Ohh! I also managed to “convince” 2 of my colleagues to get the S95 (: Heeee! So far, they are happy with it 😀

With that said, I miss SUPER JUNIOR!!!

보고 싶어요!


5 minutes with Canon IXUS 1000HS (:

About a month back (yes, I’ve been procrastinating), I skipped my last Korean class and attended Canon’s Blogger Event (: Because of work, I missed the first part of the event. Boohoohoo!

But I did manage to catch-up with them at Custom House where I was handed the Canon IXUS 1000HS that comes in Pink, Silver and Brown –


Pink for me!(:

While I think that the camera can be improved, like better F number and image quality at high ISO, I am quite pleased to see that it has 2 new features – Handheld Night Scene and Best Image Selection.  Note: I have low noise tolerance when it comes to images so the image quality at high ISO might be okay for you.

1. Handheld Night Scene

While going for the 2nd round of shoot at iLight @ Marina Bay, my colleague showed off the Handheld Night Scene mode that he had in his Sony DSLR. Needless to say, I was impressed! Because, there I was struggling to keep myself still (no tripod) so as to minimise shake while there he is, snapping away happily, no qualms about moving.

So the moment I finished dinner and ran out to shoot (at iLight@ Marina Bay again) with the Canon IXUS 1000HS, that’s the first thing I tried!

Here’s the result –

no editing done.

It was quite rather easy really. I just switched to that mode, press the shutter and VIOLA! Image captured!  (: Happy! No more taking a breath before pressing the shutter (yes, that reduces shake) or finding desperately for an edge that you can lean on to stabilized yourself!

How does it work? The camera will take a succession of shots and then combine it into one optimally exposed picture!


2. Best Image Selection Mode

Scrolling the mode list, I found this funny icon and after selecting it, I was happy to see that it was the best selection mode (: I’m sure you have heard about it! The camera will take a few shots and choose the best shot for you. Something like that 😛

Here’s the test shot –


the pretty tree!(:

I did something really stupid too. I was taking a picture of Siddy (I think) then I shifted quite a bit so there was a few times when the shutter clicked and Siddy was not inside..But the final image that the camera picked was the one with Siddy in it! HAHAHAHA! Maybe it was luck or maybe it’s because the camera is smart. Hmmm. But yes, another function I like.

3. Comparing the 2 modes

And I also did some shots for comparing.

Here’s one taken with long shutter (placed it on the ledge) –



It’s probably blurred because I didn’t have a remote? So when I pressed the shutter, I will have accidentally shook the camera. But look at the reflection of MBS in the water. Pretteh!

Here’s one taken with Handheld Night Scene –


angle slightly different.

This was taken while holding the camera. The image is slightly more stabled but the reflection was not captured. Several reasons could have caused it and I think one of it could be because the angle I took it with was slightly different.

Next, Best Image Selection –


same as above.

Not as good as Handheld Night Scene eh?

And here’s one taken in Auto Mode (i.e. the camera chooses the mode for you) –


It chose Night Scene.

If I were to rank the photos, it will be Long Shutter (blur as it is, i still like the reflection) ->Handheld -> Program -> Best Selection.

But taste CAN differ.

4. A really brief affair with G12

Towards the end of the day, Siddy very sweetly swapped his G12 with me and I got a quick feel of it!

Didn’t really have a lot of time to play with the settings. But at F8, the “stars” it produced are not too bad..


And of course, selcas –


my hands shook o.O

Flippable screen FTW 😛

5. In summary

The Canon IXUS 1000HS also have all the modes that the Canon IXUS 130 has (read about my review of it here) ! You can read about the experts’ take on it @ dpreview .

The other cameras that were there that night was Canon 60D and S95. Heard quite abit about the S95 and I have send in a “request” to run around with a trial set. Hopefully it will come in time for my SS3 concert at the end of January.

Here’s to hoping! *fingers crossed*

Thank you, Ogilvy and Canon for the invite 😀










Running with Canon IXUS 130 @ USS (:

Being the unemployed that I am, I’ve been spending ample time in front of the television and reading magazines. This particular advertisement (both print and television) has been staring at me for quite some time.

scanned from 8days.

So when DK asked if I am interested to attend a Canon event, I immediately said yes. Praying and hoping that the IXUS 130 will be there for me to try out! It was of course a bonus that the event was held at the newly opened, Universal Studios Singapore! When I learnt that DK managed to get me an invite, I started reading up on the 3 cameras that will be present (first official event leh! must be hardworking abit!) and IXUS 130 still stand out for me!

Like, hello?! It appeals to the bimbo in me, can? PINK LEH! (If you still don’t know, I bejeweled my D300).


The task: We were each given one camera (either IXUS 130, IXUS 210 and Powershot SX210IS) and 3 hrs to go around USS to try out the camera!

By drawing lots, we were each assigned the camera model we will get. I got the Powershot, I think. But Ivy and I decided to swap cause she likes the Powershot more. So heee! I got the IXUS 130 (:

I CONFESS! I am not a big fan of Canon like my brother so in order to convince me that a Canon camera (be it DSLR or compact) is good will be tough. I may be curious about the IXUS 130 but I still have my doubt.

What did I think about the camera? [Summary]: I quite like it! Especially for the miniature, smart shutter, color accent and color swap functions (: Save me loads of photoshop work! 😀 However, I have some concerns about the ‘flaring” effect. But overall, quite worth it!

Breaking it down – Some stuff I really like!

1. Smart Shutter

When I first saw the commercial for the camera, I laughed and said, “..what a stupid function! The people posing in front of the camera cannot blink until the person placing the camera comes back! LIKE HELLO? FAIL!”

Therefore, the first thing that I tried when I got my hands on the camera was the Smart Shutter.

Under the smart shutter, there’s 3 modes – Smile, Wink and New Face. This means that the camera will take a photo when it detects a smile, a wink or when a new face enter the frame. So what do I think of it?

I take back my words! It’s actually quite a fascinating and brilliant function! No more, “QUICK! RUN RUN! The timer is about to go off!” I can actually place the camera, press the shutter and WALK leisurely into the frame, blink AND pose before the camera take a picture.

It’s actually pretty hilarious too! I kept going, “..Alright guys! BLINK NOW! *blink furiously myself*”!  Here’s another photo we took! This was in “New Face” mode. The one above was in “Wink” mode.

2. Miniature mode (or what I like to call, Tilt-Shift mode)

The feature that I am very very amazed with (:

If you think that only the pros who are skilled in Photoshop and own a tilt-shift lens can do tilt-shift, THINK AGAIN!

*Rewind* What’s tilt shift? Basically, it’s making life-sized products look like miniature ones. Like this!

Nope! I didn’t get rich and spend $700+ on a tilt-shift lens! This was done with the IXUS 130! (:

It’s really easy and idiot-proof! You get to select which area to be in focus and which to be out, and the size of the area! Once you’re done, just snap away and let the camera handle the rest! I was so infatuated with this function that I tried it on almost everything! Here’s a few examples –

Whee~ Other than creating tilt-shift effect, the Miniature mode can also be used to make words stand out.

Yupyup! I am tempted to buy the camera just for this mode! ❤ It is reason ENOUGH!

kingdom far far away.

[edit: for photo pros, please excuse my noobish explanation. I understand that miniature effect can be achieved with only lens-tilt(:]

3. Color Accent

I am always fascinated with pictures that only have ONE color standing out! I know it’s just a few simple steps in Photoshop/Lightroom, but I am rather lazy :X

So TADA! IXUS 130 can do it for me! 😀

You can choose the color that you want to stand out. Just point the camera at that color and press the left arrow. VIOLA! You can also choose how “saturated”/strong the color should be! Genius!

*imagines the possibility of using this functions on flowers*

So focus, I was on taking this picture that I forgot that the merry-go-round has stopped until a staff came and usher me down-.- OPPS!

4. Color Swap

Now, this is interesting! My favorite function after the Miniature! 😀 What’s color swap?

COLOR SWAP LOR! Hahaha! Just pick a color that you want to change and then pick the color you want that color to change to.

Initially, I tried it out on water –

water fountain.

But by accident, I took this picture! 😀 Bet you have never seen the sky in pink!

Well, now you do! 😀 You’re welcome!

If only the clouds were more majestic then. The color swap would have been nicer. Anyhoos! Montage!

And you know how photographers are always going after the magic hour?

*Rewind* What’s the magic hour? It’s usually the first/last hour of daylight (:  Lighting is usually warmer so you can push down your white balance to make the sky real blue! Read more here.

FORGET ABOUT THE TIME! With color swap, every minute can be magic hour!

I swapped the blue of the sky with the blue of a mailbox nearby! 😀 I forgot to take a picture of the sky in it’s natural color so I can’t do a comparison!:X

5. Smart-Auto mode

What happens when you turn lazy and just want to take picture ? You can swap to auto mode!

In this mode, you can literally be a lazy shooter (face it, we all get lazy sometime!). The camera will choose from 22 pre-defined situation shooting situations to ensure that you get the perfect picture! Does it work?

Well, I didn’t really try out this function but I think it’s pretty okay!

Some photos taken in this mode –

Yesyes, narcissistic much? BLEAH! 😛

Anyways, no worries about the camera choosing the wrong scene for you! 😀

6. HD Video

It takes HD video *dances around* Okay, you may ask what’s the big deal about this? Well, it is to me! Because a) my D300 cannot take video, b) my compact takes video without sound and c) Omny takes really lousy (puke-inducing, ear-breaking) videos!

PLUS! You know how videos can be really horrible with all the shaking and walking about (think Blair Witch Project)? I think IXUS 130 has some anti-shake thingy that prevents that from happening?

AND AND! Color accent and zoom works for video as well!

Here’s a video I took while I was on the merry-go-round!  Considering I was moving up and down, it’s quite okay!

(Warning: Lower down your volume. My voice abit sharp.)

Just in case Youtube is wonky, click here to go to the video.

Eh..wait! I feel cheated! My ride didn’t go up and down! It didn’t right? Eeeeeee! Why like that!!!!

7. Fish-eye effect

I am rather picky when it comes to fish-eye! So to be really honest, I am a little disappointed 😦

There’s 3 levels to choose from – Low, Medium or High. If you just want a little bit of curvature in your picture, then go for low. If you want to be extreme, just go high!

This was taken in High mode!

This was in High mode as well –

To a certain extent, the fisheye works! But to a certain extent, it doesn’t. Look at this picture –


It should elongate and distort my fingers to make it look REALLY scary. But it didn’t quite achieve that 😦

And then there’s this picture –


It only distorted my face + my right arms and not the rest of the picture 😦

I think the mode should be renamed to “Distortion” instead? Cause it distorts the photos more than it creates a fisheye effect! Another problem I had is that you can’t see which part of your photo is in focus when you are trying to shoot. Sigh.

But hey! You still can get creative with it! Like what I did with my eye in the picture above! Or with signs! It makes a boring sign look interesting!

8. A little problem.

I am sure this is not a big problem. Okay, let me rephrase! I am pretty sure this can be solved if given ample time with the camera.

Like I love to say, “All gadgets have their quirks. It’s all about living with them and learning to overcome them!” *ahem* I speak from experience!

Yes, IXUS 130 seem to have a bit of flaring problem when shooting dealing with scenes where there’s 2 lighting situation.

For instance,

too bright.

See that little ‘bright area’ at the right side of the picture? Yup, that’s the problem I am talking about. I think it’s called flaring.

Here’s another example –

pretty ladies on a car!

In this case, it works in the favor of the picture because it gives the photo a ‘dreamy’ feel! Perfect! Cause *ahem* I am sure it is every boy’s dream to see 3 sexy ladies sitting on a car? Right? RIGHT! *glares and hand over puke bucket to reader*

I am pretty sure the problem can be solved! Maybe it was because my ISO was not correct or something. Don’t really think it’s a problem with the camera though. Probably just the settings!


Things I didn’t get to try: Smart Auto (didn’t get to try in different environment); Changing the ISO; Changing the WB; Shooting in low light; Assisted PhotoStitch

All-in-all : Overall, I think this is quite a spiffy gadget to have (: Like I’ve said, the miniature effect is reason enough to buy the camera (: A few others agrees with me after seeing the pictures on Facebook! PLUS! It is very light (133g – about the same weight as an iPhone), very slim (17.8mm) and comes in different colors (I don’t have to bejewel it!).

For those of you who are interested to find out more – you can visit the official site or dpreview!

For more pictures taken by me with the camera, head to Facebook!

OKIE DOKES! That’s it from me!


The event: I think it’s pretty smart to hold the event at USS and giving us the chance to ‘test-drive’ the cameras! Why? Cause the best way to experience a camera is to test-drive it in a photog outing environment. A person may have a review set but that doesn’t mean they will bring it out for a test-drive. So yups! (: Only thing is..I wish we had more time! We were rather torn between shooting and trying out the rides! But OHWELLS!

Still, a great event! And thanks for the souvenir!

Thanks, DK for getting me an invite! Thanks, Canon and Ogilvy for the invite! 😀

*hangs rabbit foot on blogpost and sticks 4-leaves clover all over*