Your Photography Journey – Talk by Willy Foo

Hmm. It was a last minute decision to go for the talk.

I was supposed to meet Shuyun at 6.30pm @ Raffles Place MRT but I was late! VERY! Sorry 😦 I treat you $0.70 Macdonalds ice-cream ok? Heh. It was a good thing she was with me! If not, I confirm chop will be lost!

The talk was pretty interesting and to quote Roy (new friend), “..very inspiring..”! Even though all the discussion about lens was abit too technical for me, the rest of the talk was good! And I’ve learnt a tip or two(: Sivan, you should have come! Come for the next one ok? (:

Anyways, here’s two pictures from the night(:


blur look!

David was squatting quite a distance away from me. I thought he was just fiddling with the camera. So when I turned around, he snapped! EVEN THEN! I thought he was not taking a picture of me! Until he told me >.< MEH! But I rather like the photo(:

Here’s the other photo ! I like I like! (:

Shuyun and me!

Shuyun and me!