NTU Module Ad on FB!

I was clicking around on FB while listening to Ugly Betty (bad habit of multi-tasking) when I chance upon this ad on the side line –


An NTU professor advertising his module on Facebook! WOAH! When did we get so “high-tech”? Hahaha. And FYI, yes, the module exist! It can be taken as an UE!

Even though the webpage can be GREATLY improved, I guess it’s pretty smart? It caught my attention and I actually went to check it out!

Cool eh?

A new kind of nomads- Social Media junkies/users.

Yes, yes. I am slow but I just realized it today. Probably because of the number of people who are threatening to leave Twitter for the inconvenience it caused with the long hours and high number of downtime. Even I am irritated! That’s saying quite a lot since my Twitter usage is dwindling.

Now if you liken each social platform (like Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and whatnot) to green pastures. Then the users (usually frequent social media users) will be nomads.

If you have noticed, they tend to move in “herds”. So they will all come together and form a community in say, Friendster (the pasture). They farm, talk, socialize, gossip and even get married! They customized their “home” and do daily, mundane stuff. They “pasture” starts to get overloaded. Overcapacity!! Problems start to occur. Landslides, floods, lousy crops and POLLUTION!

Now, the leader of these nomads (i.e. the early adopters) will go off in search of newer and fresher pastures. Somewhere that offers the same amenities but still untouched (in this example, Facebook). They will start moving over and eventually, their friends will move as well. Why? Because WE ARE A COMMUNITY! -.- It won’t be soon before long before the old pasture gets abandoned and a new community forms at the new pasture.

Nomads, no? They move in a community, as a group!

So are you a social media nomad? How many times have you moved?(:

And I don’t think I will move this time. I am tired and it’s not fun when you are the only one running after people.

P/S: Whenever I touch on social media topics, I am always talking about social networking sites eh?