meet junsu!

I think by now, everyone knows that my Galaxy S3 has died at a young age. The youngest of all my (Samsung) devices, actually.

Anyways, I think I’m very lucky (: Daniel offered his spare phone to me and guess what? It’s a Samsung too! Galaxy Note 2 to be exact!

I think by now, everyone knows me and my weird love for Samsung phones. No matter how laggy they become (Omnia) or how troublesome they are (Galaxy s3), me and Samsung…together forever, never be apart. Even though DK dug out his iPhone 4 for me, when I heard Samsung, I’m sold.

Was just jokingly telling the Korean classmates that S3 is a girl (cos it’s calls me 언니), Galaxy Note 2 is a boy (cos it’s calls me 누나)! Yes, it’s the message ringtone. I couldn’t find the 언니 ringtone somehow so had to settle for the 누나 one.

And since I have a habit of naming my phone, decided to name this “Junsu” cos the word keeps coming up on the dictionary (when I’ve never type the name). Plus, the ringtone sounds like something one of the kids in “아빠 어디가?” will say. So…Meet Junsu!

Galaxy Note 2!

Galaxy Note 2!

Doodling with the S-Pen was quite fun! Going to do some googling to see what else I can do with a Note 2. I’m sure it’s more awesome than my S3 (:

Tuesday was more than I bargained for.

When I woke up on Tuesday, I was expecting it to be another chillax day. Read some Harry Potter, nap, watch some daytime TV, more harry potter and then dinner. But….

I did read Harry Potter. I finished up Book 3 in fact. And I finished it @ 11.11am. I saw the time when I finished my book and exited from Aldiko on my S3. Then…the phone died. It exploded into sparkles. Okay, fine. Dead pixels.

Galaxy. Literally.

Galaxy. Literally.

If I wasn’t so upset, I would have thought it’s pretty. But yes. I tried to restart it, took out the battery, give it a few good bang and even try to charge it. Nothing works. The funny thing is…I can still hear my messages and emails coming in!

Desperate, I called the mum using the house phone to tell her I will be heading out, switched on the Wi-Fi and posted on my Facebook to let everyone know that my phone is dead. I also sent out several emails.

It was quite a….unique experience going out without my phone.

I couldn’t check what time the next bus was coming. So I just waited there, checking my watch every few minutes. Tapping my foot restlessly while waiting. Sticking my head up to check if the bus is coming. Longest 10 minutes of my life.

But I did something nice! I saw a guy running after a bus and helped him hold the bus. Wouldn’t have noticed him if I had my phone with me.

Then, I couldn’t decide if taking the Circle Line or the NS Line to Marina Square was faster. I decided on the Circle Line cos the 3G signal is stronger. Realised I can’t use my phone so erm…But I was already at the Circle Line station so I decided to just take it. Then! I wanted to check if I should alight at Promenade or Esplanade cos I wasn’t sure…I couldn’t T_T So I had to guess (it’s Esplanade).

Met a weirdo at the train station. He stood super close to me and kept sticking his head out to look at me when I chose a seat far away from him. Wanted to tweet about it to feel less freaked out but…you know the story.

My experience at the Samsung Service Centre @ Marina Square was quite pleasant. The lady at the counter (Christina) was really honest and gave me practical answers. After listening to her options, I decided not to repair the phone cos the cost is almost equivalent to buying a new one (approx $500). Almost.

Took a long train ride home again. I am so glad I insisted on separating my entertainment and daily usage devices *hugs iPod touch* Without it, I would have died of boredom and get super irritated by the noise on the train.

Came home, saw some emails that made me upset. I don’t think people believed me when I said I don’t have a phone 😦 Hence the emails. Tried to ignore them and searched for my old phones. Found Omnia (from 2008!) and realised that the battery has “bloated up” and can’t be used 😦 It was still working in June!

Luckily my mum came home and offered to lend me her iPhone 4. It must have caused her some inconvenience but she didn’t want to upset me by asking for the phone back. Cos when she thought that I was sleeping, she called the dad and asked him where my old Samsung E870 was (from 2006). She sounded quite irritated with the dad when she realised that he threw the charger away.

I offered to return the iPhone 4 to my mum and she said it’s okay. She will just go buy a flip phone from the Ah-Bengs shop. I felt so bad 😦 She knows I can’t afford to buy a phone now so she rather be the one spending.

So after she left to buy dinner, I cried abit but pulled myself together and managed to locate the charger *phew* E870 is still working! just that the buttons have fallen out and it’s quite impossible to type. Super afraid the mum will go and spend unnecessary money so I quickly went to FB and asked if anyone has a spare phone to lend me. And many people came forward. Thank you thank you (:

Now that the phone problem is solved, I am left with a lingering headache that grew as the day went on. Meh. I am going to sleep soon but…Here’s a photo of my phones –

every phone has a story.

every phone has a story.

I bought Samsung Omnia cos I wanted to give the mum my Samsung E870. Then E870 was passed on to the dad when his phone died. Bought Galaxy S because Omnia was getting retarded and well….It’s about time. Bought Galaxy S3 because of vanity. But I passed it on to the little brother whose HTC was dying.

See! All my phones have a history and I always work them hard. Not like Galaxy S3. It’s probably the phone I treated with the most care. It has it own casing, change of screen protectors, least no. of falls and etc. And it died after ONE year! BOOO!

Anyways, glad that this is over. I am going to bed now. Tired and this headache needs to go away.