Yebber’s Wii Party @ SMU’s ICB

Not a Yebber but I was still invited anyways. Thanks, @krisandro! (Lazy to link)

Janelle, Shuyun, Ridz, Nadnut, Darran and I met for dinner at BK (: It was a pretty good warm-up for me! Hahaha. I was already semi-high by the time I reached ICB. OH! We met Hendri too! He walked into BK and spotted us!


Willy also brought his Gen X a.k.a OMO system to test out! And hence, I got to meet my best friend, the remote control, AGAIN! Hahahaha. Cool stuff! It’s like a neoprint machine but better! You choose when to click and it prints! But there’s the problem of a)number of takes each person can have and b) the boundaries! I think they have a solution for the second part though(:

favorite girls!

favorite girls!

Of course, since it’s a Wii party, we played Wii!

concentrating hard!

concentrating hard!

Someone crept up behind me and SHOUTED, “BOO!” right beside my ears. Made me jumped and screamed lah! MEAN! Janelle was laughing about it. You no nice, Janelle! Hahaha. Best is! Ridz and Shuyun didn’t notice a single thing. They were looking at me with a “WHAT?!” expression after I screamed. Hmmm.

OHOH! And as the party was winding down, I started the Open/Close game! Hehehehe. Almost everyone got it! Except for Victor ;p TRY HARDER! Hahahaha. It started a few other lateral thinking games. I LOVE THEM! Superbly entertaining! And frustrating. And NICE (:

All in all, I had fun that night(: Thanks, Yebber!


Kampong Buangkok(:

I have no idea how this outing came about! Just that Victor and I was randomly throwing out venues in Darran‘s Plurk and then VIOLA! A photography outing was organised! *contented sigh* The wonders of social media. HAHAHA!

So, at 3.30pm today, Dorothy, Claudia, Victor, Darran and QiQuan met at Buangkok MRT. I was late 😦 Sorry! Heh.

Kampong Buangkok was not as wulu-wulu as I thought it was. Quite near civilisation actually. But, once you stepped inside, you really don’t feel like you are in Singapore. It was really a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon(:

I didn’t take a lot of pictures! But here’s the only one that I quite like from my camera –


Photography is not my forte! Even though I am interested in it. Heh. BUT! You can see all the pretty pictures of from the professionals photographers – Claudia, QiQuan, Victor and Darran. Dorothy and I are just there to look look see see (:

Oh and this little not so little dog came trotting towards me and I was a little terrified.

But in the end, it just wanted to shake my hand? o.O I have no idea. It sniffed a little and then raised up its front legs. Lucky it went away afterwards! *phews*

Thanks, everyone! And Claudia for leading the way! More outings to come! Henderson Wave?

rocking it!

rocking it!

Bloggers’ Calendar 2009 Party(:

I was not intending to go but because of great support from everyone and bestie, I went! And I’m glad I did!

I played Wii with Vincent, DK and Michael. OMG. It’s like super fun! And erm…The 3 seniors very kindly entertained me and played all the continents with me! YAY! It was fun!

And thanks to Nicole and DK for the beer! Which resulted in this picture –



Totally unglam! But wth (:

I have gotten my physical copy! You can download the soft copy here! You can don’t download the other months! But must download mine okay?(:

OKAY! I better calm down, wait for hair to dry and get ready for school tmr!

Plurk@SG Outing (:

Heh. I almost didn’t go because I’m shy *hands over puking bucket* But, YUPS! I’m glad I went! 😀

I don’t know what to say but just that I had PLENTY OF FUN! Laughed until my side aches and my mouth is tired. It’s was really a fun night! (Even though I feel a little guilty for not studying!)

Thanks to Ingrid (or i-am-myy) and Daphne for organising! 😀

Here are some pictures koped from Willy and Claudia! (luckily the bimbotic pictures didn’t make it *phew*)

i totally sucked at the animal game!

i totally sucked at the animal game!

Other than bottles/7-Up, I really suck at “beer” games! The hand tapping one, the animal one and the guess direction one! Oh and 5-10-15! 😦 Krisandro and Janellee and Willy and Claudia had to explain quite a few times before I understand! Girls! We have been playing it wrongly ALL the time!! *thunders*

And I was lost at the guess-direction game cause Willy was staring so intensely at me that I got distracted! !@#*!@#!@*#!@#!

Janelle and ME! (:

David, Janellee, Me!

David, Janellee, Me!

Group Picture!

Group Picture!

I think I got a little drunk towards the end-.- Just imagine me when I have 2 hours of sleep and multiply that by 1.5 times. Hyperness at its max! WOOHOO!!

“Why is that no crossing sign green?”