the two little kids(:

When my dad’s shop was still around, I used to hang around in the shop for awhile after school before heading home. And there will always be these two Malay kids who will come into the shop and “play” with me.

Hahah. I used to hide behind the counter and then play “peek-a-boo” with them. Ever since the shop closed, I don’t see them very often. And they’ve probably forgotten about me.

But on Sunday, on my way down, I saw them running on the 5th floor. The little girl screech to a halt. Paused and then said, “Hello! IT’S YOU! Never see you for awhile!”

SO SWEET! But as I was on the way down, I just waved and smiled before heading down. On my way home, I saw them again! This time, they are playing on the 6th floor(:

And I managed to snap a picture of the both of them.

the brother.

the brother.

the sister(:

Yups. Sometimes I miss my dad’s shop. It’s a prime place for people-watching. Prime place to distract myself by stacking of goods and rearranging the shelves (which I do quite often). And of course, the constant stream of kids that comes in. Sigh. Ohwells!