sesame street podcast (:

I was browsing through iTunes Store for podcast to follow when I stumble upon video podcasts of Sesame Street! I subscribed because I thought Elmo will be in there (yes, but only occasionally)! Never expected to learn anything new.

BUT! I learned something new today! And it is called Glockenspiel!


No, it’s not a xylophone! There’s a difference! Xylophone are made of wood while a glockenspiel is made of metal! WOAH! I didn’t know that!

Which means the one that we played as a little kid is a glockenspiel! Not a xylophone! Hahaha. Now you know! Don’t teach the wrong stuff to you niece/nephew/daughter/son!

And I think it’s quite smart of them to put Muray as the main puppet in the podcast!