The Boys Dance Recording (:

Been wanting to learn this dance for eons and when I saw it on CJ’s schedule, I contemplated taking it alone. But lucky Cyndy asked me and viola!

Had loads of fun learning the dance (: Some classmates were familiar faces and of course, Jojo is an awesome teacher who broke down the steps as simply as she could.

After 8 weeks of rushing home to change after work then rushing to class, the class is over! I think I am going to miss taking classes.

I messed up and my hair was all over my place. but I managed to do the “Jessica” step (right after 1st chorus)! like FINALLY! Love the “dance break” though I did acquire a huge blue black on my right knees for 3 weeks :p

Anyways, here’s the video –

Many dance that I want to learn – SNSD’s Mr Mr, f(x)’s Red Light, SJM’s Swing, SNSD’s Animal/Flower Power etc etc

But Korea is calling! #혜산유학전

[Music Monday] clauds is climbing into her hole.

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P

Think the introvert-side of me is taking control again. Plus, April/May is always a ‘down’ period for me ever since that incident. So, I find myself yearning for some quiet time. Not necessarily alone. Just quiet, simple company. Like with the usual suspect on Saturday. Simple conversations (:

Think you will find me eating by the bay by myself more often this coming 2 weeks.

Anyways, because of this, I am not listening to alot of songs. Doesn’t help that Mediacorp Radio updated their web radio such that it is not compatible with my work PC anymore.

But my current earworm is SNSD’s Mr. Mr. Really hoping that Celine Jessandra will open more classes for it. Can’t make it to the classes this round cos of classes. Complicated, yo.

Here’s the performance of the song in one of my favorite outfit. Always amazed with how they won’t “走光” dancing in dresses!

Also, I am quite hooked to the game 2048. My score sucks. But therapeutic to move the tiles around and see the number going up.



That’s it this week. Hopefully I’ll be back next week with a proper entry. Fighting!

[Music Monday] Mr. Mr by Girls’ Generation

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P

No surprise that I will be writing about this song this week huh? (:

The album was mistakenly released on iTunes for a short while last Sunday so the album was premature-ly released the following day. Pretty sure that was not in SM Entertainment’s plan ;p But yes, the album came out before the MV. Without an MV, I really cant fully enjoy the song (yes, I’m weird like that).

So on Friday on my way to meet Jie En for dinner, I (finally) had time to scroll through my Facebook and I saw –

금일 밤 10시, 소녀시대 ‘Mr.Mr.’의 뮤직비디오가 공개 될 예정입니다!

소녀시대(Girls’ Generation)‘s new music video, ‘Mr.Mr.’ will be released at 10 pm (KST) today. Stay tuned!


*cough* I almost went, “아싸!” in the train but of course I didn’t. I smiled, posted on Facebook and sent a screenshot to the Korean classmates (: The actual MV was actually delayed by an hour. But ahwell!

The concept for this mini-album is not too out there *phew* When “I Got A Boy” came out, the concept was just out of this world and not in a good way! But for “Mr. Mr”, there’s 4 look – the nurses, the reggae (?), the retro black/white dress and the (what I like to call) oppa look. Loved it! (:

The song though reminds me a little of Galaxy Supernova/T.O.P on the first listen (if there’s such a term). Not that it’s a bad thing I guess? Anyways, after listening to it a few more times, it gets better. It’s catchy though. I woke up one morning singing, “My Mi, Mi, Mister…” in my head -.- With that said, I happen to have CNBlue’s Can’t Stop in my head as well. The 2 songs have ‘mated’ and produced a remix T_T

The dance? Can’t see much of it in the MV but I think the signature move is the part where they mimic the action of putting on the cuff links. Really looking forward to the comeback performance! The dance break should be awesome with the awesome beat and….all the girls are dancing not just Hyoyeon! Woots!

Just in case you are interested, the song is about a girl asking the guy she likes to be more aggressive, to take the first move to chase her. About her frustration with his lack of actions. So far, no favorite part to the song yet. Though I find it funny when Jessica sings, “You bad bad bad bad You so bad.” It’s so…Singlish! ;p

The rest of the album sounds is pretty okay too. I think there’s not as much ‘harmonization’ as their previous albums? I keep hearing the stronger vocals and less of them singing together. Kind of missed that. But I have to say there are some catchy catchy tunes. Like “Goodbye”. I don’t know why but it got stuck and I keep going, “안녕 Really Really Good Goodbye…” SAVE ME!  And there’s “Wait a Minute” too. OMG (yes, pun intended. it’s actually part of the song).

백허그 (Backhug) is quite good. The harmonization, less of the fancy music stuff and just the girls singing. I hear Yuri’s and Hyoyeon’s voice too!

Overall, I will give this album a 3.5/5 stars (: Can I please say that I am so happy that Hyoyeon has more parts now? And how proud I am to see her standing right smack in the middle with my Yoong 😀

to quote a fan’s comment, “the generation of hyoyeon has arrived!”

Righty! That’s all this week. Can’t wait for the comeback performance (have I said that?)!

i get stage fright :(

So today was the recording for Galaxy Supernova. And of all days….


I was half dead and super stoned. Keep forcing myself to drink coke and eat sweet to wake myself up 😦

It worked! I was rather on the dot during the practice. My moves are sharper and more accurate. Not perfect but good enough for me. I thought, “Okay! Let’s do this!”



about 6 people recording.

about 6 people recording.

And then I got nervous. So in the end, I messed up my moves and didn’t go all out. The moves are not sharp at all 😦 And  I forgot the steps!

I thought about it and realised that…the more people recording the dance, the more nervous I get. Looking back at Mr Simple…I didn’t make much mistakes and my moves were not too bad. The number of person recording? ONE.

it's Jojo!

it’s Jojo!

And it’s Jojo! One of my previous instructors.

I think the maximum no. of video recorders is THREE. Cos Genie there was 3 guys recording and I was fine. Anything beyond that, I am a goner 😦

So yes. I am rather disappointed with today’s recording. And we only recorded once. I miss the days when we can record two times.


Anyways, here’s the recording from today! One last class for the year left – Henry’s Trap!

class photo with xiao jo (: some of the classmates are in my other classes too.

[Music Monday] Girls’ Generation – Animal

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P

I’m generally not a fan of Japanese songs by K-Pop artists. Not Super Junior, not SHINee and not Girls’ Generation. I did learn the dance for some of Girls’ Generation’s Japanese songs (Paparazzi and Galaxy Supernova) though.

Because I don’t follow the girls’ releases in Japanese, I was quite lost during their concert last month. The concert is basically a replica of their tour in Japan but with a tiny bit more of their Korean songs. It was still an awesome concert though!

Anyways! This song got stuck in my head after the concert so I thought I’ll share it (: The dance caught my attention too. Quite ‘fierce’ and just that tiny bit of decadence (?). Don’t mind learning it! I’m quite hooked on this song. Even my ringtone has been changed! Hehe.

The thing I realised about Girls’ Generation’s Japanese songs is that chasing after boys seems to be the main focus. Like Galaxy Supernova, Bad Girl and now, Animal. Quite different from their previous/Korean songs.

I also realised that there’s more variation in the vocals for the Japanese songs. You see girls like Hyoyeon and Sunny having more parts to sing. But at the same time, they can disappear totally in certain songs. The exposure is not as equal as in their Korean promotion I guess.

So yups! That’s all from me this week (:

2011 Girls’ Generation Tour with Canon Powershot S100 (:

After the madness of clicking, I managed to snag 2 tickets for the show *sayang mouse and fingers* 잘했어요!

Could have gotten better seats but silly me keyed in the wrong expiry date for my credit card and missed the time. Yes. I keyed in the wrong date MANY TIMES and for the ENTIRE holding period (think it was 5 minutes) *stabs self and dies*

Just like my post about SS3 + S95, this post is split into the concert and the camera.

The concert!

지금은 소녀시대!

If you look at the way I shouted and screamed at the concert, you might think that I’m more of a SONE than an ELF >.< Hahaha! Yes, I was screaming my lungs out and dancing and trying to keep up with the fanchant!

fan project.

I was a tad surprised when I saw this and a Yahoo! postcard at my seat. Yes, they are the fan project! While the Yahoo! fan project didn’t really happen, this simple project was rather successful!

Tiffany actually noticed and commented about it during their “pretend” fianl stage.

the “pretend” final stage.

Yes, the “pretend” final stage.

Tiffany was rather funny! She knew that the fans are aware that there’s still 3 encore stages so she asked, “You guys know that this is not our final song, don’t you?”

When the fans screamed yes, she went, “Well, then. This is our “pretend” final song.”

Hahahah! Aww. Like. I love their english too. So polite. Ah, hard to explain!


WOOHOO! This has to be one of my favorite stage (: The Genie remix. If you have not seen it, you should! They did the same stage in their Japan concert and at Dream Concert!

Other than that, I rather like Sooyoung’s solo! HOT! She did Salsa (Tango?) to the song, “Sway” (I think). And omona! Her legs! Like!!!

I also like the encore stages (: Oh! too! 😀

Seohyun was the friendliest! Yoona was disappointing cos she was quite standard 😦

I did get a little bored somewhere in the middle (short attention span, yo!) though >.<

Anyways! Overall, I will give it a 5.5/10. On the ranking scale, it rates 2nd (after SS3 and before SHINee). Will I go again if they are back? Well, it will depend on their song list since this concert are mainly old songs.

The camera

Okay. While SS3 don’t allow DSLR, this concert don’t allow photography AT ALL. BAH! But I managed to sneak some shots 😛

I am compliant ok! I followed the old rule – “All media are only allowed to take photos for the 1st three songs.” Heheh.

Anyway, I was sitting at T08 (slightly off center), Row 27 (last row). So I was quite far back. But! I HAD CANON POWERSHOT S100!

Canon Powershot S100

Thanks to Renhao, Ogilvy and Canon, I managed to get my hands on the S100 for the weekend! (:

And the camera didn’t disappoint! It performed rather well! Less pixelation and better sensitivity. HS system rocks! (:


some compression by FB. color adjustment made.

The picture was cropped too! I couldn’t “activate” the digital zoom so I had to crop to make the photo “bigger”. Quite cool that it’s not as pixelated as I thought it would be.

Okay, at this point, I don’t have much to say about the camera. But if you are looking for a camera to bring to concerts/wedding dinners or the like, I think the S100 is a good investment!

If you like to have manual control on your compact (like me), S100 has it! If you are lazy, the Auto mode is pretty trust-able! (: Proof? My mum (who don’t know how to use a compact and is not tech-savvy) took this photo in auto mode –

with siblings for my birthday (:

I was laughing cause every time my mum press the Shutter, her hand will go down too. So, this photo was taken in rather shakey circumstances 😛 But it turned out awesome! And the color is not too bad too (:

Other features include, high speed burst (great for baby photos!)  + Movie Digest (hopefully I can try this out soon!) and  it shoots in *wait for it* RAW! Okay, I have still not reach the high level of shooting in RAW but RAW is good! It allows you to have more control of the control for post-processing! (: And S100 is the first compact to be able to do that! Hoots.

My only qualm with the S100 is that it takes quite a while to process photos after each shot. So there I was, anxious to continue to take the next “sneak” shot at the concert but the camera was still “busy” -.- 어떻게! 어떻게!

And I dont like that the shutter button is made of stainless steel. BOO!

Anyways, Renhao has very kindly helped me got a set for the camera! Yes, I am buying the camera!! So, stay tune as I discover and explore the camera.

Canon Powershot S100 is now out in store at a SRP of $699. 

More pictures of the concert by S100 can be found here. <working to fix the link>