the airport.

Specifically Changi Airport.

I think I must have written a post about this sometime before. I remember Googling for quotes about the airports previously. Hmmm.

Yes. I think Changi Airport holds a special place in my heart. The thought of going there fills me with ohmmmm. There’s no other way to put it. I’ve not really thought about why it does that until Friday when the brother suggested we go to the airport for dinner.

Childhood memories: When the dad started working on weekends many years back, my 姑丈 will bring us to the (then) new Terminal 2 for dinner on some Saturday nights. He will drive us and the cousins in his 7-seater car to the airport. And we’ll always have Swensen’s for dinner (: That was probably also the time I started liking the Sticky Chewy Chocolate sundae. After dinner, we will head to the viewing gallery or take the Skytrain!

When I’m feeling down: During that “life-changing” few months, this friend drove me to the airport, forced me to eat Popeye’s (I think I have not eaten for 3 days?) and then brought me to the viewing gallery and just made me talk. After that, he drove me to another spot where we can see the planes land and take off. It was therapeutic. It was distraction that I needed. I’ve lost contact with this friend but really 고마워. Considering back then we’ve probably known each other for 3 days?

The usual suspects: Back in the days when DK still had 小白, it is not uncommon to see 6-7 of us packing into it and driving to the airport for Round 3! This is after Round 1 of prata, Round 2 of Koi/ice-cream and then somehow, we will head to airport for Round 3 which is usually Popeye’s! More often than not, these rounds are after photo walks. Outings with the usual suspects are always 편해 (comfortable). Ahh…Those were the days!

The trips: Of course. The airport are tight to the trips I’ve made. Especially to Korea. When I stepped into the airport on Friday, I keep thinking I am on my way to Korea. Hurhur. Confusion much? And I realised how much I miss travelling. But even this temporary confusion makes me relax just that bit.

Others: Of  course, I also like the quiet buzz of the airport. No matter how packed it is, the noise in the airport never gets “in-your-face” kind of loud. It’s like the sound of the cars on the road below my house. Soothing but not irritating. I also like the looooooonnnnggg car ride to the airport. It’s no secret that I love car rides ;p And of course, the airport is the perfect place to do some quality people-watching. Wondering what’s the story behind them. What adventures have they been on?

So yups! The airport is one of my happy place (: When will my next trip be? 😦 Aigoooo~

from 2010. spending the night at the airport to send QQ off to Japan (:

happy mum’s day (:

This year, my mum decided to abandon me and spend mother’s day with the other aunties in the neighbourhood *pouts* But anyways! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

To mummy! Whee! I know your soles are giving you loads and loads of pain. I’m sorry that our birthday present for you ended up causing you more pain:( But thank you for being strong and bearing with the pain. If it’s too painful, just rest ok? Leave the housework to us! I’ll keep praying for your speedy recovery!

We made it through another year! 😀 What with the many medical scares that we got last year. Thank you for staying strong. Thank you for being my rock. I am not the easiest person to live with these past months cause I am so frustrated about getting a job. So thank you for bearing with my nonsense and my ‘obsession’ over cleanliness (: Thank you for the delicious meals! And for always scooping more rice into my bowl so that I will have just the right amount when I scoop some out!

I may not say or express it, but I love you! ❤

To grams! 😀 Thank you for being my grandma (: Things are a little tough for you but thank you for always smiling when you see us! Stay healthy and strong ok? (: We love you much much many many! 😀

the usual suspect (missing: Darran + Ivy + Shuyun)

Just realised we don’t really have a group photo except this one. But yes, to the usual suspect (+Jerold)! Thank you for nanny-ing me for the past year! Without your nanny-ing, I might still be stuck in that dark corner, drawing circles on in the sand (: For the random nagging about me not eating enough food and for allowing me to rant/explode at the most random moments.

Of course, for indulging my cravings! You guys are almost always okay when I say I want to eat certain stuff or when I ask you guys out for dinners! Thank you 😀

And to everyone else who has played apart in taking/teaching me the past year, HAPPY MUM’S DAY TO YOU TOO!! 😀

[If I left you out, shoutout to me!]