the new kitty on the block.

this morning, I was happily climbing the bridge cos I was early and could possibly catch the earlier bus to work (seats!!) when I saw a cat climb precariously out to the flower bed. 

I halted and then….

“Meow meow. Don’t. Come back. It’s dangerous!” 

It turned and looked at me. I took a step forward and it shrink back, getting even closer to the edge.

“안돼요! 위해! Come back. 조심해!”

It paused. Looked at me and you can see that it’s calculating what its next steps should be. So I just stood there and waited, blabbering more random korean words at it.

Thank goodness it decided to turn back, climb back onto the bridge and ran down the steps. 

Nearly gave me a heart attack! -.- By the way, it’s a new kitty to the neighbourhood (: I am hoping it’s not newly abandoned though 😦

Wanted to snap a picture of it but I thought the sound of the camera and the action of taking out my phone might frighten it. So yeah. It’s a white cat with ginger patches. On the lean side with a fluffeh tail. 

Oh yeah. I missed my bus in the end and took the last one. Thank goodness everyone was on leave and I managed to get a seat from AMK to ORQ (: