Fly me to Super Show 3 (:

3 more days!! Oh me, oh my! *squeals like a little girl*

After all that talk, after all that deliberating, after the queue-ing. It’s finally going to be here! 😀

The last time I saw the boys, I became a fan!

Fineeeee. I couldn’t get over how THICK their eyebrows were. Especially Siwon’s! I remember telling Nicole after the press conference, “Hmmm. Nothing much eh?” But after their showcase…I’m a convert! And a Siwon fan~

I uploaded the photos I took to Facebook and ber came to me. She said, “..I’m so glad you like Suju! Now I’ll have someone to talk to about them!” HAHAHAHA!

And so began our late nights chat on MSN about Super Junior. We will be swapping videos on YouTube, she will be showing me stuff that I cannot miss etc. Watching them performed makes my day! (Still do!)

It was also because of Super Junior, I finally found the courage (and reason) to learn Korean (: Been wanting to learn it since I was 15 but can never find the reason to justify it (:

It was also because of Super Junior that I started liking SHINee (thanks to ber), SNSD, B2st and 4-Minute! Heeee.

It was also because of Super Junior that I stopped emo-ing. Well, that was the last time I remembered moping about THAT topic, anyway.

PLUS! Super Junior has members who are around my age! So I don’t feel like some weird noona when I swoon over them 😛

So, how can I not go, right? 😛

Plus, I get to see Siwon in a carrot costume!

AND! Shirtless!


om nom nom!

I can’t wait for Saturday and Sunday to come!

Oh! If you are going for the Saturday show and would like to swap for either a T04 or A02 ticket, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

(For those of you laughing at me, seriously, would you rather I go gaa-gaa over them or Justin Bieber? :P)


wake me up before you go oh~

There are 3 ways that I can wake up in the morning (or whatever time I need to get out of bed) and here’s their description.

(Yes, I cannot believe I am writing a post about this!)

Natural body clock

This is how I wake up on most days. I tend to wake up 30min to 1 hour before the alarm on work days (that’s like 6.20am or 5.45am). On weekends, if I don’t have anything on, it’s around 11-ish.

I love to wake up like this. Cos I can slowly collect my thoughts, do some prep talk before I sit up, stare at the bright building @ Raffles Place and head out to get some breakfast (:

Slow and easy~

The knock on the door

On the rare occasion that I forget to set alarm and my body clock fails me, the dad will be in-charge of waking me up.

As I have this a nobody-enters-my-room rule, the dad is very cute. He will knock on my door really really gently and whisper, “Ah Shan, ah shan..” Usually by the 3rd time he calls me, I will be awake and he will then gently break the news to me (i.e. tell me the time).

This is not too bad. Cos I still wake up relatively slowly. I will go about doing my morning activities in auto mode and the thoughts and prep talk will be done along the way.

The jerk awake


I hate to wake up this way. But sometimes, I only wake up when the alarm rings. Or sometimes (usually on weekends), my mum feels like waking me up.  She will open my door really loudly and then shout, “AH SHAN!” + proceed to talk really urgently as if there’s a fire happening.

Alarm/mum will usually make me jump up in bed. I am not kidding. I really jump. I can feel the “lift” and the “plop” after that.

I will wake up really irritated and my heart will be racing. No prep talks or collection of thoughts. I will start the day of grouchy and complaining non-stop. If you get in my way, I am going to snap at you.

So yes, these are 3 ways I can wake up in the morning or when I need to. What about you?


2 weeks has passed since 2011 started.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t cross the year with a positive attitude. Maybe it’s because of that snail that I stepped on. Maybe it’s because it’s that black cat that crossed my path. Or maybe it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy of luck changes every year.

Whatever it is, my first 2 weeks of 2011 was rather challenging. For the first week, I was constantly ranting to Ah Boy aka Scarecrow aka Pig aka Rubbish Bin on MSN. On the second week, family issues.

And with those kind of attitude, everything else sucks for me to. I turned whiney (well, more whiney than usual).

I don’t know why I am so negative all of a sudden. But while K-ing with twang, CS and PPP tonight, this phrase caught my attention –

用简单的言语 解开超载的心


This phrase hit home. I guess…I’ve been feeling trapped. Realizing that I can’t go overseas for another year. Realizing that I have some added responsibility. Realizing that I am one step further away from goal of letting my parents live comfortably. And a whole chunk of mambo jambo + Lack of me time. Sigh. I have a 超载的心.

Whatever it is, I am going to hibernate this weekend. I am also looking forward to my Thurs – Sun leave next week (: Me me me time!



something worth noting.

I thought these 2 incidents are worth mentioning.

On 11.1.11, 11.11am…What were you doing? Me?

After helping an elderly lady with her transactions, I went with her to the roadside to flag for a cab.

As it was rather hard to flag for a cab…At 11.11 am I was jumping around and flailing my arms whenever I see a cab FAAAARRR away. Approximately 15 minutes later, I managed to get one.

Helped the elderly lady into the cab, thanked the uncle and went back inside.

While at the counter..

I was observing the transactions when this uncle came over to the counter that I was at. After his transactions were done, he turned to me and said, “Girl, I am going to tell you something. I hope you don’t mind.”

I nodded and thought he was going to comment on my sitting posture or something. But he said, “You are very kind. I can see that the moment I came in. But, be careful. Don’t believe your boyfriend. He can tell you he cares for me or promise you the moon. But he is not saying the truth. He cheats.”

I was kinda shocked. Cos you know lah. I’ve already been through that.


So yups!


Bakery and Restaurant Story Fever! (:

The last time I was so tied to this type of game was back in April/May 2010? The “We Rule” days where I will wake up super early in the morning to harvest my crops! 😛

This time..I am stuck on not one BUT TWO of such games! T_T

It started with one of my colleague, SY, asking us to download “Restaurant Story”.

Restaurant Story

Out of the entire office, only Viv downloaded it. Hahahah! BUT! SY and Viv started discussing about their restaurant and such, which got me curious.

SO! I downloaded “Restaurant Story”! HOWEVER! Viv told me that there’s another one called, “Bakery Story” and off we go and download T_T

Bakery Story

The next thing you know, you hear KACHING sounds every hour, indicating that someone’s food is ready to be served. You can hear us suddenly exclaiming, “AIYA! My bakery!” before we take out our phones (iPhone AND Android). We are discussing about our food, our design and our customers. We are talking about sending gifts and tipping each other.

AND THEN! We discovered that another colleague’s daughter has been playing the game on her iPad and iPhone! AND THEN! 2 other colleagues joined the game. AND THEN! SY’s son joined the game. The last I heard, someone’s hubby is curious about the game. HAHAHAH! 😛

Anyways! I guess, this is a good distraction from work (: I just wished that the Android version will be allowed to change their wallpaper and tiles soon 😦

And now *drums roll* Pictures of my bakery and restaurant!


my bakery (:

Design explanation: Since I can’t change the tiles and wallpaper, I thought I will make the area with the white tiles to be the “outdoor” and “atas” portion of the Bakery! 😛

my restaurant (:

Design explanation: Design inspired by that atas-Japanese restaurant we went to during Christmas. I also have a Class A seat on the left where the person is surrounded by food! Good life yes? There’s also the Class B seats where they have one food in front of them only. The Class C seats are those with the stoves and ovens next to them 😛 Class D is in the left corner 😛

Silly huh? But it’s quite fun! To be able to design and cook stuff that you can’t in reality! (: Like! But I know boredom will set in soon enough 😛

Ahwell! One more photo before I go! Viv’s bakery! She’s the one who helped me take a screenshot of mine (Android can’t take SS). Hehe!

Viv's Bakery (:

Well, if you are on the game as well, please add me – claud1987! (: Drop me a note to let me know too k! 😛

Got to go! My strawberry cheesecake is ready!


2 days into 2011 and I’ve shot myself in the foot. Going back to the behavior of 2009. Not good. Need to keep my comments to myself like in 2010 and keep my head low.

Note to self: 2010 behavior, not 2009 ok?

Whatever it is, I apologised for making that comment. I admit it was kind of an over-reaction. I was already emo-ing about my added responsibility this year and then seeing those tweets..Well, emo + emo = more emo! And call it sour-grapes if you must. I just broke.

So, I’m sorry.

With that said, this popped into my mind while I was bathing –

Your financial situation remains ambiguous till late April as <insert planet name> moves into <insert planet name>. Relationships among friends and family looks choppy but as long as you lay low and keep your comments to yourself, all will be fine. As <insert planet name> moves out of <insert planet name>, things might start to look up. Hang on tight!

Randomness at its best! Time to stone and bed!

In summary (:

This is a bit late but better late than never (:

2010 had been a year of claiming myself back. Loads of small steps and love from everyone.  In color, it was quite close to what I hoped it will be last year.

in colors.

And thank you, God. For looking after me and my family the past year (: I may not be a frequent church-goer but my faith is there (:

For 2011, I hope to continue to grow in God (: With that said, here’s how I hope 2011 will be in color –

for 2011!

More learning, more family-bonding, more meetups! Staying positive! (:

With that said, I think I am ready #cryptic.