the finance behind plurk karma.

If you’ve no idea what plurk is, take a look here. Basically, karma increases when you plurk about 3 new plurks per day.

Thing is, Plurk recently introduced a “Karma Freeze”. It’s for people who are going away or are unable to plurk for a long period of time. Once you activate “Karma Freeze”, your karma falls by 1.

Now, seeing that your karma falls at a rate of 0.16 per day if you don’t plurk, it makes sense if you are going to be away for a period of 6 days and more! Cause it’s more karma-effective.


There’s an arbitrage opportunity in this!

Take a “Karma Freeze”, take the -1 karma drop and then you can basically just reply as and when you like! And GUESS WHAT?! If you do reply, your karma will shoot up at an astounding rate!

I am supposed to be on an online-break so I took a “Karma Freeze” but yesterday, I went back for a while and plurked twice. GUESS WHAT?! My karma increased at a crazy rate of 0.50! WAH! Normal rate is like 0.02!

SEE! OMG. I cannot believe that the finance student in me is talking!

But yah. For those of you karma crazy people, here’s the method to reach nirvana! (:

clauds TV?

So while having dinner with a few friends on Friday, they came up with the idea of “clauds TV”. Especially since I’ve got a webcam now (thanks, @miccheng!).

Initially, the idea was pretty “tamed” but after awhile, it just got really hilarious! I can’t really remember much but some of the ideas are –

1) I record myself singing really emotionally. With feeelinnnnggg.

2) I do all my funny expressions.

3) Guess the bruise!

Any other suggestions? LOLS!

Hahaha. It was also suggested that I turned it into a vodcast *piaks forehead* Don’t encourage me, people! I might just do it!! GRRR!

Anyways, have you seen this video? Yes, I have an Youtube account!

Kampong Buangkok(:

I have no idea how this outing came about! Just that Victor and I was randomly throwing out venues in Darran‘s Plurk and then VIOLA! A photography outing was organised! *contented sigh* The wonders of social media. HAHAHA!

So, at 3.30pm today, Dorothy, Claudia, Victor, Darran and QiQuan met at Buangkok MRT. I was late 😦 Sorry! Heh.

Kampong Buangkok was not as wulu-wulu as I thought it was. Quite near civilisation actually. But, once you stepped inside, you really don’t feel like you are in Singapore. It was really a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon(:

I didn’t take a lot of pictures! But here’s the only one that I quite like from my camera –


Photography is not my forte! Even though I am interested in it. Heh. BUT! You can see all the pretty pictures of from the professionals photographers – Claudia, QiQuan, Victor and Darran. Dorothy and I are just there to look look see see (:

Oh and this little not so little dog came trotting towards me and I was a little terrified.

But in the end, it just wanted to shake my hand? o.O I have no idea. It sniffed a little and then raised up its front legs. Lucky it went away afterwards! *phews*

Thanks, everyone! And Claudia for leading the way! More outings to come! Henderson Wave?

rocking it!

rocking it!

Bloggers’ Calendar 2009 Party(:

I was not intending to go but because of great support from everyone and bestie, I went! And I’m glad I did!

I played Wii with Vincent, DK and Michael. OMG. It’s like super fun! And erm…The 3 seniors very kindly entertained me and played all the continents with me! YAY! It was fun!

And thanks to Nicole and DK for the beer! Which resulted in this picture –



Totally unglam! But wth (:

I have gotten my physical copy! You can download the soft copy here! You can don’t download the other months! But must download mine okay?(:

OKAY! I better calm down, wait for hair to dry and get ready for school tmr!

Plurk@SG Outing (:

Heh. I almost didn’t go because I’m shy *hands over puking bucket* But, YUPS! I’m glad I went! 😀

I don’t know what to say but just that I had PLENTY OF FUN! Laughed until my side aches and my mouth is tired. It’s was really a fun night! (Even though I feel a little guilty for not studying!)

Thanks to Ingrid (or i-am-myy) and Daphne for organising! 😀

Here are some pictures koped from Willy and Claudia! (luckily the bimbotic pictures didn’t make it *phew*)

i totally sucked at the animal game!

i totally sucked at the animal game!

Other than bottles/7-Up, I really suck at “beer” games! The hand tapping one, the animal one and the guess direction one! Oh and 5-10-15! 😦 Krisandro and Janellee and Willy and Claudia had to explain quite a few times before I understand! Girls! We have been playing it wrongly ALL the time!! *thunders*

And I was lost at the guess-direction game cause Willy was staring so intensely at me that I got distracted! !@#*!@#!@*#!@#!

Janelle and ME! (:

David, Janellee, Me!

David, Janellee, Me!

Group Picture!

Group Picture!

I think I got a little drunk towards the end-.- Just imagine me when I have 2 hours of sleep and multiply that by 1.5 times. Hyperness at its max! WOOHOO!!

“Why is that no crossing sign green?”

About common sense manners on social network.

You know how in real life, you can just choose to avoid someone you don’t really like without appearing rude/mean and the likes? You can choose to tell some people some stuff and the other “group” will have no clue? You can be exclusive AND not be rude? You can ignore a person’s comment in a group discussion and go un-noticed?
Okay, it’s not just because you can. But you actually restrict yourself or you have some common sense/manners/considerations in real life. So why can’t we carry that over to social networks?

If you have an exclusive list or cliques, do not go around announcing that you have revised your little list and that you will be using that list more often. It’s just rude insensitive.

I mean, it’s almost like you are saying, “Hahaha. You are not in the list. Not in my list. Nanny nanny poo poo!”. I’m sorry, but seriously, that’s the image that pops up in my head every time I see such a thing happening. And that image comes with butt shaking and tongue dangling out of mouth. Cute t-shirt and shorts sold separately.

I understand (but don’t really agree) the need to have cliques and segregate your friends in social networks. So, just do it quietly and *pause and thinks* you know, “talk” to these people. You don’t have to announce it to the whole wide world.

Because, you don’t go around telling people that you have told Group A certain stuff and that you are not going to tell them, right? Right? *suspicious eyes*

Then there’s the thing about ignoring comments. Let’s say you have posted something really interesting and then it generates quite a bit of discussion. Some comments are really interesting and then there’s those that are really DUH! But need some replying.

If this is in real life, you can just *pause* I don’t know, smile and laugh at the person’s comment and just let it pass. But if it’s on things like blogs/plurk/Facebook, there’s no way you can just let it pass. Especially since you are/will be replying all the other comments. What do you do?

I think it will be rude to just ignore the comment and the poor guy will be highlighted! People will be reading the discussion and then they will go, “Eh! XX didn’t reply this person’s comment. This person must be pathetic/clingy to XX/whatnot.” Basically, it will look like you are blocking off that person. Like how Cynthia blocked Renu, Sivan’s friend and me in the photo (I had to leech onto her to make the photo look continuous).


Yeah. If you ignore the person, the person may not be discouraged from commenting on your stuff in the future. That’s not good, right? Because you never know! Someday, somehow, this person might just leave a comment that will enlighten you or enhance your stand get my point.

Therefore, unless you have the intention to make the person look/feel bad, I suggest that you make some sort of reply. Be it a simple, “haha” or a Q&A classic, “I’ll keep that in mind”. Whatever! Just you know reply something!

One last thing! Remember how I say sometimes social media can be like high school ? Well, there’s another way of putting it.

You know how some kids in school will only answer/be active in some teachers class? Always the first to raise their hands? And how people like to call them teacher’s pets/bootlickers and all sort of nasty names?Well, THERE!

When a person only answers or comment on certain people’s post (even though it’s not something with discussion value), isn’t he/she a “teacher’s pet”? Eager to show that they are in the “in” crowd (whoo..sensitive word here) and that they are special, yada yada yada yada?

Yups, that’s my 2-cents worth.

Just remember that even though you may not see people around you in social networks, it does not mean that they are not around. And hence, you have to be CIVIL to them!

Wrote this a few days ago. But now I’m just feeling a little jaded and tired of Plurk social networks. It’s like everyone already knows everyone from somewhere else. So it’s just hard? And with all the “high school” stuff, it’s just tiring? Oh wells. Don’t mind me. Just tired and grumpy and in need of a hug.

SM is like high school!

I’m in a foul mood. Not for the whole day. Just now. Now! So, the bitchy bitch is in da house.

This post is potentially offensive but do I care? No, I don’t give a damn.

Sometimes, social media (using the term rather loosely here) platform is like high school. There’s the exclusive club (with all the cheerleaders) and then there’s the others. How mature.

And the people who are in the exclusive club are people who are always going on and on about how social media is all about breaking down barriers, connecting people, adding value and basically, bring world peace. Haa. My very flat ass is laughing here. Been ironic, much?

There they are going on and on about how social media is the be all and end all (or whatever that phrase is) and there they are building up the freaking barriers, forming their little exclusive club and probably thinking that SM is really about what they have said. Probably telling themselves that, “Yes! SM is about connecting people! Look at these new friends I have made! They are like me!Look at my followers!”. Freaks.

If you observe Plurk or Twitter, you will realized that there’s these few people who do not comment on posts that is not posted by their friends. Why?! Why?! Is it because they are always meepok posts? Posts about mundane stuff? Whine-like posts?


Conversely, when one of the members of the exclusive group writes a post, these few people will flood to comment, have their own private jokes and generally, behave like it’s the best post in the world! When in actual fact, these people may just be writing a meepok-pok (i.e. very meepok) post like, “My nail broke!”.

Like seriously? What’s going here? Double standards? Exclusive club? Dis-connecting people?

I don’t know. I really don’t know how to describe the exact situation to you. How frustrated I feel.

Sometimes, I hate Plurksville, Twitterville and all forms of SM so much that I just want to shut them out.

But sometimes, it provides such good entertainment and there’s always nice people like rinaz, hangzilla, nadnut and etc!


Post about booty calls buddy coming up.

Edit: @iantimothy said that someone will snigger and call me a sourgrape. ooohh. that’s so hurtful. NOT! pfft. Go back to your exclusive club *boo!*