Which direction to go?

Graduation is impending. 3 months or less. Everyone around me are either getting jobs, already hired or applying for one. Me? Still a little unsure as to where and what I want to do. And where to start looking.

Even though I am in Finance, I know I can never do or work in the finance industry. It’s interesting to study but I cannot see myself working in the industry.

I’ve seriously thought about what I enjoy doing and I’ve narrowed down to these –

1. I like to make people happy.

2. I like being around people.

3. I am pretty good with details. Meticulous.

4. I like helping people and making them feel better.

5. I am a workaholic.

6. I have a knack of remembering things about people.

So I’ve been thinking and I think Retail, Hospitality, PR, Teaching or Nursing could be a possible choice?

Accounts executive? Personal Assistant? Wedding Planner? Events Planning? These are the possible positions I’ve thought of.

I know the “easy” way out is to go into teaching or nursing. But I feel like I should try something else before committing to those? Hmm.

Then there’s the thing about my sister turning part-time and going to study. Major decrease in cash flow ! Which means I have to chop-chop make a decision and all that. Okay, I know the family don’t expect me to. But I just feel that it’s my responsibility.

I don’t know. I need some help! Heh. It’s been on my mind quite a bit. Tossing and turning them around. And it’s affecting my mood! HAIYO!

Job recommendations? Job openings? Let me know(:

I want a career. Not a job. The difference? You live to work for the former, but work to live for the latter.

Huishan is a very confused girl.

Ohmygod. The new Nano-chromatics is the bane of my wallet!

Current Situation

I have a Samsung Omnia that is an excellent camera, phone, movie and music player. The only problem is that I hate the earphones. It’s super ugly and it uses a special port. Not the normal hole that you can plug in. This means that I have to bring 2 earphones out – one for my ipod and the other for my Samsung.

I have a iPod nano that is 2 years old. It’s the first generation one! 4GB, white. It’s looking a little worse for wear and has a faulty hold button.

What I need

Well…I want to have a portable music player, a movie player and a gaming console.

I know Omnia can do all of the above but I have this thing against having all my entertainment and concentrating my stuff into one device. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and that kind of thing. Besides, my phone is my life! If I download games into it, and it crashes…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My pictures! My contacts! My messages!

Besides, I think I am taxing Omny too much. The battery life is not enough for my usage! Wifi, camera, messaging and document viewer/creation. If I REALLY use it for music, movies and games, I think I might need to charge it EVERYDAY.

So yes. I need something that can satisfy all three characteristic I mention. Oh and. HAS.TO.BE.PRETTY.

The Candidates

Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS Lite

I don’t think it can play music or movies (verifications? answers?) but I love it for its gaming functioning!

HELLO? I was super-glued to my GameBoy when I was a little girl! So having another handheld gaming console will be WOW! Imagine! Playing games all the way from AMK to Boon Lay! Then while waiting in the long queue of 179. Then on 179. See! It will be my new buddy buddy!

Love the colour as well! (The primary reason why it beats PSP :P)

Option 1: Buy this and stick with Omny and old iPod. Colour my world!


Orange, Red, Pink!

Nano-Chromatic : Orange, Red, Pink!

It satisfies 2 out of the 3 functions I want. Movies and music! Genius sounds interesting too! Then again, programs like it might be more irritating than useful (越帮越忙). I might just end up “abandoning” the function. Hmm.

I like that I can rotate the screen!

And of course, I love the colors! I mean, white iPod and black Omnia? MAJOR BOREDOM! With the pretty colors and increase storage size (16GB), I can play plenty of videos and songs without really worrying about running out of space.

Option 2: Buy this, spice up your life with the colors and forget about gaming.


iPod Touch

iPod Touch

See! I didn’t pay much attention to iTouch until I saw @Janellee‘s MSN nick. It brought it to my attention and I just went to check out the video.


It satisfies all 3 requirements!!!

BUT! I think if I get an iTouch, I will underutilized (damn it! no present tense?!) it? There’s overlap of functions of Omny and iTouch. I won’t use iTouch for Wifi and I won’t use the stores and stuff. So basically, it’s just BLAH.

Besides, it’s slight more expensive with a smaller storage. Like $348 for a 8GB ! WAH LIEW!

BUT! Oh my. The games! The games!!!!!!!! Omg. Whenever I play racing games, my body will turn when I swerve the car in the game! It used to be funny and useless. BUT HELLO?! It will actually be useful now!! 😀

I hate that there’s no colours for it. And how it looks like any other iPhone (hate hate hate!).

Option 3: Buy this and don’t care about the tiny storage space and overlap of functions + boring colour.



If you are me, what will you do? Which one will you choose?

My budget is less than $400!

Then again, should I even buy? Keep the money in the bank and earn pathetic interest? *sigh*