Dear Dad.

Dear Dad,

The reason why I decided to take over the utilities bill is as follows –

  • Convenience
    I do not want to come out of the bathroom to find the entire house dark. I am through with walking into things in the dark and getting blue-black.
  • My “habit”
    To you and mum, it’s a habit, it’s a psychological disorder. But to me, it’s a way of dealing with all your karang-guni works. The unfortunate thing is I use alot of water, tissues and stuff to keep things clean.

    To get you guys off my back for the excessive use of water (and after that huge ugly fight), I took over the utilities bill and started buying the tissues and etc.

  • To avoid getting blamed
    Seriously, dad. Every time you switch off the lights prematurely and I start working in things, it makes a load of noise. This noise will wake mum who is a light sleeper. And if the noise from walking into stuff don’t wake up, the switching on (and off afterwards) of the lights will wake her.

    Do you know what happens when she wakes up? You got it! I get yelled at and blamed for waking her up. She will go on and on about how she can not go back to sleep after waking up once in the night. Not pleasant, I tell you.

  • Flushing of toilet
    I don’t know about you. Maybe saving water is more important than flushing. But, dad. Waking up at 6am in the morning to a really stinky toilet is not pleasant. It’s a rude awakening and spoils my mood (and yours) for the entire day. And you wonder why I don’t like to drink water before bed. That’s because I do not want to wake up in the middle of the night to find that the toilet stinks.

So, dad, please do the following –

  • Stop switching off the lights prematurely
  • Use water generously
    Flush as many times as you want. Use the washing machine to dispense water. Stop pouring water into washing machine manually. You will underestimate (= unclean clothes = itchy skin) or overestimate (= washing machine spoils).

I really hope you understand, dad. I hope things improve. If not, I find it pointless for me to keep on paying the entire utilities bill when my quality of life is still the same as when I am paying HALF of it. Honestly, I can find better ways to spend those money to improve my “quality of life”.

And maybe, I can stop feeling guilty about spending. Yes, I feel guilty even when I am buying food to feed myself. The thought of skipping lunch did cross my mind many times.


A year ago!

It’s like day and night!

Last year during CNY –

And this is during CNY this year –


Can you see the difference in skin tone! 6 months of unemployment = tanned skin VS 8 months of employment = super fair! T_T I miss photography trips and being tanned! I need the suuuuuuunnnn! Sun makes me happy! Yes, I still believe that I was a plant in my previous life 😛

Anyways, I should be writing something about nurture vs nature soon. The word conditioning keeps popping into my head! It is time to put my minor in Psychology to good use!

For now, some Running Man before I head to bed. Loads of Korean vowels floating in my head. Yes. Korean Level 3 has commenced!


[rant] please don’t do the laundry, dad! :(

I know I am mean to say this but I can’t wait for my dad to go back to work on Thursday 😦 He is driving me nuts at home.

He likes to meddle with everything. For example, he cut the towel my mum used to tie around her head when she cooks. Now, the towel is too short. I’m pretty sure my mum will yell at him tomorrow IF she’s in a bad mood.

THEN! There’s the laundry.

I think it is sweet of my dad to help my mum to do the laundry. With that said, dad, please STOP doing the laundry. Why?

a) Detergent

Usually he puts too much detergent. I came home to the laundry STIFF and I think I can bend them in shapes and they will STAY there. The entire load looks like it has been STARCHED.

Sometimes, he will put too little detergent.

Either way, I will end up scratching if I wear those clothes. Yes, my skin is THAT sensitive.

b) Hanging the clothes to dry

Okay. I am a little OCD. My mum hangs the laundry on clothes rack and usually push them out to the corridor to dry. It’s something we started after she had her operation a few years back. The bamboos are too heavy for her.

So…being the OCD person that I am, I will move my clothes into the middle IF they happen to be at the side. After doing this for several weeks, my mum noticed a pattern and started to hang my clothes in the middle (so sweet hor?). But my dad? He doesn’t know this rule! And just hangs my clothes everywhere and anywhere! Seriously?

AND!!! My mum usually turns the clothes AND shorts inside out before putting them into the washing machine and before hanging them out to dry. I think there was some logic there. But my dad? Just dump all the clothes in and hang the clothes in whatever direction that they were in. REALLY?

c) Missing the laundry

Usually, I will dump my sleeping clothes into the washing machine before I head out to work. But since my dad 职高奋勇 and offered to do the laundry, he will do it SUPER EARLY in the morning which means, by the time I change out of my sleeping clothes, the laundry has been done.

OK. No biggie right? Usually the mum will just wash those clothes the next day.

But you know what? I think my dad picked up those clothes, throw them into water or something and then throw them into the washing machine to dry it together with the clean clothes. Do you know how I found out? I missed the cycle today but when I came back, my clothes are washed and they all have the starchy quality. It’s IMPOSSIBLE that he will restart the machine just for those 2 pieces of clothing.

OHHHH! And I think he picks up this small towel I used to clean my face and just hangs it back to dry because he thinks that it does not LOOK dirty.


So, dad! Please dont do the laundry anymore 😦 I will end up either itching like mad and breaking out like mad or mum will end up having more laundry to wash when you go back to work! Pleeeaaaasssseee. Leave it to the expert! If you want mum to rest, then LEAVE THE LAUNDRY TO ME!!!




Super Show 3 with Canon Powershot S95 (:

It’s been a week since the concert and I am still reeling from the awesomeness that is Super Junior (:

Okok, maybe that is a little too over but yes, let’s talk about 2 things today – the concert and the camera I smuggled in (:

Super Show 3 (#SS3SG)

I confess! This is my first paid concert and the first time I’ve actually queued to get tickets! I actually went to apply for an OCBC credit card just so I can buy the tickets during priority sales! (: Ber and I were discussing on how we should “attack” once sales start! After some boo-boos (hello, Murphy), we managed to get excellent seats BUT! they are seperated. Awww~

On the contrary, when the sales for the 2nd show came on, I was in a meeting with my boss about my confirmation! I was half an hour late but Shuyun and I still managed to get pretty awesome! Oh, we kept getting good tickets, letting go, getting good tickets and letting go because we can’t decide if we were being too extravagant by going to both shows. But we did buy the tickets in the end! (:



While the first show feels a little below standards, my seats were awesome! Thanks to ber, who gave me the arena seat! This is how close the boys can get IF they came up –

donghae! (:

siwon ❤

Awesome right? (:

On day 2, I was in the last row of the Terrace seat. Quite far away but at least I was in the centre! My Arena seat was right at one corner so at times, I have restricted view! Boohoohoo!

ANYWAYS! Day 2 was AWESOME! (: More fan service! The boys were having more fun on stage! Everything felt more personable! (: Awesome awesome! (: I was also shouting along to the fan chant! Muahahaha!

Aish! I miss Super Junior! >.<

You know, the last time I went so gaa-gaa over some pop group was when I was 13? I remember queuing for A1’s autograph session at Junction 8. But after that, I deeply regretted it and it put me off celebrities and idols till…Super Junior came along 😛

For more Super Junior goodness from SS3SG, head to my Facebook ! I’ve tweaked the privacy settings to “Everyone” so if you can’t view it, let me know! (:

Superb Canon Powershot S95 – the compact with DSLR function (:

Stupid concert rules about not allowing DSLR into the concert 😦 I had to leave my D300 and my 18-200mm at home! Imagine the awesome photos I could have taken T_T Sigh.

HOWEVER! CANON S95 to the rescue! Thanks to Renhao, Ogilvy and Canon, I managed to get my hands on the S95 for the concert!

What is the S95? (: Well, it’s a compact but the zoom is awesome-pawsome! It’s from 28-105mm! After 105mm, there’s still more zoom (though I try to avoid doing that)! So in the end, the zoom power is pretty awesome! (:

Don’t believe? Let me show you some photos from Super Show 3!

This was from the Arena seat on Day 1 –

yesung was looking in my direction but my focus was on Siwon :p

Awesome quality, yes? (: Yes, you might say that the boys are already quite close since I was at Arena but imagine if I was only using a normal compact! The quality won’t be as good and I won’t be able to get THAT close! 😀

Okay, to convince you of the awesome zoom, photos from my Terrace seat on Day 2. I was in the last row!

Siwon! (:

that was where I was seated on Day 1(:

And to show the power of the Canon S95….I caught Shindong flashing the crowd while doing Single Ladies with Lady Hee Hee! 😛

my eyes T_T

Not sure about you but I know my compact sure CMI! The photos taken will be 10 times grainier and 10 times more blur!

Other than the awesome zoom, the Canon S95 contains all the features that the Canon IXUS 130 has PLUS some more features like Nostalgic, Poster Effect, Super Vivid and…the HDR function! (: Saves quite a bit of photoshop work!

As I was rather busy, I didn’t have the opportunity to take the camera out for a proper shoot. But while fiddling with it on my walk home one day, I did something “cool” (at least in my book) with the HDR function !

bus moving backwards?

More shots from the camera –

At Vivo (:

I also like how I can have full control of the Shutter, Aperture (from F2.0) and ISO (from ISO 80 to ISO 3200) (: This shot was taken in full manual mode! I know it’s not perfect (becos I was just getting acquaintance with the camera) but it’s not possible on the compacts that I have used.


Ohoh! There’s this ring function that is unique to the S95! You can set the function you want to adjust when you twirl the ring in front. It was quite useful for me when I was shooting SS3. As the lighting of the concert kept changing, my ISO had to change to fit it so I just set the ring function and every time the lights changed, I just twirl abit and my ISO changed 😀

For some more shots on the S95, you can go to my S95 album or my SS3SG album! (: For more detailed review of the S95, go to dpreview! (:

Ohh! I also managed to “convince” 2 of my colleagues to get the S95 (: Heeee! So far, they are happy with it 😀

With that said, I miss SUPER JUNIOR!!!

보고 싶어요!


happy lunar new year! (:

It seems to be turning into a tradition. Rushing to clean my wardrobe and room till 11+ before gobbling down dinner just before the clock strikes midnight.

Anyways! (:

It’s the year of the rabbits! (: My year, my year!

I remember sulking till my mum agreed to bring me to Marina Square to look at the rabbits “exhibition” that they had back when I was twelve! How time passed, yes? It’s been 12 years! (:

12 years since PSLE! 11 years since I went to Deyi! 10 years since I became a councillor and PSL! 9 years since I was a committee member! 8 years since O’levls! 7 years since NYJC! 6 years since A’level! 5 years since NTU NBS! 4 years since my attachment at PA! 3 years since Bloggers’ Calendar! 2 years since graduation! 1 year since I’ve moved on! 7 months since I started working again!

12 years!

Anyways, here’s to more peaceful (if not, great) years ahead !

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! Stay healthy! (Yes, that’s the translated meaning!)