Super Show 5 Singapore

It has become an annual event. This is my 3rd Super Show in 3 years (: As usual, after some heart-stopping clicking, managed to snag tickets (and some extras due to Sistic) for this year’s show! Phew!

Other than Kim (who is becoming my regular concert buddy), 2 of my classmates were there too! ❤

Addie, Min Hui, myself and Kim (:

Addie, Min Hui, myself and Kim (:

With Teuk, Yesung and Heechul in the army, there’s only 8 members this year. And somehow, instead of the usual 2 shows, there’s only one this year. A fact that the members kept repeating throughout the show. I guess they feel as upset as the fans with the number of shows this year *shrugs*

Okay, overall impression of Super Show 5 (SS5). I think this has to be my least favorite Super Show ever. The arrangement of the songs and dance segments are kind of off. The stage was disappointing as well (little space for the boys to run around). And I don’t know. During the dance segments, the boys are always half a beat behind the audio. I suspect the music is not synced properly. Oh yeah. The boys themselves look tired and half-hearted. Fan service was minimal.

But that doesn’t mean the concert wasn’t good. It’s just not as good as the other Super Show(s) that I’ve been to.

the boys during the first goodbye.

the boys during the first goodbye.

With that said, I think without Teuk, the team feels a little dispersed. Without Yesung, it feels like the songs are lacking in that extra OMMPH that makes SJ’s song so SJ-ish. But Sungmin, Ryewook and Kyuhyun did their best to cover his parts. Without Heechul, the superstar factor is missing.

A special thing to note this year is that there’s no solo parts or SJ-H/T or KRY. It’s just heavy on SJ, SJ-M and dance parts by Hyuk and Shindong. Donghae and Eunhyuk didn’t even do “I Wanna Dance”. I love the boys but it got a little too much at some point. Even a little repetitive. So hmm.

And there’s no special appearance of the army boys. Remember that Heechul came out last year during Opps.

walking round and round.

But! On to the good parts.

I love the SJ cute dance for Sunny (: Draw a circle with your left hand, do a heart and shake from side to side, push the heart forward and back, brush your face and boing boing etc. It was cute! I also like one of the video break where SJ was in a park and they had a “pretend” gun fight (the guns were their fingers-.-).  Oh! And the superheroes! OMG. The ageyo was LOL!

Siwon, Ryewook, Sungmin and Kangin’s cross-dressing was funny too (: Kangin got the easy part being Ga-In. Just lie down, pose pose pose pose.

Rockstar was fun too 😀

one of the fan projects.

one of the fan projects.

After going to so many K-Pop concerts, I think SG ELFs are strong on fan projects. You can be sure to find banners like the one above on your seat (: Very very nice! However, SG ELFs are also the softest in terms of fanchant. I think I was the only cuckoo in my area shouting the fanchant. Gave up 3 songs into the concert.

I’m not saying we (SG ELFs) are not shouting. Just that we are soft. SONEs, Shawols and especially VIPs. Their fanchant are daebak!

But whatever it is, I am very very proud and appreciative of the effort spent in coming up with the banners! They are always successful!

kyuhyun hugging the one of the"Marry U" project.

kyuhyun hugging the one of the”Marry U” project.

All in all, I had fun! And I think this was the first time I screamed so loudly. Yes, I am having a sore throat now! >.<

Oh yeah. After the boys have said the goodbye and as we were leaving the stadium, Hyuk came out suddenly and started saying some stuff. He sounded really serious and solemn. I couldn’t quite understand what he was saying but I know we were getting “reprimanded” or something.

Anyway, gist of the thing is…I think recently there’s the Only-13 petition again. Like honestly?! Zzz. Hyuk just wanted to clarify that Henry and Zhou Mi are members of SJ-M and won’t be promoting officially as SJ. That they were on the same stage as them this year because the members feel that they should be more involved. Full story here.

ending song.

Here’s the thing I don’t get. Why are the fans (in SG and all over the world) upset about Henry and Zhou Mi joining the rest of the boys on stage? I mean, the boys are 3 down! Doesn’t hurt to have 2 more on stage to make it less empty. Plus, the 2 of them only come out during the parts where the boys are moving around and ‘interacting’ with fans. They don’t get to sing, you know.

Plus, they have come so far from Korea. You can’t expect them to just sing 3 songs and then rot in the waiting room right? Henry tweeted while waiting. Imagine how bored he was. Aiyo. Anyway, let’s face it. I barely noticed that Henry and Zhou Mi were onstage cos I was so busy looking out for Siwon (and the security guards :P).

I think everyone should just take a chill pill. I mean, I think SM got the message the first time when ELFs protested so violently against ‘incorporating’ the two guys into SJ. Plus I think the situation developed this way cos of the lack of solo parts, the 2 of them popping out probably looked weird.

I think because of this….Henry was not allowed to perform “Trap”. I was so looking forward to it 😦

henry doing an impromptu performance.

While I applaud Hyuk’s courage to come out and face the issue straight on, I think it could have been better handled. Yes, he is right in that there will be fan cams and by doing this, the message will go out. But honestly, because of what he did, the mood for (the four of) us went from WOOHOOO to WTH. And I think the rest of the ELFs community will think that SG was super mean to the two members that’s why Hyuk found the need to broach the subject. BAH! (Me thinks he decided to talk about the subject cos we were super friendly though).

I think Teuk would have handled this better 😦 Aish. Teuk, come back quickly!  But kudos to Hyuk!

Alrighty. Time for me to go. Can’t wait for October. Girls’ Generation!!!

thank you for another awesome show.

thank you for another awesome show.

Did I mention that I still love my Canon S100? HAHAHAH!