not apple to apple.

I’m just taking a guess here. But I think this is how the figures are deduced. Not by me btw.

Venue A: 3 sessions per week, 4 sessions each for girls/boys/combined. $3200

Venue B: 1 session per week, 8 sessions combined. $1200

Cost of Extra Lessons:

($3200 – $1200) / 4 = $500 per class

Conclusion: Venue A is more expensive and charges $500 per extra class. Venue B is more affordable and promised to charge $20 per extra class.


Okay, pricing for Venue B is just a guess. From my brief conversation, I think that’s what was confirmed.

I googled Venue B and the only review was bad. The other was about how the Venue is a bad paymaster.

Venue A has no reviews but has media coverage and been in several competition.

Yes, I may be biased towards Venue A. But honestly, this is not a fair comparison is it? While cost is important, can we please also think about quality? At the end of the day, we are the ones being made monkeys of.

I am going to sleep on this matter. But I think if I can’t be assured that it is an apple to apple comparison, I am not going to be a monkey.

sponsor a child.

Last year, during our Christmas lunch, the boss suggested that we make 2 new year resolution. One related to work and the other related to personal life. While it seems like my work resolution (keeping my table tidy) is headed for failure, I think I am quite ready to fulfil my personal resolution (:

I’ve had the notion for a while now. But I never told anyone for fear that people will think that I am silly. Silly because

  • My family definitely can use with the extra cash.
  • I can do with the extra cash. My progress of building my emergency fund has stagnated.
  • Loads of people need help in Singapore.
  • It’s at the other end of the world, it’s not your problem.
  • What for?

So when I did voice it out last year, I felt relieved. I think the colleagues didn’t quite know what to say. There were laughters and teasing when all of them made their resolution but when it came to my turn, there was silence.

ANYWAYS! Now that half of 2012 has passed, I think I am ready to kick my plans into action. I have been doing some financial planning for the past month or two. Making sure that I don’t overuse my credit cards and overspend. I think by end August or early September, I’ll be ready (:

Recently, I realised that sampat king (aka Wei Jian) is sponsoring a child in Myanmar via World Vision! So I am even more encouraged to start my plans.

Gonna start googling about the cause that I want to sponsor soon! So excuse me if I start posting about this topic over and over again in the next few weeks/months (: