[Throwback] An email from 2008

While going through my old old old blog from way back in 2008, I fount this email from Prof Lee. I think we were just about to start our internship…

11 May 2008 

Hi guys,

Hey, how are you! 🙂 Guess you have passed the exam ordeal… That wasn’t so hard after all, was it? 😉 Have you watched Ironman with your classmates yetHaha oops I am not supposed to promote any specific movie 😛

Well the next BIG thing is probably your PA. Are you excited about it? 😉 Have you planned what to wear? Printed your internship name cards yet? Haha, that’s a little bit exaggerated.Nonetheless do understand how important this PA is to you, because it is YOUR PA, and it means the world to you. Therefore I sincerely wish you very good luck and a very happy and fulfilling PA experienceI would love to go to your workplace, have a business lunch with you and hear your war stories. But during this period I am loaded with another heavy task, so I have my limitations. Regardless, you can always MSN me at (his email add) okay?

Just to share an old story with you. Two years ago a BAF student got pretty “freaked” out when his PA bank asked him to come up with a credit analysis of the marine industry. So he MSNed me on how to do a credit analysis and which NTU library database to use. I was thinking like… “the bank wants a marine industry credit analysis report out of a $400/month intern?” Haha, after 2 weeks of hair-splitting and extreme stress, then this student realized that what his boss was REALLY asking for was to find a consultant to do this credit analysis report. So all the 2 weeks of stress was really unnecessary. Nonetheless his boss was quite appreciative of his hard work and let him present the final report before the board of directors. So this story (fiction or real regardless), tells us not to get stressed up too much okay? Be sure to understand what your boss REALLY wants! 😉

Haha, just keep positive. Learn the wise words from the Lord of the Rings!
“You cannot choose what you are put into, but you can choose how you respond to it.”

Haha, cannot resist myself — I am also giving you guys a summer reading list. Some of you have asked for it, so I spent like 5 days and consulted a few of my colleagues to come up with this list. Below is a brief description, see the attached for more details. Many of you may find difficulty speaking in an interview or doing small talk in business gatherings — this is mostly likely because you have not read enough fiction yet. Reading non-fiction does not really help you to talk, only fiction does. Furthermore these are the books that well respected in the finance industry and are good conversation topics. So your hard work in reading them would not go to waste.

Guys, at this stage of your BAF school life, you are just 4 months away from sending out your first resume that can determine your future career, and 5 months away from attending your first real job interview. Your dream employers will be doing their job market talks in August and they will probably start their interviews in September. So in this period, it would be good for you to do some soul-searching about what career you really want, balancing your dream and your capability, and polish up your resumes. The PA is a good time to learn about what the industry wants. Talk to your PA boss or some related managers on how to get hired, what qualities they are looking for, and how to do a “killer” cover letter, resume and interview. In the past many interns secure a job position before the PA ends. It makes good sense to the company because they have already invested by training you on the job. So if you are not really that “detestable”, they’ll definitely consider you above some unknown would-be fresh graduate.

Haha, I must be getting old… I talk so much 😛 Well again all the best for your PA. Keep cool. Keep confident. And keep positive. Take good care and have fun! 🙂

Best Regards.
Asst Prof Lee Hon Sing
Director of Undergraduate Programs, Banking and Finance

I remember receiving emails from Prof Lee before every exams and right before we graduate (: Even till today, Prof Lee still chat with me on FB (esp when I am down) though he has never actually taught me before (I sneaked into one of his FM class though!).

Those were the days.


The Winning Formula

“The Winning Formula” is supposedly an advanced professional imaging course that will span over 6 weeks. I signed up for it and was pretty eager about it until I went for the preview session.

I was not very impressed with the instructor. She had my attention for all of 10 minutes before I took out Omny and connect to the web.

It was just so fake/pretentious (ber’s word!). Even though I agree that image is pretty important and stuff, but I don’t agree that it is THE everything. The bottom line from her 2hr speech (yawn!) was that IMAGE IS EVERYTHING! It doesn’t matter that you don’t have the 料, as long as you look the part, you will get the job.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever *rolls eyes* It’s like okay, I look the part, I get the job, I don’t have the 料, I lost my job. RIGHT?! And your point is? Sheesh.

It just felt like a BEAUTY PAGEANT 101 module instead of an “..advanced professional imaging..” course.

And the speaker was not very inspiring? Or motivational.

I can still remember when I went for my AB228A course (Professional Imaging), I was so motivated by the 2 instructors that I started REALLY looking after my image! I wore make-up, sat up straight and wore nice clothes to school (even though the motivation wore off after 1 semesters and many breakouts). So yeah.

Not motivated = Dropping course.

BUT! I do like how she tries to prove her point by showing us a video from “America’s Got Talent”. That was pretty smart. Pretty my style of presentation 😀

And I like this that she said,

I think it’s very stupid. Using a mindset that is shaped by the past to determine/deal with your future. You should use a future mindset to help you achieve the future that you want.


NTU Module Ad on FB!

I was clicking around on FB while listening to Ugly Betty (bad habit of multi-tasking) when I chance upon this ad on the side line –


An NTU professor advertising his module on Facebook! WOAH! When did we get so “high-tech”? Hahaha. And FYI, yes, the module exist! It can be taken as an UE!

Even though the webpage can be GREATLY improved, I guess it’s pretty smart? It caught my attention and I actually went to check it out!

Cool eh?