the sister, her macbook pro and i (:

The sister unit’s Fujitsu died a sudden death on 28th May 2010, Friday after 7 years of hard work. It’s last words were, “..eeeeeeeeeeeee…”. The doctor (my cousin, Adrian/Qi Hong) diagnosed it as fan-tilitis (spoilt fan+keyboard).

SO! I suggested getting a MacBook cause after watching 15 “Get-a-Mac” commercial in a row, I was convinced. Surprisingly, she was thinking of getting a Mac too. After asking DK and talking to JLee, she headed down to Epicentre @ ION with Erika to get a MacBook Pro (: I joined them afterwards

Firstly, I have to say how crappy our service was? The guy was supposed to help us a) stick the palm guard and b) helping the sister to install Microsoft Office (no idea why though. could have done it ourselves!). So if you are a good salesperson, you will introduce us to the MacBook and recommend a few applications that we can install. And perhaps tell us some difference between the MacBook and Windows? Like how Ctrl-A in Windows is now Command-A? Then try to sell us some other stuff like a magic mouse or something.

NOPE! The guy was trying to sian us (pick us up) instead. Trying to get our names and trying to be funny. Like making all sorts of lame jokes about the MacBook. Calling it a “green apple” and “yellow apple”. Saying only iPhone can receive 3G in the EpiCentre-.-The way he was using the MacBook? CLUMSY! Information he shared about the MacBook? Lagi FAIL! I think I know more from the talk I have with DK and JLee. While my sister went quiet, Erika and I just kept shooting him back. BTH! Even his colleague couldn’t stand it and told him to get on with the installation.

I think because of him, my excitement level for MacBook is LOWERED.

ANYWAYS! So after a really delicious dinner at NYDC –

We went home and unboxed the sweet sweet MacBook!

The first thing my sister said was, “ come the icons don’t popped?” So off we go to look for the setting to make it pop! But we didn’t know the name of the bar at the bottom? Google wasn’t much help so in the end, I logged on to MSN and asked DK-.- It’s called Dock by the way! After the icons popped, the sister had enough and left me in-charge!

I helped her setup her Microsoft Office, learnt about the 4-finger swipes and then I got distracted by PhotoBooth!! Don’t blame me! I like to take pictures okay! My favorite photo is this –

Very sunset-ish right? HAHAHAHA! But the problem is, you have to clear as much junk away from the background as possible. I had to stuff all the cushion we had into a corner! Tried to do the same when my sister came out from her bath but FAILED! So instead, we had fun with the other effects!

More at my Facebook album! I think I will pull the mum and dad in to take some pictures tomorrow! HAHAHAHAHA!

The sister was quite impress with Garage Band. When she found a lesson on Piano, she totally ignored me-.- *coughs* workaholic *coughs* We tried to setup multiple e-mail account using the Mail thingy but failed. After that, we declared it a day. Exhausted! The MacBook drained us of energy! It was getting so warm too!

You would think that was all? But noooo!! We discovered that there’s this scratch on the trackpad (that square you use to navigate) and we can’t decide if there was a protective layer on it or not. We took a risk and tried to peel it off. BINGO! Scratch was on the piece of tape on top of the trackpad! And my sister did something funny! She held the piece of tape up and started poking it-.- She wanted to see how the scratch was created! HAHAH!

Then, she wanted to charge the MacBook but think that her table was too dirty? So I suggested peeling off the cushion in the box and use it as a padding. Since I was talking to her and pulling it out at the same time, this happened –

I didn’t notice it and was happily pulling out the other half until my sister went, “..can you be a bit more professional?” And when I saw that hole, I couldn’t help laughing which made it even harder for me to pull the whole foam out! -.- But no more holes after that though! And just when I was done laughing, she went, “..Thanks ah! You created the hole so I can use it as a handle right?!” Which made me laugh again-.-

But yes, the MacBook now rest happily on the foam.

So that’s it from our 3 hours with the MacBook Pro. Not very exciting though. It look so….boring! But ohwells! More exploring to be done tomorrow! 😀

a first (:

As you all may know through my Facebook, I WON A IPOD SHUFFLE 😀 Must write this down cause it’s the first time I won something through a lucky draw! Unless you count that time when I was 9 and won a lifesize teddy bear at a neighborhood dinner.

Okay, actually I won a Nerf gun.

When I went up to collect it, I had a vague idea of what it is and was wondering why they are giving me a toy. When I got down, I was thinking if I should give it to my brother or neighbours. Then DK made the proposal! Let’s swop! And TADA! I got his shuffle and he got the Nerf gun!

JLee won one too! And QQ’s brother, won the iPad! 😀

It was a good night (: Depsite the lack of sleep and the cramps, I had adrenaline on my side! So I was a little loud, a little too hyper. I actually went, “..what did I do today?” while bathing just now. I cannot remember what I said or did. Everyone, if I was a little irritating, please excuse me. HAHAHA!

Anyways! Me and my ipod shuffle!

DK with his Nerf gun! Nephews beware!

And all of us lucky winners (: My first time winning a lucky draw 😀 SO HAPPY!

Once again, thank you, Victor and HPB for organising such a great event! Will blog about the Great Audio (Walking) Experience sooooon! For now, I will watch some videos, do up some photos and sleep.

2 hrs of sleep is no joke. And with adrenaline leaving me, I am getting a mopish. BAD!!!

就想賴著妳 (:

I don’t watch Taiwan drama. I’m more of a US drama + reality TV show fan. But once in a very blue mood when I feel brave enough, a Taiwan drama will catch my eye and I will take the risk to watch it online!

This year, I chose 就想賴著妳. What caught me was the cast. Ella from SHE and Jerry Yan previously from F4. I was reluctant initially cause I remembered that Jerry Yan can’t act for nuts. But I was bored enough. So TADA!

I was pleasantly surprised and fully entertained! 😀 It’s the usual love story of boy meets girl and all that. But the humor, the chemistry and everything is just nice (:

I guess what I really liked about the show was how it portrayed the simplicity of love. Puppy love (: Yesyes, sound tacky! But for a skeptical person like me, it serves to erase some of my skepticism about relationships (: PLUS! Jerry Yan’s character in the show has the right mix of ego and softness that I like. Or what ber likes to say,”..macho but not so macho..”

Ella and Jerry has perfect chemistry by the way! And Jerry has improved quite a bit! Looking slightly better too!

Oh and I love some of the quotes inside.


我们的钱是我们 起得比鸡早,睡得比狗晚,吃得比猪烂,干的比牛多而赚来的!

These are the ones that I managed to copy! And find it kind of funny!

So if you are bored, go catch this show!

FYI, my quota for Taiwan drama for this year has been reached. Cannot stand the idea of sitting through another one. HAHAHAH!

my first 3 days with N97 mini!

It’s kinda interesting really. I am trying to get used to 2 new items simultaneously! But it works actually. I actually used the camera to take pictures of the Nokia N97 mini.

So in Tumblr style, picture + a short description (:

Tuesday was the day I officially switched fully to the phone. I guess it was quite a silly move to bring it to the Gala Premiere of SATC2. If not for Nicole, I would have left active data on and burn the phone. Day 1 was all about learning how to navigate the phone. From text messaging to phonecalls to surfing the web.

Personalization. Downloading applications, setting up emails and Ovi accounts. Personalizing ringtones and message tone! (: Oh and! Recalibrating the touch sensor!

Realised how power draining it is 😦 Charged the phone twice today! It was fully charged at 7am when I went to bed. Woke up briefly at 12+ in the afternoon to go online for an hour before switching off the active data thingy and heading to bed. Another hour of surfing at 3pm before it died on me at 4pm. Sigh. CHARGGGEEEEE!

So that’s about it! Liking it so far! And my sister was playing with it too. She likes how ‘professional’ it feels to type on the keyboard. I know right! I love that too 😀

Alrighty! More to do, more to explore!

the kind of friend i am.

This is the kind of friend I am.

I am the friend who thinks that all of you are beautiful. I don’t know if you are fat, skinny, flat or ugly. I DON’T NOTICE THEM! If someone ask me, “Is your friend fat?” I will say no. When I say, “..Diet for what?” I really mean it. I am not saying that just to be fine.

I am the friend who stands up for you if I really believe you are right.

I am the friend who will get angry with you if you do stupid things to yourself, like picking up smoking. Especially if it is to gain attention.

I am the friend who will drop everything I am doing if you tell me that you feel sad and that you don’t think you can live anymore.

I am the friend who will always be there for you. Even if it means I don’t sleep and have to work the next day. I will be there when you need me.

I am the friend who will get angry with you if you hurt me. But in almost an instant, I will forget what you’ve done and forgive you. When I say FORGET, I mean forget and it will never be brought up in the future.

I am the friend who picks up call 24/7. Even at 3am in the morning.

I am the friend who will give it to you straight if you’ve done something wrong. No sugar coating. [A trait I picked up last year from the usual suspect when I was going through my bad patch.]

I am a fiercely loyal friend. A friend who cares too much for people I shouldn’t be caring about.

I am not a friend who sayang you when you did something wrong and refuse to admit it. Especially if you tell me, “..Aussie is different, dear..” and don’t admit that you’re wrong.

I am not a friend who tells you, “It’s okay” just because it will make you feel better.

To quote a Chinese saying, “..我会宠,但我不会纵容..” In other words, I will pamper my friends, but I won’t spoil them.

So if you can declare that I am a bad friend, that I’ve NEVER been there for you after 10 years of friendship. So be it.

Helping your Facebook friends to keep their wall neat (:

[This post is not targeted at anyone and is just my personal preference (:]

Alright, how many of you have a Facebook page that is either a) your own business or b)work-related?

And, how many of you share links (be it of photos or articles) on both the page and your own personal Facebook profile? AT THE SAME TIME?


Anyways, my point is – Time. Your. Sharing. Otherwise, it will just look on spam on my wall (and probably your friends’) wall!

Many times (at least for me) I will join a page because my friends are behind the campaign or it’s my friend’s business. I am perfectly happy to receive information about that page too.

But sometimes, it just gets irritating. Especially if the person shares it through the page AND through their personal profile. Even worse, if the person do it twice a day, over a span of 3 days! OMG. I will feel like murdering the person.

An example.

There was this period 2 weeks ago that my friend did JUST THAT! I will wake up in the morning and see the link to his new Facebook album on both his page and his personal profile, one on top of the other. THEN! When I wake up after my afternoon nap (I have insomnia then), I see the same thing TWICE on my wall. The same thing happened the next day and the next. Didn’t help that all my other friends were liking the album (appears on my Top News tab) and then sharing the link to the album again.

I really wanted to like the album. I REALLY DO! Cause the photos were pretty! But….it was too in-my-face! With the way it has been shared, it’s like spam. Or like a little kid that keeps going, “LIKE ME! ME! ME! LIKE ME!! PWEEASSHHHH!!”

Not attractive.

Benefits of spacing out your sharing.

I guess the reason why some people feel the need to share the same link on both the page and their own profile at the same time is because they think that the target audience is different? As in, not all friends are in the page so maybe by posting a link that’s related to the page, they are targeting this group of people who is ‘missing‘?

And I understand that. Totally!!!

But just space out the timing at which you share the same link across the page and your profile? Other than the fact that it will look less like spam, you can also target people who might have missed it the first time round?


I have a page called, “Claudsification”. It is a page that contains all my photography works. Recently, I was hired to shoot for say, “NTU Adventure Trail” and I want to share this link. SO! This is what I will do.

1) Share the link to the album on “Claudsification” in the morning. Before people start to work.
2) Share the link to the album on my personal profile before/after lunch.
[Don’t really like but IF you must]
3) Swop the process the next day.
4) And just in case, Day 1 – post link via “Claudsification” around 11pm + Day 2 – post link via personal profile around 11pm

The reason I chose morning and before/after lunch is because these period tend to be when most people check their Facebook account. In the morning, Facebook could be a great way to kickstart their day. Before lunch, Facebook acts as a buffer between work and lunch. After lunch, another great way to chase away snooze monster. 11pm because everyone is almost heading to bed but not quite yet.

In this way, people who are on both “Claudsification” and my personal profile might find it less spam-ish? And if people missed it in the morning, the post will hit them at other time slots *nods*

What I can accept.

With that said, I don’t mind seeing information across different platforms though. If it’s the same content that appeared once in Twitter and once in Facebook, I am fine with it. Cause I might have missed it in either platform.

And if it’s the same person with different posts, I am fine with that too.

But of course, thanks to the wonderful people of Facebook…we can always do the following –

no, i am not hiding Cynthia!

Yups! 😀

So what are your views? Who have you hidden?

I am sure I have been ‘muted’ by quite a bunch of people. Since I like to post everything at night!

Corrected by my dad(:

So I wrote a note to my mum to ask her to help me buy breakfast and to wake me up should my alarm not ring (new phone mah!). And I wanted to write raisin bread in Chinese but I couldn’t remember!

And this was what I saw in the morning.

taken with n97 mini.

HAHAHAHAHAH!! Time to refresh your Chinese knowledge, Huishan!!