The Wedding Game

Initially was supposed to go for Kbox with Janelle and Shuyun but due to the bapok-ness of my voice, we decided to skip it. So Shuyun and I ended up watching “The Wedding Game” at J8. Thanks, babe! For accompanying me(:

I won’t say this movie is excellent. Their product placement thingy was way too obvious. Then again, it fits into the story. So I don’t mind that much. And it was done rather tastefully. Not like “Love Matters”. (Love Matters sucked so much that I am not going to write a review for it.)

I would say the plot was pretty well-written? It is sort of derived from the actual love-story of the 2 couples. But it was tweaked and given a more movie-twist. Quite nice. But it was still pretty predictable(: Happy ending and all!

Humor was injected in the most unexpected way. And different from the usual lame-ass way we are used to. So that’s always a relieve!

Overall, a nice movie to watch! CHOOSE THIS OVER LOVE MATTERS!!!

3.5- popcorns

3.5- popcorns

I gave Elmo away.

I’m sure all of us have this one thing that we refuse to throw away. Even if it’s spoilt, dirty and useless. Be it your first camera, your first playstation, your first discman.

For me, it’s my 12-year old Elmo. It’s super dusty and dirty. I don’t hug it anymore. Just place it on my table.

I have been debating for 3 years whether I should throw it away. An extremely hard decision because it holds many nice memories for me.

When I was 10 and the 1st generation of Tickle-Me-Elmo just came out, I wished that I had one. My cousins realised it and bought this super huge Elmo for me for Christmas! (:

For the first year or so, I will hug it every night. And as I grew up, I don’t hug it that often. But when I am down or sad, I will hug it and then just cry. Because it’s rather big, it feels like someone is hugging me. And it always make me feel better. Ohoh! And I will punch it when I am really really mad.

I brought Elmo to the first “Horror Night” organised by PSL in secondary school. And somehow, everyone started linking Elmo to me (: See Elmo, think of Huishan! So when I couldn’t make it for the second “Horror Night”, I sent Elmo over.

It was with me through many ups and downs. Saw me through 2 major renovation of my room. Sometimes, looking at it with its stupid mouth hanging over just makes me laugh.

Why do I want to throw it away since it holds so many nice memories, you may ask? Well, I don’t hug it anymore. It’s taking up space. And somehow I feel, I should stop holding on to past memories.

Which then brings me to another point. Call me superstitious! But I am also afraid that by throwing Elmo away, I will be throwing my happy memories away. It’s silly. But my life after secondary school ain’t exactly smooth. So what if I don’t have anymore lasting happy memories? Yeah.

But yeah. This year, I’ve finally decided to throw it away. I just…I don’t know. I miss waking up and seeing Elmo. But I’ll survive eh?

elmo and me (for the last time) (:

yes, it's camwhoring time! (:

my cleaner table top.

the left side of my table is clearer now.

Man, I got emo writing this post! *slaps self* Back to normal!!

Helping out (:

It was just a normal lazy Saturday. Too early for me to start spring cleaning! In too much of a holiday mood to study. A little too sick to go out to shop. So I was surfing on Plurk when I saw Willy’s plurk about needing help for his event.

After some hoolilala, Robert (brokenshardz) and I decided to head down to help (: For the first time, I was not late! HAHAHAHAHAH!

Anyhows! Our job was to distribute the photocards to the guests (: It was pretty scary in the beginning because there’s some many people! I don’t even know how to start approaching them w/o disturbing them. So Robert and I stuck tgth but after awhile, we split up and went on our own (:

FUN! The expression you get when you give them their photos is priceless! After repeatedly going back to the same tables, they recognised me! Even the little kids (: A few favorite moments –

I gave this little kid his pictures and right after I gave it to him, he ran all the way to his mum shouting, “MA MA MA!” Showed her the picture and then pointed to me. He did it everytime I give him his pictures! ADORABLE!

Another little girl came up to me and tugged at my jeans. “Where’s my pictures? The uncle got take one of me! I want!” AWWWWWWW! And when I passed her mum’s photos, she will come to me and say, “Why you never give me?!” AWWW!

I was looking for this family of 4 and I think I walked passed their table without realising it’s them? SO! The dad unit got the kids to shout at me to get my attention! Hahahaha. Absolutely funny! They were standing on the chairs, waving their arms and going, “HERE! HERE!” Hilarious! (:

Lady: “Are you selling the pictures?” Me: “Nopes! (: They’re free!” Lady: “Oh! *looks at my pile of pictures* I can help give this and this and this and this to them. My cousins. These people are sitting over there and there and there!” Hahahaha.

And of course, everytime I meet someone, they will look at me expectantly and ask, “Any more pictures of us?” Hahahahahahaha.

Yups(: All in all, it was super fun!! (: I had some help from the other photographers hanging around the wedding too! Nice(:

Oh! Towards the end, this little girl came out crying. She lost her mum 😦 So Robert and I brought her in to look for her mum. So cute!! Right.

FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I do this for a living? Can I can I? Hahahahaha. OH! I’ll add it as my hobby! Hahahaha. That’s interesting!


Yebber’s Wii Party @ SMU’s ICB

Not a Yebber but I was still invited anyways. Thanks, @krisandro! (Lazy to link)

Janelle, Shuyun, Ridz, Nadnut, Darran and I met for dinner at BK (: It was a pretty good warm-up for me! Hahaha. I was already semi-high by the time I reached ICB. OH! We met Hendri too! He walked into BK and spotted us!


Willy also brought his Gen X a.k.a OMO system to test out! And hence, I got to meet my best friend, the remote control, AGAIN! Hahahaha. Cool stuff! It’s like a neoprint machine but better! You choose when to click and it prints! But there’s the problem of a)number of takes each person can have and b) the boundaries! I think they have a solution for the second part though(:

favorite girls!

favorite girls!

Of course, since it’s a Wii party, we played Wii!

concentrating hard!

concentrating hard!

Someone crept up behind me and SHOUTED, “BOO!” right beside my ears. Made me jumped and screamed lah! MEAN! Janelle was laughing about it. You no nice, Janelle! Hahaha. Best is! Ridz and Shuyun didn’t notice a single thing. They were looking at me with a “WHAT?!” expression after I screamed. Hmmm.

OHOH! And as the party was winding down, I started the Open/Close game! Hehehehe. Almost everyone got it! Except for Victor ;p TRY HARDER! Hahahaha. It started a few other lateral thinking games. I LOVE THEM! Superbly entertaining! And frustrating. And NICE (:

All in all, I had fun that night(: Thanks, Yebber!



for having people who listens to rants.

for having people who talk sense into me.

for having people who makes her think.

for having people for impromptu dinner.

for having people who laugh with her.

for having people who laugh at her. thus making everything looks hilarious.


hopefully i am not jinxing anything by typing them out (:

i want to be a nurse.

I have been letting wind telling people my plans of becoming a nurse after graduation.

There’s the usual worry of me working shifts and the usual protest about it being a waste of degree.

But the best and funniest response has to be from Qi Quan. We were talking about jobs on Sunday after Kampong Buangkok and this was what she said –

You will look nice in uniform!


Bride Wars

It was totally an impromptu decision. But Sivan and I decided to watch “Bride Wars” on Friday at 9.30pm (:

The storyline is not that new or interesting. We have all seen stories about best friends fighting and stuff, but never one about best friends getting married on the same day. Imagine the chaos! Trying to book your friends before her and stuff like that! Heh.

Anyways, storyline not that new. But the catty remarks and actions are pretty entertaining(: Loved how part of the movie was shown via pictures with the wedding planner voicing over it. Made the entire movie less draggy !

One thing I didn’t quite like about the movie was the number of guys? They all look the same and there’s no introduction! I was like, “Okay. Is this the brother or the groom?”. I can’t tell them apart. And also, quite abit of inference are needed? Like how it took me quite some time to figure out of Liv’s parents are dead or are they just on bad terms. So hmm.

OHWELL! Anne Hathaway is gorgeous as usual! I LOVE HER HAIR!

All in all – 3.5 stars out of 5! (wanted to do the popcorns. but PS not corporating)

Thanks, Sivan! For watching the movie with ME! (: