Kyuhyun’s Mom House + Cafe

I was compiling the directions on how to get to the various businesses run by either Super Junior and/or their parents and I couldn’t find directions to Kyuhyun’s Mom House until I went to the website.

If you are like me (needs landmarks and pictures), then here’s the directions for you (:

1. Take the train to Myeongdong Station (Line 4).

2. Look for Exit 2 and 3 towards Namsan Park.

Exit 2 and 3(:

Exit 2 and 3(:

3. Stay focused! There will be shops selling merchandise. Keep calm and carry on ;p

4. Keep going towards Exit 2 and 3.


keep going towards Exit 2 and 3.

5. When you reach the end, you will have 2 choice – Turn Left for Exit 2 or Turn Right for Exit 3. I know the map says Exit 2 but take Exit 3! There’s escalator! So rare in Korea!

escalator ~

escalator ~

6. Once you are out in the open air, just turn left twice (i.e do a 180 degree turn).

7. Then walk straight. You will pass by Exit 2 and you can see “Mom House” sign amidst the tall buildings.

8. Walk straight and cross the zebra crossing. Constructions ongoing on your right.

9. Walk pass the traffic light and turn right at the zebra crossing and into the lane. Landmark: Hotel Prince.

10. After turning into the lane, you will see “Seoul Namsan Elementary School” at the end of the road. And MOM House will be smiling at you.


11. Walk right in (or run if you must) and you can see Mom House on your right (:

Kyu welcomes you.

Kyu welcomes you.

I have been there twice. Once to check out the cafe and once to study. Saw Kyu’s mum at the hostel side of the business on the first trip and saw Kyu’s dad on my second trip. Kyu’s dad is so friendly! He greeted us. He sounded so much like Kyu and it was so unexpected that I got shocked and didn’t reply. So rude please!

The cafe is a pretty nice place to study or just chill (: There’s no windows for the most part but you can stone to the SJ related videos that’s constantly playing on the screen. Was rather distracted by the screen when I went there to study ;p

the cafe.

the cafe.

The barista was rather nice and gave me a loyalty card 😀

loyalty card. motivation to go back.

loyalty card. motivation to go back. but i only have 7 weeks left…

loads of kyu cushion to choose from.

loads of kyu cushion to choose from.

the usual 'shrine' dedicated to the SJ owner (only not in MoBit)

the usual ‘shrine’ dedicated to the SJ owner (only not in MoBit)

Loads of these small Kyu hanging around. Real cute!

Loads of these small Kyu hanging around. Real cute!

Kyu cup! TOO CUTE! But I already bought an Elmo cup in USJ :(

Kyu cup! TOO CUTE! But I already bought an Elmo cup in USJ 😦

With that said, I haven’t eaten there yet. But the drinks are quite reasonably priced. 4000 won for a cup of vanilla latte. It’s a little on the bitter side. Then again….all coffee is bitter to me ;p I have a sweeeeeeetttt tooth. So yeah. That’s it from me 😀

MoBit, Mom House checked! 3 more to go! (:

[Music Monday] Henry – Trap

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P

Started the dance classes for Trap on Saturday. I’ll be taking 2 classes back-to-back for 2 Saturdays! 미쳤어! But on the (not-so) bright side, Galaxy Supernova is ending this coming Saturday. I can’t feel my legs. My legs are aching! But it’s a good kind of ache. Nothing like workout ache.

Anyways! Back to Trap! It’s the debut song for Super Junior M’s Henry (: Henry has a bit of Justin Bieber feel to be honest. Minus the rude attitude and self-entitlement. He’s really talented too! He plays several instruments, writes songs and dances well!

To lend some star power to his debut, Taemin from SHINee and Kyuhyun from Super Junior took part in the song too. It’s almost like a maknae collaboration ;p

Trap has a hippyty-hoppy-ish kind of feel and is about a guy wanting to forget about a girl. Yawn. Regular music fodder really. But hey! The piano intro at the beginning is awesome and Henry/Taemin/Kyuhyun’s vocals are amazing. Though I won’t recommend you watching the performances with just Henry alone. His voice gets a bit whiney by the time the 4-minute song ends. Honestly, his voice is more suited for acoustic songs. Love love the acoustic version of 1-4-3 (maybe I should introduce that next).

Alrighty! Here’s the debut performance-

When I signed up for the dance class, I thought it’s gonna be a breeze. Loads of posing, loads of walking around. WRONG. It’s actually my nemesis. Hip-hop-ish, contemporary-ish dance *gasp* The last time I took something like that, I gave up by the 4th lesson. HAHAHA! But I am determined not to give up this time cos….Well, I am unemployed so I need to make my course fee count! ;p

No particular favorite part of the lyrics. I like this song because of the performance and the 3 guys. Lyrics wise…Nah. Not so much.

So yups! That’s it this week (: Till next time!