small talks.

This post is triggered by this plurk by Darran.

I have this thing against letting people, especially guys, send me home after an outing/event/whatever. The only exception? If the person drives.

Why? Small talks. I hate it.

I mean, if the person drives, at least it’s not that bad? You don’t necessary feel the urge to make small talk. And there’s always the radio! You can pretty much just mingle with your thoughts while the person drives.

But if not, it’s horrible. Especially if the person has to go out of the way to take public transport with you to send you home. Like you live in ECP, he lives in Boon Lay.

You can’t take out your ipods and plug in because it will seem rude. You can’t just not talk because it’s awkward. Which means you have to make small talk. Talk about random stuff until you hit jackpot – the topic that both of you can go forever about. *shivers*

I guess, another reason why small talks in these situations are bad for me because usually after an outing/gathering, I like to stone abit on the way home. Let the thoughts in my head mix around. Go into the “Hmm..” mode. So, it irritates me when instead of doing all those, I have to make small talks. Hahaha.

And again, if the person drives, it’s not that bad because being in a car helps induce the “Hmm..” mode in me! Hahahaha.

Okay, random fact!

me and subtitles.

I have this habit of reading subtitles. When I watch English movies, I read their Chinese subtitles. Chinese movies, English subtitle (: Bad subtitling irritates me!

Overtime, I picked up certain English phrases and certain Chinese words/characters. At the same time, I was able to translate anything from English to Chinese (and vice versa) rather quickly and efficiently!


But since I am watching shows online these days, I haven’t been practicing! EPPS!

And erm, the subtitles in Mediacorp’s show is really bad these days. Wrong Chinese characters. Wrong phrasing. Sometimes, the meaning is totally different from what was said!

But the news is pretty good! With their subtitles and everything! You can start from there! And then proceed on to movies? Perhaps (:

OHOH! Tuduo does pretty good subtitling as well. At least for Underworld! 😛

easier to be a bimbo.

It takes a long time to know me. Because it’s easier for me to fall back on being bimbotic.

I’m not saying that I am very smart or I have deep thoughts . But it takes a while for me to feel comfortable enough to talk to people normally. I like to observe people before discussing “serious” stuff with them. Before letting them into my “thoughts”.

That’s why I find it relatively easier to be bimbotic. It makes people laugh and well, I make new friends. Kinda.

So, it takes a little effort to know me. I guess. And it’s relatively easy for people to take my bimbotic-front as who I actually am. It hurts sometime.But its expected. So yeah.

Besides, I have to be serious and responsible at home, in school, for the family and for myself. That’s taking myself seriously too often. I’m tired.

you need to dig to know me.