goodbye, xiaohei :(

Dear Xiao Hei,

I’ll always remember how I found out about you. The sister has been asking me weird questions while I was in Korea last year. And on the express train to Incheon airport, it hit me that the sister bought a car (you). True enough, when I switched on the phone at Incheon, she sent a photo of the 3 soft toys sitting comfortable in you.

photo recreated on 14 April 2014.

photo recreated on 14 April 2014.

When I touched down in Singapore 6 hours later, we met. I remembered having to share the backseat with my huge luggage. You were that tiny. Honestly? I was a little angry with the sister for buying you without consulting us and when I was away in Seoul for holiday. But since I just came back from one of my favorite place and what’s done cannot be undone, I was just too lazy to rant.

Over the period of one year, I think I’ve grown attached to you unknowingly.

Because of you, the sister, mum and I are able to head to J8 for dinner when the mum didn’t cook.

Because of you, I can hitch a ride home if the sister is near where I was.

Because of you, we were able to send the grams home from the hospital during that little “incident” back in December.

Because of you, I had a place to run to when I fought with the dad in December.

Because of you, the family were able to get to gatherings, reunion dinners and just travel from places to places together.

Do you know before that getting the family together in one “enclosed” place was hard? With public transport, we are distracted by our phones and the people around us. But in a car, you listen to the same stuff and see the same stuff. You tend to want to talk to each other more.

Of course, there’s that little accident back in December as well. It was scary. I realised just how tiny you were. But I’m glad you were okay and managed to keep both the sister and I safe. Yes, after the impact, my first thought was that I dropped cupcake on you. Haha!

Just you being there, it’s sort of comforting.

Thank you for being with us this past year (: We’ll meet again, yes?

안녕, xiao hei!

안녕, xiao hei!

And no, I am not going to cry like what I did when my dad sold his car about 20 years ago. Selling you signifies a huge step for my sister. A step bigger than buying you. I’m proud of her 😀 But I’ll miss you (:



this christmas.

Been increasingly hearing friends fretting over what to get for gift exchange over the past week. And I realised how relieve I am that I don’t have to do that this year cos I am unemployed *phew*

Which got me thinking…how many people actually like or even use the presents they got at gift exchange?

I mean, yes, it’s the thought that counts. But frankly, most presents are bought in a rush or at the last moment. Secret Santa is even harder!

So…instead of doing gift exchange, why not pool the money together and donate to a charity organisation instead? Think it will be more meaningful (at least for me). And I guess…more practical too!

Just put forward this suggestion to the cousins. Let’s see how it goes (:

If you have a gift exchange tradition,  why not consider this option instead?


[Throwback] I miss my Maybank family (:

While going through my Facebook albums looking for some pictures, I found this –

24th birthday (:

24th birthday (:

Hahaha! I can still remember that SNSD was staying at Fullerton Hotel that day. The colleagues went down with me to “chase” them! And before this photo was taken, Iris stepped on CP’s foot. And that tiny photo on the right? The team went down to help Amy (our ex-boss) to clean up her cafe (:

Call it what you will. Say what you want. Maybe time add fluff to memories. But these days, I find myself missing my colleagues (: The infectious laughter and endless teasing!

I think it’s important that we remember the happy memories we have at any workplace (: Regardless of what happened that made you decide to leave.

Some people might think that being so ‘loyal’ or missing your ex-company so much might be bad for your future job hunt. But honestly, I don’t think so. Would you rather hire someone who has nothing good to say about their ex-company or someone who, despite everything, still have positive things to say about their ex-company?

Frankly, I’ll choose the latter (: Because if someday, should that person leave my company, he/she will have only good things to say about it. And, it’s always better to have one more supporter than a skeptic right? (:

I did a quick recap of things I remember about some of my ex-companies and all I can remember are the happy stuff (: Watching DVDs during lunch @ MOE, sharing a Krispy Kreme @ NTUC, sales period @ Perlini’s!

ANYWAYS! here’s a ‘list’ of a few things that I miss about the Maybank ‘family’.

1. Remembering the extension numbers of almost everyone

I think this takes practice. But after awhile, I started memorising the extension numbers of most of the people I regularly work with. Sometimes, I will even pick up the phone and go, “Hello! AMY!” Hahaha!

2. Seeing the word “BOSS” appearing on my phone

It’s quite funny. The word, “BOSS” appears when the CEO calls! When I first saw the word appearing, I had a shock and really nervous. But after awhile, seeing the word, “BOSS” appearing on my phone became something I look forward to. Kinda. Cos it means there’s a creative challenge to be conquered, an inspiring message to be sent out etc

3. The branches. Oh my, branches (:

I didn’t know that I will miss them. I didn’t know that I miss them until the brother started working part-time and had to visit the branches. I realised I have funny stories and nice things to say about almost every branch.

For example, how the folks at Clementi calls me, “Shan shan!” whenever I call them (: Or how Kovan always print out the EDMs I sent out and paste it in their backroom. Heee.

4. Ah-Kee Pte Ltd!

I miss Ah-Kee and my morning/afternoon drink. I love their fruit juices, longan + red date drinks, chee cheong fun and milk tea! (: His wife remembers when to give me packet drink in the afternoon and when to give me their afternoon special!

5. My team!

Yup! I miss their infectious laughter (: The sweet gestures of my colleagues. There was a time when I am obsessed with the Plum Sweet. And almost every other week, I will come in and find 2 bottles on my table on Monday. Or how my colleagues will buy my favorite food like Kaya Buns, Famous Amos and Cinnamon Melts when they know I am stress. Loves!

I remember on my first few weeks of work, they bought me eggs that were still un-cracked. Cos I didn’t know how to crack eggs and was too paiseh to ask so I just left the eggs in my drawer and….I FORGOT TO TAKE THEM OUT OVER THE WEEKEND! *facepalm*

The online shopping! Woots! And there was once Viv brought some of her stuff to office and we had a mini-yard ‘sale’. Everyone went home with something! I am still wearing some of the stuff from that time (: Too bad I didn’t manage to save that picture!

we all turned up in blue and in dresses from Dressabelle!

Oh! And I love how the team calls me, “Mei mei” (: Meeeeeeiiii!!!

6. The kiddos!

Yes, it’s weird. But yup! I miss the kiddos! I miss seeing them at events and having them visit the office. Nuff said. Pictures!

with gareth!

invasion of the CEO office!

7. The last minute creatives, the campaigns, the webmasters!

I used to grumble about it alot. Having to do last minute EDMs that was out of my job scope. But now, I kind of miss them.

I also miss the planning and execution of external service campaigns like Customer Delight and what I like to call…Ambush the Customer. Seeing the delight on the customers’ faces is priceless. I also miss the vendors I have worked with like First Food and Spectrum. Really nice people (:

I miss the webmasters too! People who I don’t really see very often but always there. Whenever I have some last minute updates or some technical problems, I know I can always email them. They are always so willing to help even if it’s beyond their job scope.

8. The CSR activities and this video sums up everything!

Helping out CSR activities is always something I look forward to. And seeing how the entire company come together to help out, it’s really motivating (:

I did a video sometime back when testing out the Movie Digest function on my camera. think it pretty much sums up everything.

Time add fluff to memories.

Bosses’ Day 2012 (:

Oh Su Jung

During one of the last few nuar session I have in front of the television, the sister and I stumbled upon a re-run of an old Korean show – Oh Su Jung.

But it’s on a Saturday and Sunday @ 1am! So the sister can’t watch!

So I decided to buy her this –

It’s actually quite cheap. $19.90 for 6 DVD. Then again, I think it’s in Mandarin. Ohwells! The sister is not picky. Unlike me!

While I was paying, I saw Siwon’s “Oh My Lady” going at $29.90! But upon asking, I was told that the voice over is in Mandarin *buzzer sound* I think I will catch it online. PLUS! I rather listen to Siwon in Korean (:

Anyways, like I mentioned in Facebook, my sister thinks that the guy in “Oh Su Jung” is good-looking. I think she needs to up her standard! Maybe I should expose her to modern boys like Siwon, Donghae, Yesung, Leeteuk, Minho, Key, Jonghyun and maybe even Heechul! HAHAHAHA! 😀

happy mum’s day (:

This year, my mum decided to abandon me and spend mother’s day with the other aunties in the neighbourhood *pouts* But anyways! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

To mummy! Whee! I know your soles are giving you loads and loads of pain. I’m sorry that our birthday present for you ended up causing you more pain:( But thank you for being strong and bearing with the pain. If it’s too painful, just rest ok? Leave the housework to us! I’ll keep praying for your speedy recovery!

We made it through another year! 😀 What with the many medical scares that we got last year. Thank you for staying strong. Thank you for being my rock. I am not the easiest person to live with these past months cause I am so frustrated about getting a job. So thank you for bearing with my nonsense and my ‘obsession’ over cleanliness (: Thank you for the delicious meals! And for always scooping more rice into my bowl so that I will have just the right amount when I scoop some out!

I may not say or express it, but I love you! ❤

To grams! 😀 Thank you for being my grandma (: Things are a little tough for you but thank you for always smiling when you see us! Stay healthy and strong ok? (: We love you much much many many! 😀

the usual suspect (missing: Darran + Ivy + Shuyun)

Just realised we don’t really have a group photo except this one. But yes, to the usual suspect (+Jerold)! Thank you for nanny-ing me for the past year! Without your nanny-ing, I might still be stuck in that dark corner, drawing circles on in the sand (: For the random nagging about me not eating enough food and for allowing me to rant/explode at the most random moments.

Of course, for indulging my cravings! You guys are almost always okay when I say I want to eat certain stuff or when I ask you guys out for dinners! Thank you 😀

And to everyone else who has played apart in taking/teaching me the past year, HAPPY MUM’S DAY TO YOU TOO!! 😀

[If I left you out, shoutout to me!]

happy birthday, mum (:

happy birthday! (:

And so another year has past (: Several ups and downs, left and right. Just want to thank you for always being there for me!

In the past year, thank you for..

For worrying about me on days where I lock myself in the room and cry. For standing by me. For supporting me. For nagging at me.
For always scooping extra rice into my bowl so that after I scoop out, I will still be eating a decent amount.
For always coming up with new dishes for me.

For everything (:

I know I am not the easiest person to get along with these past year (especially these 2 weeks) but thank you for tolerating all my nonsense! For never losing your patience with me.

The past year was not easy. Especially with the 2 health scare. But you stayed strong ! I’m so proud of you!!

May the coming year be smooth-sailing for you (especially your health)! And hopefully our birthday present to you will help to elevate the pain you feel on your feet.

I love you, Mummy! 😀

P/S: Stop worrying about me! I’ll find a job soon (: Promise!

the age is a secret! 😀

my cousin once told me.

back in secondary 4, my cousin (who is also my teacher) once told me that our parents are not very accustomed to showing their affection. no hugs, no thank yous or anything. they just love you quietly.

and she also told me that that shouldn’t stop us from showing our affection for them. that was when i started hugging my granny whenever i see her and patting my mum on her back on and off. recently, i started writing notes to them (: if you are on my FB, you would have seen the first one.

this weekend, they are going overseas to KL. and i wrote another note to them:

bon voyage, mum and dad! (:

bon voyage, mum and dad! (:

For translation, just go to my FB.

And they replied with a longer reply this time! (The previous time, it was just a note to tell me that they are leaving.)

remember to drink water!

remember to drink water!

I think it’s written by the dad with the mum nagging about the food part 😛 The water part is from both of them. Haahahaha.

And yups, they are so afraid that I am too lazy to go buy food, they bought an entire stock pile of food!

cup noodles and cakes!

cup noodles and cakes!

Yups. One for every meal until they come back. LOLS.

So yups. Just because our parents don’t show their affection for us, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t show them ours? It might feel werid at the beginning. but you never know how one hug, one thank you or just some small gestures is going to make someone’s days(: