i’m growing old. my memory is like dory’s.

Just a few seconds ago…

*tore eyes away from YouTube and looked at the clock*

*stared at the clock and date*

*silence for a few seconds* (I think I blanked out)

*looked away from the clock*

Several moments later, looked back and realised why I was staring at it in the first place. OMG.

This morning, I actually forgot to press “Send” after typing out a msg in a Whatsapp group chat -.-

Losing my train of thoughts halfway through a conversation is getting more common place too! I will be talking and then get stuck because I can’t remember what my next point was, what I was saying, what words to use to continue…So I just tend to paraphrase my previous sentence, repeat it until the “train” catches on.


Even this post took a while to type cos I didn’t know what to say -.- I forgot.

At work, things are less obvious. But to prevent myself from making mistakes, I have resorted to using post-its T_T OH NO! I think it’s because of work. Honestly. I spend so much attention and brain cells just to ensure that every documents are present, every signature has been obtained and that everything is compliant.  It’s really tiring. And to quote the colleague, “It’s not a meaningful kind of stress.”


Just because they are free.

I have a pet peeve.

I really don’t like it when people ask an intern/admin assistant/colleague-of-lower-rank to do something just because they are free. When it would have been faster if they have done it themselves.

I mean…yes. maybe helping you to do those stuff is what the intern/admin assistant/colleague-of-lower-rank is supposed to do.

BUT! If it’s just ONE thing. ONE thing. Isn’t it faster fand more efficient for you to do it yourself?

If you ask the intern/admin assistant/colleague-of-lower-rank, you have to go to them, instruct them, walk back to your desk, do something else, get distracted when they are done and double check. WAH. Alot of unnecessary steps yes?

Okay. If it’s like a bunch of stuff and you are really busy, then ok. Get them to help you. But if it’s just one thing and you need it rather quickly, just adopt the Nike attitude.

UNLESS the intern/admin assistant/colleague is supposed to learn how to do that particular stuff. Then okay. UNLESS you are really swamped and don’t need the stuff urgently.

Otherwise…asking them to do it just because they are free don’t make sense. Heh.

I have always practiced this “rule”. Maybe that’s why I am (more often than not) viewed as being “efficient”. Then again, I have also been viewed as “selfish” cos I am keeping all the “credit” myself. Sigh.

What about you? Do you practice this as well?

why am i studying korean?

Here’s some of the reactions I get when I tell people that I am learning Korean or when the discover that I am learning Korean.

Oh. You are learning Korean….”

The trial off like it’s a bad thing. I know in their mind, I have automatically become the bimbo, the crazy-screaming kpop fans, the sasaeng fan (click here for what that means). No, I am not being sensitive. The actions of those people before they know and after they know is different.

X: Why are you learning Korean?

Me: Because…

X: Because of those Korean dramas and variety shows right?

Me: Erm….

X: Correct right!

And the same thing happens. I become a bimbo, a crazy kpop fan etc.

It’s extremely frustrating especially when you are going for interviews. I am almost afraid to put it down in my resume. Because all these negative experience. But let me just say this once and for all.


So…why am I learning Korean?

My interest in Korean started back in secondary school. The best friend was crazy about anime and Japanese. Being the rebellious teenager that I was, I decided to look for the opposite – Korean. And I started getting curious about the country and the language.

Somewhere along the way, we learned about the Korean war and that pushed my curiosity a tad further.

Since then, I’ve wanted to pick up the language. But somewhere between JC and university and working life, I forgot about that interest.

TILL….Super Junior came along.

No, I did not finally learn Korean because I want to know what they are saying. I finally signed up for class because they reminded me about my curiosity of Korean. And there’s something about your teenager wish that makes it endearing.

And so, I finally signed up for classes because Korean drama, variety and KPop was so easily accessible these days. With the ease of obtaining these stuff, I can hear more, listen more and read more. Expose myself more to the language so that I am always learning, not just in class. Plus, I always believe that one should always continue to learn even after university. So, might as well!

Yes, I am interested in K-Pop. But that love is not what made me signed up for class. For my passion in Korean and the culture.

In a nutshell….

I am learning Korean because of….

a) A silly teenage wish

b) I wanted to further develop myself after graduation

c) Ease of picking up Korean because of the availability of materials.

So, there. Just saying.

just saying – pay.

“If I earn $2K, I will live the life of someone who earns $2K. If that career moves, make sense at the point in time. Take it. Don’t get so hung up about the pay.”

That’s something I realised over the past month.

Plus, personally, other than monetary reward, I think other intangible stuff like appreciation, recognition and being part of a team is more important to me.

There’s only so much that money can do. You can earn alot but if that job makes you unhappy, then no amount of money-enabled-activity can make you happy.

Trust me. I

A lot of people say that they really would like to have a job whereby they get paid for doing nothing. Personally, I’m guilty of that too.

But when you have actually experienced it, you might not like it.

I didn’t. I thought about it and I realised I really don’t. Be it in the past or in the future.

Yes, the occasional lull at work is awesome! But all the time? Eeeps. Not sure about you but I need to…..feel useful (for a lack of better words).

I rather be slogging my life away, feeling tired and feel like I have contributed than just doing minimal stuff. I give my best in everything I do.

Like when I was at IRAS working as a frontline officer. I answer about 100 calls per day while the other temps answered about 10. I tried to slack off, but I felt like crap so I went back to answering as many calls as I can. I felt better and looked forward to going to work.

Just saying. Please let me find something I like soon.

Cookies for Sid (:

Been meaning to write this post for awhile now. So here I am attempting to write this via the mobile app since I have a bit of time (:

Everyone knows twelve cupcakes yes?


photo from twelve cupcakes facebook page.

The cupcake boutiques that sells really awesome and innovative cupcake favors opened by celebrity couple, Jamie Teo and Daniel Ong. I love their Chocolate Rum N Raisin and Red Velvet! Yums!

Anyways, Cookies for Sid is the sister brand! Initially, I didn’t take too much notice about the idea of a cookie shop cos I love Famous Amos and I shelved it as a mercenary venture (sorry!).

But! When I saw Daniel Ong’s tweet about who Sid is, hehe. I got curious! Sid is actually the name of Cookie Monster (: betcha didn’t know that! Apparently, Cookie Monster introduced himself as Sid when he appeared on Sesame Street. Cool huh?

So I liked their FB page and eagerly anticipated the opening of the shop. I mean, if it’s cookies for Cookie Monster, it should be pretty awesome!

A few weeks after their opening, I popped by the outlet at United Square after my dance class.

The packaging caught my eye! Hehe.


first impression counts.

Pretty right! I love the blue! And I love how the carrier is a ziplock bag (so the cookies won’t 漏风?). How the cookies each have their own individual pouch! Hehe.

And that witty line on the packaging!

…we recommend consuming these cookies the minute you get your hands on them or if you are unable to finish them for reasons we cannot fathom, please….

Hehehe! Anyways, I loved the cookies so much that I finished the entire box in 2 days and went back to buy more the following week.


Ginger Chewy.

The cookies: Are they good? Okay. First of all, they are not the hard crunchy cookies like Famous Amos. Instead, the cookies are a little chewy. Not soft soft ok! Chewy! Like Subway cookies but more awesome (:

The flavours: There are the regular flavors like Raisin Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, Triple Choc and M&Ms. Then there are the special flavors like Cranberry Pumpkim Oatmeal and S’mores.

My personal favourite? Malty Milo, Ginger Chewy, S’mores, Cranberry Pistachio and Triple Choc!


Malty Milo.

Omg. S’ MORES! A deadly combination of chocolate, melted marshmallows and cracker bits. They are worth the calories! I chugged 3 pieces down in under 5 minutes during my TOPIK preparation back in April :p


I have yet to try the elusive Rum & Raisin Oatmeal and Rocky Road though. Off tangent but CHOCOLATE RUM AND RAISIN CUPCAKE from twelve cupcakes are delicious! Been trying to get them for the past 3 weeks but sold out 😦

However, unilike twelve cupcakes where they have a list of special flavors for each day of the month, you will need to follow Cookies for Sid fb page to find out what they are.

Price: $4.60 for 3 cookies. Additional $0.20 for special flavors. Quite reasonable me thinks. The staff are really friendly too!

Brought the classmates to buy the cookies last week and they quite like it (: hehe.

Thinking of buying some home this Saturday to noms on while watching the National Day Rally on Sunday. Woohoo!

So if you like cookies like Sid, do pop by Cookies for Sid to check the cookies out (:


Cookies for Sid can be found at –

1 Raffles Link #B1-10 (City Link Mall, near to Starbucks and the link to  Marina  Square)

United Square #B1-60A (opposite Subway)

to wig or not to wig.

There’s been much hoo-haa over how 5 St. Margaret’s girls were made to wear wigs after they had shaved their head last weekend in support of the Singapore Children’s Cancer Foundation. You can read more about it here.

While I agree that it’s silly to ask the girls to wear wigs (which defies the purpose of shaving their head), but I think in this case, the school is not at fault.

Look at this way. The girls asked for permission and their principal could have jolly well banned the girls from taking part in the event (trust me, if it’s during my era, that will be the answer). But the principal didn’t. She probably understood where the girls were coming from, understood their 心意 and didn’t want to stop them so she told them to go ahead.

BUT! Remember that the girls are still in school. So the principal needs to take into consideration of many things including discipline. So she told them to wear wigs while in school. Trust me, if the principal didn’t lay down such a rule, there will be some jokers in the school (or other schools) that will purposely shave their heads into some funky dory hairstyle and say they are supporting the Singapore Children’s Foundation.

ANYWAYS! The girls knowing that they have to wear wigs, made a CONSCIOUS decision to go ahead with shaving their hair. So, what’s the issue here? Plus, if the girls’ scalps are irritated by the wigs, they just need to get a doctor’s letter and VIOLA. No more wigs!

I mean really, would you rather that the school don’t allow the girls to take part in the event altogether?

Plus, if after all these media hoo-haa, the school agrees to let the girls NOT wear wigs to school, what are we really teaching the girls? That it’s okay for them to go back on their words? Just go to media. Complain.

Instead of complaining and stuff, I think we should applaud the school for allowing the girls to take part. One step at a time, people. If it’s in the past, the school would have probably rejected the entire group of them. Right? Ask yourself. Would your school have allowed you to go ahead EVEN if you OFFER to wear the wigs?

I think the best way out is for the girls to keep their promise. If the wigs are really irritating them, then go to a doctor and get certified.

The REAL issue here is not about how stupid it is to make the girls wear wigs BUT if teaching the girls about keeping promises.

With regards to the school asking them to wear wigs, there’s definitely room to improve. But I think allowing the girls to take part in the event is quite awesome in itself. And kudos to the girls for wanting to take part!


If the girls had raised the wig issues before shaving, then I would have supported fully.
Anyway, what’s up with the unfeminine rule? my gosh. I would have failed it terribly.