[Music Monday] Can’t Stop by CNBlue (:

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P

So…SNSD’s comeback has been pushed back due to “damaged tape”. No official apology from SM Entertainment on their Facebook page, only heard from newspaper. All sounds kind of dodgy really. But that’s entertainment business for you. Hopefully the girls will be back soon.

One comeback delayed and one comeback brought forward so…..It’s CNBLUE!

The teasers have been going round for at least 2 weeks and I’ve been avoiding them cos me and teasers don’t really go well together. Don’t ask! But! I did watch this awesome documentary about CNBlue on Mnet America (thanks, Yan Wai!) where I learned quite a few things about them that I didn’t know before.


CNBlue never fails to disappoint with their songs. Be it style or vocals. The new song is quite awesome really. It has a mix of slow and fast tempo. I was all ready to close Youtube and wait for their live performances cos I thought it was a slow song. But when the chorus kicked in, the tempo picked up!

Then when you thought that was all….Jonghyun’s voice came on and giving the song another “feel”.

Well, hear it yourself (:

Oh yes! Notice that Yonghwa is on the piano this time? Wheeee~ It’s nice to see more variety of instruments (: Plus! Does it mean that Minhyuk can finally be in front for a change? ;p  Hehehe.

Jungshin looks good with his new haircut too!

Can’t wait for the live performances! (And the translation of the lyrics)

For now, the song is stuck in my head! Kekeke.


[Music Monday] 좋았던 건, 아팠던 건 (When I Was… When U Were…) by Krystal & CHEN

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P

This is a rare week. I actually have 3 different songs that I want to write about but in the end, decided to choose this (:

S.M. The Ballad is back (: For the uninitiated, it’s a rotational group featuring the best vocals of SM Entertainment. First cycle was Jino, Kyuhyun (SJ), Jonghyun (SHINee) and Jay (TRAX). This round, other than Jonghyun, there’s an entire round of new members. I’m glad that they brought in girls (Taeyeon and Krystal) and also featured Yesung (my favorite voice!). You can find out more the group here.

This album is slightly more awesome than the first one, in my opinion. More epic voices! Changmin, Jonghyun, Taeyeon, Yesung and Chen! Plus! The album actually has a story. To quote SM –

With the main theme ‘Break Up’. all six tracks of this album are related in one story.
‘Dear…’, : (Intro)
‘Breath’ : It depicts the couple who just broke up
‘Blind’ : Man’s story after break up
‘Set Me Free’ : Woman’s story after break up
‘A Day Without You’ : The changed days after break up
‘When I Was… When U Were…’ : The conversation between broke-up couple who accidentally run into each other and think back the past days

The main hit is “Breath” by Taeyeon/Jonghyun and it’s sung in 2 other languages (Japanese and Chinese) by different people. It’s not too bad though I think it could be better if Jonghyun actually let go and does his usual “oohhhh…wooooooo…” thing that he always do in SHINee album. But it’s still awesome! Hard to go wrong with 2 of the power vocals in SM (: Plus, the MV is T_T TYou can check out the MV here.

Anyways! There’s another song that caught my attention (: And it’s the ballad by Chen and Krystal. I was listening to the album on the way to work and the song came up. It was really “refreshing” and “light” compared to the rest of the songs. And it makes me sway to the rhythm and conjured up images of  beach and light breeze blowing through my hair (:

So…without further ado…here’s the song –

그랬니 나는 몰랐어 언제나 답답해 했잖아
늘 뾰로통한 너 귀여웠지
가끔은 나도 모르게 귓가에 네 목소리 들려
귀를 막아보아도 소용없는걸 Woo..

Really? I didn’t know because you were always frustrated with me
You were always pouting and mad, it was so cute
Sometimes, without even knowing, I hear your voice in my ears
I try to cover my ears but it’s no use

Nice right? (: That’s all this week! Exciting 2 weeks coming up with SNSD and CNBlue’s comeback! Woohooo!