Social Media – Adding Value? Connecting people? Or both?

I am not “mentally sound” at this point in time because I got sidetracked by several things (refer to my tweets on Twitter). I am probably on the offensive mode. So, apologies to anyone that I might unintentionally offend.

What is the real objective of social media? Adding value to other people? Or just plainly connecting people and updating friends about your life? Or is it both? Connecting people WHILE adding value at the same time? Is it possible to achieve that? Will it be easy?

I need some help here.

I don’t think social media is purely about adding value to people. Because like I said, if it’s just purely about adding value, then what is the difference between social media and say, an online newspaper? Where’s the personal factor?

All along, I believed that social media is only about connecting with people and updating friends about your life. More of the latter, perhaps. I still believe that.

I like how social media has reconnected me with people that I have not seen in eons. I like the gossip factor of social media. I like how social media lets me “spy” on other people’s conversation. I like how social media makes a person you know online seem more real to you. How it adds dimension to a person. The person is not longer just 2D and real during emails but 3D and interactive (excuse the weird analogy).

But yeah, it’s the whole 2D to 3D thing that works for me. I like Twitter especially(: It works rather well in the whole adding dimension area. (Anyways, I lost my train of thoughts again. Improvising. I swear I have Dory’s memory sometimes.)

Then there’s the intersecting area. The balance between connecting with people and adding value to others at the same time. Is it possible?

Personally, I have been reading a few blogs that are achieving this balance pretty well. But, somehow I still feel that it’s less personal?

Like, sometimes, I might want to add a comment or just leave my thoughts about a certain topic. But then, I always hold back because I feel dumb? What if what I said is BLAH? What if my POV is not as knowledgeable? What if I am just stating the obvious? I am pretty sure there are people out there who feels the same as I do.

Which then brings me to my next question, “Are blogs really that effective a tool in receiving feedback from customers?”

I am not saying that they are not receiving any feedbacks, I’m sure they are. But are they getting feedbacks from all types of consumers? Sometimes, I feel that those feedbacks that they are getting via their blogs are from people who are more vocal and confident. But what about those people who are not? Who reserves their feedback because they are shy? How about people who feel the way I feel? That maybe my opinion is not as important as those vocal people? What about these people then?

Okay, I have no conclusion for this post-.- My train of thoughts have seriously run away.

What’s your opinion? How do you view social media? And why? Convince me.

I can’t wait to start my FYP and gain more information about social media in Singapore(: