no fast food for a week!

the junk food queen has stepped down! (:

the weeks of having fast food for lunch at least twice a week has passed!

the decade long habit has changed!

i have managed not to touch mcdonald’s or any kind of fast food for a week! (: AWESOME!

i realised the key is to avoid going out to buy food and just get the colleagues to tabao for me (: so far, i have been surviving on fishball noodles! HAHAH!

to celebrate, i shall feast on an upsize filet-o-fish meal! HAHAHA! KIDDING! (:

Now, I just need to cut the habit of drinking coke every day! HWAITING! 😀

On the side: i’m sorry if i can’t be all sunshine and sunflowers lately. but with what life has been dealing me lately, cloudy/passing shower is the best i can be. I’m trying. that’s all i can say.

this Korea trip (:

I just had this urge to go travelling sometime back in February. Out of the sudden, I just decided to screw responsibility and go on a trip!

Why Korea?
Okay, you guys might think that the reason for me going to Korea is because I am studying Korean, I want to go there to be expose to their culture, to meet the idols, to be closer to the idols,  to practise my Korean and blah blah blah.

But you’re wrong! I just wanted to travel and the first place that struck my mind was Korea. And Korea it was (:

I’m a practical traveler, a noob traveler.
I don’t know about you but I am still not excited yet. I am not really looking looking forward to the trip but more looking forward to taking a break from work and from those responsibilities I always carry with me these days. Looking forward to a change of environment.

Right now, at this moment, my mind is full of work and how I will be leaving stuff behind at work T_T

Oh. And about packing too. I need to buy this, buy that. Is my phone going to work? Are the plugs going to work?

PLUS! I’ve always had people looking after me when I go on trips. Be it with the usual suspects, with the school or with my parents. I’m never the one to take care of anything. Just appear, follow directions and off we go (: But this trip, I am in charge and I am kind of worried :S

But there’s one thing I am looking forward to! Being in a plane, up in the clouds and flying. If only we can never land.

Thank you, everyone!
But, pre-trip packing has been made easy with my colleagues jumping forward to offer me their winter jackets, scarfs, gloves, hat, ear muffs, plugs and everything! (: I saved quite a bit ! (: THANK YOU!

Camera issue has also been solved (almost) because if I can’t get a review set from Canon, DK has offered to lend me his G11! AWESOME!

Of course, I have been bugging everyone (from colleagues to the usual suspects) about minor things like what size should my luggage be, what should I wear for shoes, how much to change, is my SIM card compatible to the network in Korea and everything! I probably sound like some broken record but everyone tolerated me (:

Wheee~ This maknae feels well-taken off (: Touched!

Managing expectations
Don’t worry, folks! My expectations is LOW.

I don’t plan to speak in Korean or converse in Korean over there. I will use English and Mandarin. It will be a bonus IF I can understand them! And another bonus IF I can perhaps use what little knowledge I have (of the language) to get my point across.

And I don’t expect Korea to be like in the movies or dramas. Or expect to find a Korean boyfriend. Or meet idols. Or get discovered as a star. But if SM Ent wants me to join as the 10th member of SNSD, I won’t mind! (Kidding:P)

Rest assured that I will be the same old me BUT with thicker clothings. No make up, no fake lashes. You know I am way too lazy for those, right? (:

I am going to do what I do whenever I go travel. Just soak in the atmosphere. Go. Observe. See how different the world is.

So with that said, more packings to be done, money to be exchanged, more things to be bought.


never thought i will say this…



At least if he is around, I can complain to him and he will either say he doesn’t care or say, “AIYA! She’s like that lah! Stupid one.” and I will laugh and get distracted or something.

He is only away in HK for his grad trip. Cannot imagine when he goes to army T_T

the not-so-usual usual suspects.

Since QQ left for her adventure in Japan and all of us got employed, we haven’t been meeting that regularly anymore.

But when QQ came back for a visit, we met up for a photog trip (: We took the Boat Quay route again this time!

Same route, same people (almost), 1.5 years on!

Back in 2009.

Damn it! So skinny back then! WHAT HAPPENED!!!

Was still using my old Lumix back then. Here’s all of us in 2011!

in 2011!

To sound a bit mushy, it’s always a comfort to go out with them (: They are so used to my weird eating habit and they just factor it in when we are looking for places to eat! Similarly, they don’t feel paiseh to go to places where I just sit and stare at them eat 😛 Of course, the most random moments occurs when we are together. Like how we made Darran drive to Pasir Ris park before realising we have nothing to do that! Or how we went in circle looking for Popeye’s at Punggol until Victor saw this tiny sign at the roadside and exclaiming out! HAHAHA!

We also discovered a trend! We tend to have dinner, nuar abit and if DK is driving, we will usually head to airport for Popeye’s -.- HAHAHA! OR! We will have PepperLunch at Suntec before realising we have nowhere to go and head to airport and have Popeye’s! HAHAHA! 😀

HAHAHAHA! Okay, hopefully by saying that, it doesn’t jinx anything!

So yes! Can’t weird for QQ to comeback soon! (: And maybe we can all go travelling again!

Oh yeah! During our random driving adventure, we found the Punggol Promenade!

It’s quite a nice place at night! (: Maybe we should go back to explore soon!

Before I favorite photo from the shoot! Till next time! (:

the bridge looks like 2 stickmen smiling!

i love books (:

I still remember how I was afraid of books when I was in K2. Whenever there’s reading time, I will rush to the shelves full of books to grab that ONE book. Just THAT book. Because it’s the only book I can read! It’s a story about a city and a country mouse (:

And then I hit primary school. It started with reading the PETS textbook. Then I started going to the school library. While I mostly borrowed Chinese books (yes, my Chinese was rather awesome), I started borrowing English books too!

In Primary 5, books became a part of my life (: My mum will always bring a sulky me to AMK library every weekend. I will borrow 12 books every week and read them all in a week! Heh.

From then on, reading calms me down. It’s also a form of escape (:

Got withdrawal syndrome yesterday when I finished reading “The Golden Compass” and had nothing to look at before I sleep! Torture~

But all is well! Bought 2 books today ❤ Off to read! 😀

[updated] that’s my photo!

Suffering from a lack of sleep, I thought ber was kidding when I saw her whatsapp message asking when I became a model.  Sleepily, I downloaded the photo and not long after, I SCREAMED.

This was what I saw –



YESSS! That IS my photo under the “Photograph with DIY Cake” caption! If you are curious, here’s the original version –


birthday 2010.

Some genius at The Icing Room has kope-ed the photo from my blog post about my birthday. And this genius is obviously bad at Photoshop and obviously has never done printing before. Because look at the badly edited photo!! Okay, smart lah! Try to cut away the background so that I will blend into pink background and it will look like I am in *checks photo* the workshop. Dear Genius, for your info, for printing, the photos have to be at least 300dpi in CMYK mode.

Other than using my photo WITHOUT permission, there’s many counts of misrepresentation!

a) The cake is designed by my colleagues at Jurong Point.

b) My colleagues did not attend their workshop.

c) Photo was taken in my office while waiting for everyone to gather to sing me the birthday song.

d) I am freaking 23! Not a kid.

I am so embarrased angry frustrated! I am pretty sure this poster is up in all their outlets!

Think will give their boss a tinker tomorrow. It’s a good thing that the boss accidentally click reply all to an enquiry I made. URGH!

[Update: 4th April, 2.42pm]

Here’s the reply from the management –

Dear Huishan,

Sincere apologies for this.

There was a mix-up of photos on our design side before the poster went for print.

Please do rest assured that the photo was only used in-store. We will remove the photo and not use it anymore.

On behalf of The Icing Room, we would like to extend our deepest apologies for this error and thank you for your kind understanding and co-operation.

Have a great day ahead.


Jessie Chong
Senior Executive, Brand Development
BreadTalk Pte Ltd

What’s your take? Are you satisfied with the answer? Because frankly, I am not.

[Update: 5th April, 1.40pm]

Sneaked down to The Icing Room at 313 and this is what I saw –

I can’t upload the photo now cos I am on mobile >.<

Stay tune. Cos I am going to email the person again.

[Update: 6th April, 6:00pm]

I had to prompt for a reply before I got this –

Hi Huishan,

Jessie relayed your case to me.

We would like to offer our utmost apology for any inconvenience caused.

On behalf of The Icing Room team, we would like to offer you a $30 voucher from The Icing Room. Please furnish us with your address and we will get it couriered to your door step.

We hope you will continue to be our customer and we welcome feedback from you at any time.

Any questions, please feel free to call me at 6854 9713.

Brand Manager, The Icing Room

Like my colleague said, it’s almost like they are trying to stuff me money to “appease” me. No explanation of what’s going to happen or why everything has happened. I am not stupid. Before you send out the posters for print, you do color proofing! So it is definitely NOT a mistake.