little kids(:

I think little kids are amazing (: Hard to imagine that we were all like that once!

In the past week, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend plenty of time playing/babysitting and just being around kids of my friends and my cousin(: And I have to say, they brought me much joy (:

It’s interesting to see how they react to you, how they process their thoughts and what tickles them. Different age group, different things. Different gender, different things.

And I guess, what amazes me the most is how resilient they are? My baby niece for example. She can bump into stuff, trip over stuff and when you expect her to cry, she doesn’t! She climbs back up and is off again (:

Sorry if I sound like an MOE ad. But yes, kids are my other passion (: Do I want to go into teaching? Someday. But maybe not now. Still working that out. One thing is for sure. Pre-school is for me (:

Deja Vu.

I used to think that everyone gets deja vu all the time. I have them all the time since I was a little girl.

A particular scene, a particular sentence, a particular smell will trigger an image or a short flashback (flash forward?). Everything will feel so familiar but I know that I’ve never done/been there before.

The first time I realised that not everyone has deja vu was during the Malacca trip in Secondary 1. We were in a hotel room and then *boom* flashback. I told my room mate that the phone will ring next and it did.

The scariest has to be in Sec 2 during Home Econs class. We were in the sewing room and then *boom* flashback again. I told my classmates that our teacher will come in with a spoilt zip on her skirt and some stuff that she will say. And sure enough, it happened. Right down to the dot.

But somehow, the deja vu’s stopped as I grow older. They become less frequent. I used to have them once a month. But eventually, they are so sparse that I forgot about them.

Until recently. I got them again! Just had one this afternoon of FB-ing with Jian Wei about his gym thing! I think the dream was something last year and I only remembered it this! But a little different though. The same sense of familiarity but I can’t remember what will happen next. Sigh.

I guess….Deja Vu is a thing that only happen to you when you are happy? Do you get deja vu?

weird dream.

ever since my encounter with the pervert, i have been having weird dreams. but the weirdest of all has had to be the one i had on sunday morning.

i dreamt that i was married. married to a guy that i didn’t mind. not a guy i love or want to protect. but a guy that i didn’t mind.

Weird Factor 1: I don’t settle for less. I hate that.

then in the dream, i actually adopted a baby girl. at my age (which is 22).

Weird Factor 2: I did consider to do a Angelina Jolie thing but not at my age.

i also had a nanny. that my ‘husband’ is having an affair with. a nanny that looks down on me because i am not working.

Weird Factor 3: Nothing weird here actually. Like i said in my previous post, i live in a twisted world.

also in the dream, someone died and the mother was distraught and the only thing she screamed was, “ daughter is not a virgin?”

Weird Factor 4: Now where did that come from?

finally, in my dream, i finally had the courage to yell at the teacher, Mrs Cheam, who looked down on me just because I got a B3 for Science in Sec 2. Never mind that I scored As for the rest of the subjects. She refused to let me changed to a Pure Science and was happy for me to stay in a Home Econs class (not that it’s not good. i was just not interested).

even when i finally managed to changed to a Pure Science class through my VP (always thankful to him), her parting words were, “..I’ll be watching you. Once your grades dropped, I will retain you..”  (I almost wanted to fling my O’level slip at her bcos I scored.)

in my dream, i told her to SHUT UP because her reaction towards the student who passed away was inappropriate.  and when people joined in and told her to shut up too, i scoffed at her.

I don’t know. It was a really weird dream. But I guess, it’s telling me to not settle for less. To never settle. Because in 2009, I did. And it just merely brought up the past to remind me how hard I fought. How hard I can fight.

Never. Never settle less.

twisted world.

I live in a twisted world really. My reality is twisted. Perhaps.

During my staycation, Cynthia and Mabel visited. The 3 of us were just randomly chatting and as usual, the topic eventually drifted to how similar yet different we are in the way we view relationship. It’s safe to say that we don’t believe in happily ever after. But here’s our take –

Cynthia: It’s okay to have fun as long as the person comes back to you at the end of the day.

Mabel: It’s only okay if she is the one having the fun.

Me: It’s okay to have fun. As long as you let me know.

Funny isn’t it? I guess we’ve all seen and have our fair share of heart breaks.

I really do want to believe that perfect r/s exist and that being with someone does not become a habit or just something you can live with after time takes it toll. I really do.

But I don’t.

ZhuZhu Pets!

[Writing under influence]

We were unwrapping one out of the mountain of presents that Chloe received for presents and one of it was called, “Zhu Zhu Pets“.

Apparently, it’s the latest craze to hit the US. With parents calling the manufacturers in China to ask for more! And it’s almost impossible to get. I think the adults were more amazed with the toys than Chloe. Heheh.

So anyways, I visited their site and OMG! The hamsters have personality. And that’s not all!! THEY BLOGGG!!! SERIOUS!! Like right here!

I ish amazed!

I have no idea what my point is…but here’s a picture of the nest we made so that the hamster can ‘rest’.

Jilly 'sleeping'!