Samsung Galaxy Tab (:

Guess where I slipped off to during lunch on Friday? (:

tada! (:

Yups! Singtel and Samsung again! What are they collaborating onย you ask? You might remember my post about Samsung Galaxy S. Well, TADA! ๐Ÿ˜€

Samsung Galaxy Tab! (:

Samsung Galaxy Tab! Wheee~ Was just telling some of the usual suspects about my curiosity of the Galaxy Tab and as luck would have it, an invite came (thanks, DK!). ย You might remember that during the launch of Samsung Galaxy S, Super Junior was here! So is Super Junior here this time?

super junior again? (:

Nah! This time, the event was held inย Ku Dรฉ Ta @ MBS Sky Park (:

It was quite scary though! The first thing I noticed when I stepped into the event venue was…ALMOST EVERYONE WAS IN SUIT! Black Suit! It felt like International Suit-Up Day! I even told Victor that I would have turned up in shorts and flip flops if I was still unemployed! Haiyo! But this time, I was wearing heels and my favorite (ok, 2nd favorite) dress. Phew!

Emcee for the day - Andrea De Cruz.

After a short clip and a runway display of the Galaxy Tab, Singtel’s Executive VP (Consumer Group) and Samsung Asia’s Managing Director went on stage to talk more about the collaboration and of course, Galaxy Tab (:

I have to say, I rather like the two of them! They are funny and candid on-stage! Especially Mr Sung-Hyung Moon!

posing for the cameras.

Overview: Hmm. I spent about 15 min with the Samsung Galaxy Tab before I had to go back to work. But the general feel was pretty good. I’m quite familiar with the UI because of Galaxy S (: There’s a few added features like De!lite and exCiteTV. Initially I thought it was a Samsung version of Apple’s iPad (i.e. without calling features). So I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that it CAN call and comes with a bluetooth wireless headset. OHHH! Did you know the back is actually WHITE? Pretty~


What I like most: Strangely enough, I like the SIZE (: At 19cm x 12 cm, it’s about 2.5 times bigger than my Galaxy S (or the size of a paperback). ย It fits into handbags and pocket of coats (hence the suits!).

the Galaxy Siblings.

I know, I know! Your first thought will be..”It’s too big for a phone! So why!” But but! I don’t categorize it as a phone (and I don’t think you should)! It’s more of a mobile multimedia device! Or if I may put it in a very layman turn, think of it like the iPad BUT with a bonus – IT CAN CALL! When you think about this way, you won’t think that it is too big and you’ll actually appreciate the size (:

See, I don’t like the size of the iPad. It’s a tad too big for comfort and I can’t hold it with one hand! But I can do that with Galaxy Tab! (: And it’s not too heavy!

it fits!(:

Dang, my face looks big next to the Tab! T_T

ANYWAY! The screen is 7″! So not too bad (: Tried typing while holding it in landscape mode, you will be able to reach the centre of the keypad perfectly fine (you can’t with iPad, i think). Do note the the display is not AMOLED ๐Ÿ˜ฆ However, display is still pretty awesome!

image quality.

Camera: Yes. I am still very concern about camera! Hahaha! The camera is 3MP with LED Flash! 3MP only, you say? No worries. The picture quality is still not too bad!

straight from the camera.

Notice that this picture is taken with backlighting too! Not too bad right? (:

It also has a 1.3MP front camera. I took a picture with it but I forgot to send it to myself T_T Upset!

Multimedia capabilities: Galaxy Tab is running on Andriod 2.2 and supports the latest Adobe Flash Player! YAYYY! You know what that means? That means you won’t have to climb out of bed everytime you encounter a Flash site(: Or! Being lost because you can’t load the flash site of the bubble tea outlet you are looking for (read: Gong Cha!) Likey!

It can also play HD video in a wide range of format (: Forget about converting the videos into MP4. Just popped it into the tab and you can view it on the go.

Ohoh! And it can create, edit and view spreadsheets, Word documents, PDF files and Powerpoint presentations (: WAHAHAHA!

De!Lite and exCITE Video: Singtel has developed a new De!Lite app to complement the Samsung Galaxy Tab.


selecting magazines.

De!Lite allows users to download and view LOCAL magazines like Hardware Magazine and ASIAN Geographic Passport. It has about 2o magazines at the moment but I’m sure it will slowly expand in the future. Once you decide that you want to buy a certain magazines, just click buy and it will download straight into the Tab AND charged to your monthly Singtel bill! Nice! ๐Ÿ˜€

On top of that, you can also perform keyword searches, make side notes and share your favorite excerpts on Facebook and Twitter!

exCITE Video sounds pretty good! It allows you to search for videos in the entire web, not just Youtube! Whee~ It means I can now go to Tudou, search for dramas and watch it ๐Ÿ˜€ Don’t have to rely on my lappy or download applications only to discover that it doesn’t work ๐Ÿ˜€

Things I want to find out more: exCITE Video and De!Lite! Of course, I also want to see how well the Tab can fit into my life because currently, it sounds pretty good. And like I said, I don’t view it like a mobile phone, more like a lifestyle device so I’m quite curious as to how it fits into my daily life. One of my colleagues is actually tempted to get it! ๐Ÿ˜€

When is it coming out? How much is it?: It will be available on 13th November (16GB + 32GB MicroSD slot), exclusively to Singtel (: Price is about $998 without plan.

At the moment, no news about the price with plans but the price plans available are 3G Flexi Lite ($39), 3G Flexi ($56) and 3G Flexi Plus ($95).

You can read the press release and find out more about the price plan here. Or take a look at the official Samsung Galaxy Tab site (: OR! Head on over to the official Samsung Youtube Channel to look at Live Demo and Galaxy Tab stories ๐Ÿ˜€

For now, here’s the official video (:








Gong Cha (:

After a failed attempt of buying Gong Cha bubble tea, I finally managed to get it (: Of course, I convinced almost all of my colleagues to drink too ๐Ÿ˜›
But yes! I went to the branch at Plaza Singapura. It’s a little obscure though. A small little outlet OUTSIDE of Plaza Singapura, opposite Starhub! Surprised to see that there’s no queue!
I got 6 Gong Cha Milk Alishan Tea, 2 Longan Tea and 1 Honey Tree! Their packaging is quite nice!

with tray(:

Much neater no? KOI likes to dump all cups into a bag and I have to lugged it back. With this, I can carry one bag in each hand! Here’s their Gong Cha Milk Alishan Tea –

Alishan Milk Tea!

30% sugar with pearls. I think the default is without pearl? So with pearl, it’s about $2.70 per cup.

Is it nice? Well…I much prefer KOI to be honest. I can’t exactly taste the milk and the Alishan tea was really really bitter! *eck* The pearls were just okay. Too small to be chewy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

HOWEVER! The top frothy part is a bit nice. It’s a little salty and mixed with the tea powder on top, it’s quite delicious. But I only tasted it towards the end.ย 

Oh yeah! While KOI likes to write on your cup and only print labels occassionally, Gong Cha comes with labels for all drinks ๐Ÿ˜€

with labels!

I did try my colleagues’ Longan Honey Tea and that’s much nicer!! Just the right amount of sweetness?

According to forums that I’ve read, apparently their Lemon something tea taste not too bad! Perhaps I should try that next time or jsut proceed on to try their normal milk tea WITH increased sugar! Hmmm.

Anyways! Gong Cha have their own website! But you have to be able to read Mandarin though!

Alternatively, head on to their outlet at these places! (: They are much more accessible than KOI!

Sumamry: For your fix of Milk Tea, go back to KOI. But if you want to be adventurous (ie. no milk tea) or too lazy to queue, head on over to Gong Cha.

signs of a medicated mind.

I was doing my Korean homework while the dad was watching the news.

I looked down and saw a cockroach crawled underneath the sofa. I turned away and went, “Hmmm” in my mind.

Wrote down the next sentence of my homework and was semi-translating it to English when I thought to myself, “That looked kinda familiar. What is it?”


I was medicated. Cough syrup in me. Concentration on homework. CPU usage = 100%!

On the side…

My dad was not surprised? So I think he already saw it crawled across the living room towards me. I hate it! Even when I was yelling and yelling, he IGNORED me and continued to watch the news.


So I just kept yelling and yelling and blocking his television. I even went, “You all lah! Part time karag guni! Now got cockroach lah!” That’s when he and my mum (who was pretending to be sleeping) sprung into action.

Sigh. This is my dad’s hierachy – Christianity, News, Work THEN Family. I am not kidding.


K-Pop Night Concert Tickets

So Korean Pop Night is tonight. I was supposed to go but…Here’s what happened.

Friday Morning
I received an sms from Shuyun that her friend is selling a pair of tickets for 500 bucks! Initially, I told her I didn’t want it cos ber thinks it is a little too expensive.

Then I msged Fari who was tempted but can’t decide. So the both of us decided to leave it till 3? If the tickets are still available, we will get it.

There were some hoo-haa in between but ard 5+, we decided to get it!

Super hyped! Cos there’s SNSD and SHINee! Just when I thought I couldn’t see them, I AM! *dances GEE*


As usual, SNSD kept bugging me to tell them my wish (i.e my hp kept ringing with msgs). I reached over to my hp sleepily and saw Shuyun telling me that Jonghyun is rumored to be coming!

WHEEEE! ANOTHER PLUS! I replied her and went back to sleep.

1 plus, I woke up to see Shuyun’s msg again. She said her friend decided NOT to sell her tickets bcos of the rumor!

I was disappointed! Even though I know theres no way that the friend will give up the tickets, I told Shuyun to get her friend to call me cos I wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

But little did I know, I got really pissed after the phonecall.

The husband called and said,”I’m sorry but we are not selling the ticket.” I ranted about how I cancelled my plans, my expectations, my disappointment and stuff.

And I thought he will apologised and explained that the wife really wants to see Jonghyun so he cant give me the tickets.

But instead, he said, “If I dont give you the tickets, there’s nothing you can do abt it.”

Like what?! Seriously?

Ok, maybe my tone sounded a little too fierce and all but look, I am disappointed AND upset. You’re the cause of it! You shld have just apologised and explain! I would have been fine bcos from a fan to a fan, I know how it feels! Plus, an explanation was all I wanted?

I got really angry and argued and all. Then the husband went,”..If you like them so much, you shld have queued! Drop your..” At which point I cut in and talked over him.

I told him I wanted to speak to his wife. I thought it will be better? NOPE.

She said she thinks I am scolding them and that she cant sell me the ticket. No explanation.

And when I asked why, she said she just cant? And she even went on to lecture me abt how there are unfair things in life, how my argument dont make sense..EVERYTHING but just not trying to make me feel that they are sorry.

I hung up the phone after that.


Like what Victor said, I shld have collected the tickets last night. Lesson learnt.

I hope my purchase of Suju tickets will go smoothly. Sigh.

Nokia N8 is ready for pre-order! (:

Wanted to write about my 5 minutes with the Nokia N8 awhile ago but I cant find the pictures T_T

But yes! Nokia and Singtel has annouced that the highly anticipated Nokia N8 is now available for pre-order in Singapore (:

I’m a girl so I like the colors AND the camera at 12MP is not too bad. Can edit photos on the spot!

Enough of me talking! Check out the Youtube Video!

Intrigued? Hop on over toย , pre-order it and find out about the phone yourself ๐Ÿ˜€

Staying at home (:

Been staying at home since last Friday cos of my wisdom tooth extraction(:

Other than a quick trip to the dentist on Friday and a quick gathering for grams birthday on Saturday, i’ve not stepped out of the house! Thats about 4 days?

Anyways, I miss and love staying at home. Not bcos I can wake up late! I wake up at 10 everyday, fyi.

I miss listening to the chattering of the little kids from the daycare centre every Tuesday. Yes, the kids are so loud that their voices reaches the 8th floor!

I miss standing at the window ard noon and watch the cars go by and people rushing here and there. Glad that I am in the comforts of my room(:

I miss writing, studying and reading after lunch. With the TV blaring in front of me too!

I miss laying in bed during sunset. Watching the sky turn dark and the street lights come on. Hearing the clatter of pots as mum gets ready to cook.

I miss being quiet.

Most of all, I miss being with my mum!(: the number 1 thing I hate abt working is that I have to leave my mum at home alone. I dont like that! I worry if she’s getting enough rest, if she’s getting bullied, if she’s okay and if she’s being positive.

So these 4 days, I’ve been with my mum! Watching her cook, clean and stuff. Talking about random things at random times. Watching her sew! Hearing the chuka-chuka of the sewing machine(: teasing her abt watching yet another taiwan drama at 4.30.

I don’t know. It’s comforting to watch my mum do all these things(: hee.

I think I am going to take little breaks like this once every few mths! I love my mummy! Hee.

Plan before you change.

I don’t know how many of you have this habit like my sister.

She needs to chamge at least TWO times, parade ard in the living room BEFORE settling on what she wants to wear. Yes, she does it almost everytime. Yes, even if it’s just going to the market o.O

It irritates me ALOT. It used to be because she will ask me alot of questions but now? It’s the multiple times she will walk in and out of her wardrobe which is in my room. Do you know how unconducive it is when you’re trying to sleep/read/stone and someone keep opening and closing the door?


This is what I do. While I am brushing me teeth, having my breakfast or even in the washroom, I will do a mental scan of my wardrobe AND my sister’s wardrobe (cos I always borrow her clothes). Pick out a few possible outfit and then eliminate according to my mood.

By the time I reach my room, I would have either the outfit I want (and their location) or narrowed it down to two! A quick look and change, VIOLA! I am done and ready to zoom out of my room!

Seriously. Everyone shld try that. Now, excuse me while I try to restore my zen mood that my sister has interrupted.