here we go again!

The last time, I tried to get some moolahs to help me get Samsung Galaxy S. But this time, I NEED YOUR HELP AGAIN!

Saw this message on Facebook –

We’re giving away two NX10 cameras to our precious fans! All you need to do is ‘LIKE’ our new Samsung Cameras Singapore Page & make a comment on the Wall. If you can tell us how much you want one of our cameras, or even better, can get all your friends to Like our Page and comment on your post, it will boost your chances!

And I’ve “LIKED” the page, now it’s time for you to Like it too! And like my post as well!

Here’s what to do –

Step 1: Head to and join the page.

Step 2: Like/Comment on the link that I’ve shared!

Step 3: Wish me luck!! (:

You know I’ve been a fan of Samsung! You know I like NX10 for more than it’s Beauty Function! You know my D300 is too heavy to carry around!  SO HELP ME GET A NX10!!!


Korean phrase for the week (: – Lesson ee (two)

An-nyong! 안녕!

Every time I think about my upcoming Korean lessons, my heart skips a little (: After so many years, I can FINALLY fulfill a ‘dream’ ! Hopefully the class gets confirmed soon!

Meanwhile, last week was 월요일l (Monday, wolyoil )! So, this week we have –

Days of the week:

Tuesday (wha-yoh-eel): Hwayoil 화요일

Phrases for the week:

Thank you (kam-sa-ham-ni-da): kamsahamnida 감사합니다
You’re welcome (cheong-man-ne-yo) : Cheonmaneyo 천만에요 [formal]
(aunt-ni-eh-you) : Anieyo 아니에요 [informal]

That’s it for this week (:

Super Junior, HWAITING! (:

You know this is coming! HAHAHAHA!

But yes, Suju has performed their last performance (: No more weekly performance for them. BUT! CONCERT!!

Contrary to what I’ve said, my ‘interest’ in them is still not waning! No thanks to bernice 😛 But HEEEE!

This last performance has to be their best yet! I think they started promotion of their 4th album in all black and now, it ends with all black too! Remixing No Other with Bonamana is meaningful cause Bonamana clinched many FIRSTs and the dance steps ends with a bow (:

So here we go!

I am so going to miss them! A fun group to watch! But SS3, HERE I COME! YAHOOO!

With that said, I have something new to look forward to every week! After Hello Baby (still stuck at episode 9-.-), SHINee is my new favorite!

Back last week with their new album, Lucifer, they are hot! Can I just say that Minho is like Siwon? AHWELL! Best comeback performance!

Heeheee (:

Sunday Sunday(:

I think the best day to take a leave is Monday (: Other than the fact it makes your weekend longer, it chases away the Monday Blues! And you can have a really restful Sunday that a Friday-Saturday-Sunday weekend won’t (:

After a busy Saturday, I met up with Janelle for a haircut at Far East (: We were texting each other even though we are next to the other! HAHAHAHA! Hairdryer very loud ah. Hard to talk over it! 😛

New/Refreshed look for us both !

After which, we both headed to McDonalds for our first meal of the day (kinda!)

It was just a good thing that we both wanted Spicy Nuggets but didn’t want a full meal (cause dinner was a few hours away)! We shared!! Cinnamon melts was great and the service too! Unlike the one at Boat Quay.

And then I had like 2.5hours to spend alone while waiting for QQ and Victor! SO! I decided to head to Borders!

I love being around books. I love the smell of books (: I walked around browsing before grabbing “Eat, Pray, Love” and settling down. Watched some videos on Youtube and read 1 chapter of the book (not too bad!) OH! Quality people-watching too 😀

It’s kinda funny. Last weekend, I wanted snuggles but this weekend? I am celebrating and enjoying every single bit of being alone (: YAY to SINGLEDOM! Seriously, nothing has changed. I like being by myself (:

Before I know it, it was time to meet QQ and Victor (: Dinner, loiter, HOME! 😀

And best part is? NO WORK ON MONDAY! NUARS~

PLUS! Meeting ber for dinner!!

OH! I bought Elmo and a new bottle of perfume too!

Restful Sabbath indeed 😀

Bad Service @ McDonald’s Boat Quay

After travelling around the entire Singapore for the entire morning, I decided to get McDonald’s before heading back to the office for more work. 

Was surprised that there was NO queue, especially since it was lunchtime (around 1.20pm). I couldn’t decide if I wanted the 9-piece Spicy McNuggets meal or the 6-piece McNuggets meal and was not too sure about the price. From past experience, the 6-piece Spicy McNuggets meal is entired to the Lunchtime Special of $4.50 but I’ve never bought the 9-piece meal during lunch before.  So I went up to the counter and asked about the price of the 9-piece meal. The service staff (Rahku or something) turned away when I was asking the question. Okay….So I repeated it once again and she immediately keyed the meal into the cashier! So I went, “Sorry. I would like to find out the price first.” with a SMILE ok? The lady gave me a “Is she an idiot look?” and then point to the board rudely. WAH LAO! Of course I know the normal price but it’s lunch hour now! And that was not what I asked! Since I didn’t get the answer I wanted and the service staff was obviously pissed, I told her I would just get the 6-piece Spicy McNuggets meal. She mumbled something that I couldn’t hear. I went, “Sorry?” and she mumbled the same thing which I still can’t hear! Seeing that there’s a customer behind me, I assumed that she was asking what drinks I wanted – Coke with EXTRA ice. I was already a little unhappy at that point in time and pre-occuppied with some work messages so I just paid and shifted to the side.  

 The first thing I noticed was that she gave me the World Cup glass and the Chipotle powder. But I didn’t ask for an upsize! At no point in our conversation, did I say yes to upsize. I said 6-piece Spicy McNuggets meal (with hand gestures of 6, btw) and my drinks will be Coke with extra ice. But since the queue was getting a little long, I just kept quiet. $0.50 I can afford. Then came the ULTIMATE thing.  

 I was given a 9-piece Spicy McNuggets meal! Like WTF? I very politely told the staff who got me my meal and said, “..I think I asked for a 6-piece not 9..” At which point, the service staff from before turned and barked, “You ASKED for 9-piece right?”  I said I asked for the price but my final decision was a 6-piece! She wanted to argue with me can? But her manager came in and said, “Just return her the money.”  

WTF!! That was rude. You should never do that in front of the customers. What the manager could have done is to apologise and return me the difference.  But nope. She took the change from the cash register and handed it over to me without even making eye-contact! I even said, “Thank you!” but she was gone after handing me the money.  

Okay, great. I was pissed enough as it is but thinking about my favorite cinnamon melts, I decided to just chalk it up to bad luck and let it go.
Halfway back to the office, I realised I didn’t take sauce. So I went back to get it, the SAME service staff threw the sauces at me. GRRR.  


Back at the office, I opened my cinnamon melts only to find this –   


The cinnamon melts was not heated up! The box was cold and the condensed milk was not melted! In fact, it was lumpy! Don’t tell me that it must have cooled down. Because I walked in the hot sun and took it out 10 minutes after I reached office! URGH!  

Bad bad experience! I know I will still go back to the McDonald’s since it’s the only one available near my office. But I think I will stop frequenting it everyday after lunch. My dose of apple pie and cinnamon melts can wait. And if I want Coke? There’s always 7-eleven.  


Oh Su Jung

During one of the last few nuar session I have in front of the television, the sister and I stumbled upon a re-run of an old Korean show – Oh Su Jung.

But it’s on a Saturday and Sunday @ 1am! So the sister can’t watch!

So I decided to buy her this –

It’s actually quite cheap. $19.90 for 6 DVD. Then again, I think it’s in Mandarin. Ohwells! The sister is not picky. Unlike me!

While I was paying, I saw Siwon’s “Oh My Lady” going at $29.90! But upon asking, I was told that the voice over is in Mandarin *buzzer sound* I think I will catch it online. PLUS! I rather listen to Siwon in Korean (:

Anyways, like I mentioned in Facebook, my sister thinks that the guy in “Oh Su Jung” is good-looking. I think she needs to up her standard! Maybe I should expose her to modern boys like Siwon, Donghae, Yesung, Leeteuk, Minho, Key, Jonghyun and maybe even Heechul! HAHAHAHA! 😀

Korean phrase for the week (: – Lesson il

If you’re on my Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know I’m kind of caught up in the recent K-wave. But truth to be told, I’ve always wanted to take up Korean since secondary school. While everyone was going gaa-gaa over Japanese, my heart was set on learning Korean.

It got put off cause I didn’t have the resources and even in university, I can never get a slot for the elusive Korean 101 lessons.

So, I think I am going to sign up for Korean lessons at NUS Nex on 2nd Sept! Join me if you want! But I think I am going to pick up some stuff from podcast, iPod Touch applications and Youtube week by week. Might as well share it! 😀

Here’s the first one! Correct me if I am wrong (:

Days of the week:
Monday (wol-yo-it):  wolyoil 월요일

Phrases for the week:
Good morning/afternoon/Hello (an-nyong-ha-sae-yo): annyeonghaseyo

Good bye (an-nyong-e-kah-se-yo):  annyeonghikaseyo 안녕히 가세요

Apparently, there’s 2 ways of saying goodbye. One is when the person is leaving, the other is when you are leaving. I couldn’t figure out the other and after youtube-ing it, I think the one above works just fine (:

Oh and just like Japanese, there’s formal and informal. Therefore, the informal way of saying both the phrase is an-nyong.

Yups! That’s it from me this week! An-nyong! 😀