back to school!

I remember telling my mum after my convocation, “I’m never going back to school again. No further studies for me!”

Well, as the saying goes, never say never!

All it takes to make me want to go back to school was to attend my brother’s poly graduation ceremony.

happy graduation!

Watching the “march in” of the lecturers/deans/principals, reminded me of my own convocation. How I felt when the line of professors entered the auditorium in their gowns. How I will try to look for professors who have taught me before.

I guess what I missed the most is the sense of achievement? Kind of. You know that feeling of…Expanding your knowledge? Going to class, getting introduced to a new concept. Going home feeling confused. No clue on how to do your tutorials. Going to tutorials, totally clueless. Mugging for exams still as clueless. Sitting for exams equally clueless. But somewhere along the way, you realised, you are not as clueless as you used to be!

Am I making sense? >.<

But yes, I think I might go back to school. Get a diploma or something in Psychology (: I didn’t get a Bachelor in Psychology because they said that it was not practical. But heck it! I’ve got my Bachelor of Business so this time, I am going to do something I like 😀

Better start planning now (:

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

It started with me suggesting that we watched X-Men together. BUT! We wanted to watch something else before that so POTC 4 it is!

To be frank, I went in expecting it to suck because Kiera Knightley and Orlando Bloom is no longer in the movie. But I stand to be corrected.

Jack Sparrow, or should I say, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow is still as quirky as ever. I like how he is so ditzy all the time! A classic moment will be when he tripped over some grass, stood up and started “fighting” with the grass o.O What the? But that’s Jack Sparrow for you 😛

The dialogues  are still as witty and sarcastic. Though some of the pirate lingo can be confusing but fret not, there’s always the subtitles!

The style of fighting or melee (I think that’s what fights are called in pirate lingo) is still the same. You will never see just one fight. There will be 2 main fights going on in a HUGE fight. For example, Sparrow and a random soldier on one side, Gibbs and another pirate on the other.

The mermaids are beautiful but they are kind of scary. Reminds me of vampires! Random thought. Maybe we can have a mermaid version of Twilight? >.<

In other news, in the movie, there’s a missionary. I think Black Beard was kind of rude to him and kept telling him to pray and stuff. Kind of a risky move I feel. Cos I think some Christians MIGHT be offended. But, I have to admit, it was funny!

Don’t know how long the POTC series can last though cos right now, Johnny Depp is the only person holding the movie up. Sooon, we will all get bored of his routine and the movie will die out~

[Spoiler] It’s funny! The British and Black Beard’s crew went through so much trouble to get to the Fountain of Youth but the French. Ahh…The French *shakes head* They just MARCH into the place with their hair and shirt all perfect. Dibs!

All in all, I would give this movie 3 star! Watch it if you have the time.

the correlation between happy and smiling.

I like this quote alot. The more I think about it, the more I like it.

From Iris episode 9,

You don’t smile because you are happy. You are happy because you smile.

It makes being happy seem like an easy thing to do, doesn’t it? (:

And I used to do it all the time, especially when I had braces. Stand in front of the mirror and smile at myself. Silly but it works (:

Don’t wait for people to cheer you up. Because most of the time, you can do it yourself! 😀


the greatest marriage proposal.

I think I am the only person who thinks this proposal is not the greatest :S

However, I do applaud the guy’s effort for making so much effort (:

So much coordination! So much work just for the video! Alot of thinking to come up with the script.

Wishing both a happily ever after!

Survivor S22: Redemption Island

[random rant]

When this season started, I thought it will just be another boring season with people bitching to each other and just brainless voting.

But! I’m glad I jumped in at around Episode 3!

To quote Jeff Probst, “This is the closest to a perfect game!” and I agree!

I really cannot be bothered about Russell because he is just ECK. He just wants to backstab people as and when it benefits him.

On the other hand, there’s Boston Rob! He is a really strategic player! Every episode, he makes a move that will benefit him. He has the end in mind. And the best part is…You think along with him. Every episode, it almost feels like I am making the decision along with him (:

Okay. Enough with that.

Another person stood out for me this season!


I like how he acknowledges a good move when it was made. When Rob blindsided Matt, he went, “Wow. That’s genius!” Totally caught my attention!

And what he said during the last tribal council, AWWWW~

He probably shook everyone awake and told them, ” Look! This a game of outwitting. He played the best game. He controlled everyone without you knowing it! It was the best game played!”


Okay, bed. stayed up late enough!

P/S: Jeff Probst still an awesome host!

Is this graciousness?

We all know about the big hoo0haa over how a HSBC staff didn’t give up a seat to an elderly man.

So apparently, the old man accepted the apology from the young man. And this guy from the Singapore Kindness wrote the letter below.

Excuse me, how is the old man’s acceptance of the apology “graciousness”? Why should he be “praised”?

Graciousness is not complaining to the young chap’s CEO! Or escalating the issue to such a high level! Poor chap probably has a HUGE mark on his name from now on! To quote my colleague..The action of that old man is like slapping the young chap and then saying he is sorry!

Seriously? THAT is not the definition of graciousness!

It is little wonder why graciousness is rarely seen in Singapore. We have apparently been teaching the wrong stuff to the kids in school.

What do you think?