Trap Dance Lessons @ Celine Jessandra (:

So last week was the recording for Trap. I’m not taking these kind of classes again. Then again, that’s what I said when I quit SHINee’s Replay ;p

But yes. To quote KL (who went through SHINee’s Replay with me) when she saw us having the first class –

That dance (Replay) was only fast. This one is fast and has so many steps!

Ding Dang Dong! ;p

It was a disaster. By the 3rd class, I have already forgotten what are the steps for the first 2 classes. But as always, Xiao Jo was a super patient instructor and having the classmates next to me made the lessons fun. I kept turning to Rebecca and giving her the, “What just happened?” look. At times, I will just stop (while the entire class is practising) and just stare at Xiao Jo’s legs to figure out the footwork.

There’s 2 recordings this time cos someone in the class requested for it *Phew* While both videos are just as bad, I think the 2nd video is a tad (about 1%) better than the first one. So….here it is (notice how the right side of the class is fumbling ;p).

No more dance classes for me. At least for this month. Looking forward to the new schedule! And with the rumors of a SNSD comeback, woohooo!

Oh yeah. I saw someone Google-d about the fees at CJ and landed on my blog. The cost of the dance lessons are usually stated underneath the title. But just in case, here goes –

5 lessons -$75
6 lessons – $90
8 lessons – $110

Class photo! Meet my cap! For days when I am too lazy to wear makeup and to hide the pimples (acne patches) that are always on my face now 😦


tough class but we made it!

i get stage fright :(

So today was the recording for Galaxy Supernova. And of all days….


I was half dead and super stoned. Keep forcing myself to drink coke and eat sweet to wake myself up 😦

It worked! I was rather on the dot during the practice. My moves are sharper and more accurate. Not perfect but good enough for me. I thought, “Okay! Let’s do this!”



about 6 people recording.

about 6 people recording.

And then I got nervous. So in the end, I messed up my moves and didn’t go all out. The moves are not sharp at all 😦 And  I forgot the steps!

I thought about it and realised that…the more people recording the dance, the more nervous I get. Looking back at Mr Simple…I didn’t make much mistakes and my moves were not too bad. The number of person recording? ONE.

it's Jojo!

it’s Jojo!

And it’s Jojo! One of my previous instructors.

I think the maximum no. of video recorders is THREE. Cos Genie there was 3 guys recording and I was fine. Anything beyond that, I am a goner 😦

So yes. I am rather disappointed with today’s recording. And we only recorded once. I miss the days when we can record two times.


Anyways, here’s the recording from today! One last class for the year left – Henry’s Trap!

class photo with xiao jo (: some of the classmates are in my other classes too.

[Music Monday] Henry – Trap

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P

Started the dance classes for Trap on Saturday. I’ll be taking 2 classes back-to-back for 2 Saturdays! 미쳤어! But on the (not-so) bright side, Galaxy Supernova is ending this coming Saturday. I can’t feel my legs. My legs are aching! But it’s a good kind of ache. Nothing like workout ache.

Anyways! Back to Trap! It’s the debut song for Super Junior M’s Henry (: Henry has a bit of Justin Bieber feel to be honest. Minus the rude attitude and self-entitlement. He’s really talented too! He plays several instruments, writes songs and dances well!

To lend some star power to his debut, Taemin from SHINee and Kyuhyun from Super Junior took part in the song too. It’s almost like a maknae collaboration ;p

Trap has a hippyty-hoppy-ish kind of feel and is about a guy wanting to forget about a girl. Yawn. Regular music fodder really. But hey! The piano intro at the beginning is awesome and Henry/Taemin/Kyuhyun’s vocals are amazing. Though I won’t recommend you watching the performances with just Henry alone. His voice gets a bit whiney by the time the 4-minute song ends. Honestly, his voice is more suited for acoustic songs. Love love the acoustic version of 1-4-3 (maybe I should introduce that next).

Alrighty! Here’s the debut performance-

When I signed up for the dance class, I thought it’s gonna be a breeze. Loads of posing, loads of walking around. WRONG. It’s actually my nemesis. Hip-hop-ish, contemporary-ish dance *gasp* The last time I took something like that, I gave up by the 4th lesson. HAHAHA! But I am determined not to give up this time cos….Well, I am unemployed so I need to make my course fee count! ;p

No particular favorite part of the lyrics. I like this song because of the performance and the 3 guys. Lyrics wise…Nah. Not so much.

So yups! That’s it this week (: Till next time!