i Light Marina Bay 2014 (:

It’s been quite some time since the usual suspects met up. Somehow, we agreed on 8th March sometime back. We had no idea where we wanted to go…From Haw Par Villa to the Green Corridor to King Albert Park. It was during one of my lunch walk that it hit me. We can go to i Light at Marina Bay! (:

And we did go to i Light at Marina Bay. Silly me arranged to meet way too early so we spent about an hour plus nuar-ing at the seats outside Esplanade.

What is i Light Marina Bay?

i Light Marina Bay is Asia’s only sustainable light art festival that showcases the creative use of art. The ‘light art’ installations are placed all around the bay – outside MBS, along the promontory and outside Esplanade.

The last time I went to i Light was back in 2010 together with Vivian and Vincent. We went there in our heels and office wear. Can’t imagine how we survived that ;p My experience then was…boring. It’s literally art. They are pretty but that’s about it.

the teddy bears (i Light 2010).

That explains why I didn’t go back when the subsequent festivals. Heh.

However! This year’s installations caught my eye while walking to buy lunch this past week and since we have nowhere to go…might as well.

i Light Marina Bay 2014

How was it? Quite fun! (: The art installations are mostly interactive! You can either step on them or switch on some lights or another.

My favorite has to be this –

B9 - Cloud

B9 – Cloud

The Cloud is made up of many any light bulbs and the “strands” you see hanging are actually metal chains that you can pull to switch on the lights. Like the little kids around me, I went up to the installation and started tugging at the chains and smiling in wonder (if there’s such a description) when they light up 😀 But I think something dropped out while the kids while tugging at it cos I heard something dropped to the ground (sounds like a bulb) and a collective “Ohhh.” from the crowd. Eeps!

The most abstract piece has to be the net hanging at the floating platform. It reminded me of a uterus for some reason. No, really. Don’t ask me why. Hahahah!

the net/milky way.

While on the way out from the floating platform, I turned around and it was an EUREKA! moment. The net was a replica of the Art Science Museum!


There are many other installations like giant dandelions, a car that only lights up when you cycle, giant teddy bears, wishing tree where you can write a wish and throw it up (go early!), loads of hearts and many many more. I think we missed out quite a few somehow (and our legs are already crying out for help).

똑똑한 곰. Professor Bear.

i thought they looked like egg yolks. but…it’s a crocodile!!

Here’s one of my favourite photo. The installation is quite plain but I took it from the bottom and was lucky to have caught the perfect timing and hence color!And since I won’t be going to Korea this year to look at the cherry blossoms, this is close enough!

they remind me of cherry blossoms (:

they remind me of cherry blossoms (:

Ohhhh! I had a brainwave towards the end of the walk. There’s this installation where they have light plates on the floor and loads of folks are running around on it. So I told the usual suspects that it would be nice if we do long exposure…Have a person stand in the middle while the rest of the folks are running around them. Heee. DK set it up and we did the shot!

group shot. photo from DK.

DK said we should used flash so that we can see out face. But by then we have already left and JUST TOO HUNGRY! Haha. So yeah.

Should you go to i Light 2014?

Yes! The interactive “light art” installations are pretty fun!

If you have kids, you can bring them along too!

Oh and the floating platform is open. So you can sit on the ‘lawn’ and look at the night sky. It’s really relaxing. When we sat down, we almost didn’t want to move.

If you plan to walk the entire route, do sat aside about 2-3 hours. Otherwise, you can do a short walk around the area after dinner.

For more information, you can visit the official i Light Marina Bay 2014 website here.


Chingay 2014

The last time I attended Chingay was back in 2010, I think. Back when I was still photoblogging for STB. That Chingay was awesome! The firecrackers, the drums, the floats and the energy of performances/performers. Loved it!

So when Benjamin offered me the tickets, I took it!

It’s really hard to shoot Chingay, I tell you. The many different colored lights. The pockets of darkness and light. And so many people! Who to focus on? Most of my photos are quite bad and I am not anyway near finish looking through it. But here’s a few that I quite like (:

swan lake by students at the CCs.

the super hyper lion puppets. my panning shot actually worked!

firecrackers and sparklers on a much smaller scale this round 😦

The energy level is quite different from that of Chingay 2010. Not as smiley but I guess with CNY so close, they must be exhausted. Other than the Swanlake performance (above), I also like the performance from Korea and Japan (: Though it was kind of weird to see the Koreans dancing to some English pop song (cos it was a combined performance with other countries).

pretty (:

pretty (:

hey-sho, hey-sho!

hey-sho, hey-sho!

Oh yes! Just realised that the scarf given out during the parade was knitted by the CCs! (: Will try to put the picture here soon!

The colleagues and I were reminiscing about the time when Chingay was free and was at Orchard Road. I couldn’t remember much about it except for the year when I joined the parade as a motivator. It was quite an experience to see the performers up close (:

Chingay has already been telecast on Channel 8 tonight. But don’t worry! There will be a repeat telecast next Sunday afternoon I think (: XinMSN is down so I can’t check the timing. Heh. Oh and….Chingay 2015 will be on 20 and 21 February. Since it’s going to be in collaboartion of SG50, it should be quite interesting! But hopefully it won’t be like a mini-NDP though. Cos Chingay is all about celebrating the diversity of Singapore! Till then!

fireworks in the sky and in her hands.

5 minutes with Canon IXUS 1000HS (:

About a month back (yes, I’ve been procrastinating), I skipped my last Korean class and attended Canon’s Blogger Event (: Because of work, I missed the first part of the event. Boohoohoo!

But I did manage to catch-up with them at Custom House where I was handed the Canon IXUS 1000HS that comes in Pink, Silver and Brown –


Pink for me!(:

While I think that the camera can be improved, like better F number and image quality at high ISO, I am quite pleased to see that it has 2 new features – Handheld Night Scene and Best Image Selection.  Note: I have low noise tolerance when it comes to images so the image quality at high ISO might be okay for you.

1. Handheld Night Scene

While going for the 2nd round of shoot at iLight @ Marina Bay, my colleague showed off the Handheld Night Scene mode that he had in his Sony DSLR. Needless to say, I was impressed! Because, there I was struggling to keep myself still (no tripod) so as to minimise shake while there he is, snapping away happily, no qualms about moving.

So the moment I finished dinner and ran out to shoot (at iLight@ Marina Bay again) with the Canon IXUS 1000HS, that’s the first thing I tried!

Here’s the result –

no editing done.

It was quite rather easy really. I just switched to that mode, press the shutter and VIOLA! Image captured!  (: Happy! No more taking a breath before pressing the shutter (yes, that reduces shake) or finding desperately for an edge that you can lean on to stabilized yourself!

How does it work? The camera will take a succession of shots and then combine it into one optimally exposed picture!


2. Best Image Selection Mode

Scrolling the mode list, I found this funny icon and after selecting it, I was happy to see that it was the best selection mode (: I’m sure you have heard about it! The camera will take a few shots and choose the best shot for you. Something like that 😛

Here’s the test shot –


the pretty tree!(:

I did something really stupid too. I was taking a picture of Siddy (I think) then I shifted quite a bit so there was a few times when the shutter clicked and Siddy was not inside..But the final image that the camera picked was the one with Siddy in it! HAHAHAHA! Maybe it was luck or maybe it’s because the camera is smart. Hmmm. But yes, another function I like.

3. Comparing the 2 modes

And I also did some shots for comparing.

Here’s one taken with long shutter (placed it on the ledge) –



It’s probably blurred because I didn’t have a remote? So when I pressed the shutter, I will have accidentally shook the camera. But look at the reflection of MBS in the water. Pretteh!

Here’s one taken with Handheld Night Scene –


angle slightly different.

This was taken while holding the camera. The image is slightly more stabled but the reflection was not captured. Several reasons could have caused it and I think one of it could be because the angle I took it with was slightly different.

Next, Best Image Selection –


same as above.

Not as good as Handheld Night Scene eh?

And here’s one taken in Auto Mode (i.e. the camera chooses the mode for you) –


It chose Night Scene.

If I were to rank the photos, it will be Long Shutter (blur as it is, i still like the reflection) ->Handheld -> Program -> Best Selection.

But taste CAN differ.

4. A really brief affair with G12

Towards the end of the day, Siddy very sweetly swapped his G12 with me and I got a quick feel of it!

Didn’t really have a lot of time to play with the settings. But at F8, the “stars” it produced are not too bad..


And of course, selcas –


my hands shook o.O

Flippable screen FTW 😛

5. In summary

The Canon IXUS 1000HS also have all the modes that the Canon IXUS 130 has (read about my review of it here) ! You can read about the experts’ take on it @ dpreview .

The other cameras that were there that night was Canon 60D and S95. Heard quite abit about the S95 and I have send in a “request” to run around with a trial set. Hopefully it will come in time for my SS3 concert at the end of January.

Here’s to hoping! *fingers crossed*

Thank you, Ogilvy and Canon for the invite 😀










Running with Canon IXUS 130 @ USS (:

Being the unemployed that I am, I’ve been spending ample time in front of the television and reading magazines. This particular advertisement (both print and television) has been staring at me for quite some time.

scanned from 8days.

So when DK asked if I am interested to attend a Canon event, I immediately said yes. Praying and hoping that the IXUS 130 will be there for me to try out! It was of course a bonus that the event was held at the newly opened, Universal Studios Singapore! When I learnt that DK managed to get me an invite, I started reading up on the 3 cameras that will be present (first official event leh! must be hardworking abit!) and IXUS 130 still stand out for me!

Like, hello?! It appeals to the bimbo in me, can? PINK LEH! (If you still don’t know, I bejeweled my D300).


The task: We were each given one camera (either IXUS 130, IXUS 210 and Powershot SX210IS) and 3 hrs to go around USS to try out the camera!

By drawing lots, we were each assigned the camera model we will get. I got the Powershot, I think. But Ivy and I decided to swap cause she likes the Powershot more. So heee! I got the IXUS 130 (:

I CONFESS! I am not a big fan of Canon like my brother so in order to convince me that a Canon camera (be it DSLR or compact) is good will be tough. I may be curious about the IXUS 130 but I still have my doubt.

What did I think about the camera? [Summary]: I quite like it! Especially for the miniature, smart shutter, color accent and color swap functions (: Save me loads of photoshop work! 😀 However, I have some concerns about the ‘flaring” effect. But overall, quite worth it!

Breaking it down – Some stuff I really like!

1. Smart Shutter

When I first saw the commercial for the camera, I laughed and said, “..what a stupid function! The people posing in front of the camera cannot blink until the person placing the camera comes back! LIKE HELLO? FAIL!”

Therefore, the first thing that I tried when I got my hands on the camera was the Smart Shutter.

Under the smart shutter, there’s 3 modes – Smile, Wink and New Face. This means that the camera will take a photo when it detects a smile, a wink or when a new face enter the frame. So what do I think of it?

I take back my words! It’s actually quite a fascinating and brilliant function! No more, “QUICK! RUN RUN! The timer is about to go off!” I can actually place the camera, press the shutter and WALK leisurely into the frame, blink AND pose before the camera take a picture.

It’s actually pretty hilarious too! I kept going, “..Alright guys! BLINK NOW! *blink furiously myself*”!  Here’s another photo we took! This was in “New Face” mode. The one above was in “Wink” mode.

2. Miniature mode (or what I like to call, Tilt-Shift mode)

The feature that I am very very amazed with (:

If you think that only the pros who are skilled in Photoshop and own a tilt-shift lens can do tilt-shift, THINK AGAIN!

*Rewind* What’s tilt shift? Basically, it’s making life-sized products look like miniature ones. Like this!

Nope! I didn’t get rich and spend $700+ on a tilt-shift lens! This was done with the IXUS 130! (:

It’s really easy and idiot-proof! You get to select which area to be in focus and which to be out, and the size of the area! Once you’re done, just snap away and let the camera handle the rest! I was so infatuated with this function that I tried it on almost everything! Here’s a few examples –

Whee~ Other than creating tilt-shift effect, the Miniature mode can also be used to make words stand out.

Yupyup! I am tempted to buy the camera just for this mode! ❤ It is reason ENOUGH!

kingdom far far away.

[edit: for photo pros, please excuse my noobish explanation. I understand that miniature effect can be achieved with only lens-tilt(:]

3. Color Accent

I am always fascinated with pictures that only have ONE color standing out! I know it’s just a few simple steps in Photoshop/Lightroom, but I am rather lazy :X

So TADA! IXUS 130 can do it for me! 😀

You can choose the color that you want to stand out. Just point the camera at that color and press the left arrow. VIOLA! You can also choose how “saturated”/strong the color should be! Genius!

*imagines the possibility of using this functions on flowers*

So focus, I was on taking this picture that I forgot that the merry-go-round has stopped until a staff came and usher me down-.- OPPS!

4. Color Swap

Now, this is interesting! My favorite function after the Miniature! 😀 What’s color swap?

COLOR SWAP LOR! Hahaha! Just pick a color that you want to change and then pick the color you want that color to change to.

Initially, I tried it out on water –

water fountain.

But by accident, I took this picture! 😀 Bet you have never seen the sky in pink!

Well, now you do! 😀 You’re welcome!

If only the clouds were more majestic then. The color swap would have been nicer. Anyhoos! Montage!

And you know how photographers are always going after the magic hour?

*Rewind* What’s the magic hour? It’s usually the first/last hour of daylight (:  Lighting is usually warmer so you can push down your white balance to make the sky real blue! Read more here.

FORGET ABOUT THE TIME! With color swap, every minute can be magic hour!

I swapped the blue of the sky with the blue of a mailbox nearby! 😀 I forgot to take a picture of the sky in it’s natural color so I can’t do a comparison!:X

5. Smart-Auto mode

What happens when you turn lazy and just want to take picture ? You can swap to auto mode!

In this mode, you can literally be a lazy shooter (face it, we all get lazy sometime!). The camera will choose from 22 pre-defined situation shooting situations to ensure that you get the perfect picture! Does it work?

Well, I didn’t really try out this function but I think it’s pretty okay!

Some photos taken in this mode –

Yesyes, narcissistic much? BLEAH! 😛

Anyways, no worries about the camera choosing the wrong scene for you! 😀

6. HD Video

It takes HD video *dances around* Okay, you may ask what’s the big deal about this? Well, it is to me! Because a) my D300 cannot take video, b) my compact takes video without sound and c) Omny takes really lousy (puke-inducing, ear-breaking) videos!

PLUS! You know how videos can be really horrible with all the shaking and walking about (think Blair Witch Project)? I think IXUS 130 has some anti-shake thingy that prevents that from happening?

AND AND! Color accent and zoom works for video as well!

Here’s a video I took while I was on the merry-go-round!  Considering I was moving up and down, it’s quite okay!

(Warning: Lower down your volume. My voice abit sharp.)

Just in case Youtube is wonky, click here to go to the video.

Eh..wait! I feel cheated! My ride didn’t go up and down! It didn’t right? Eeeeeee! Why like that!!!!

7. Fish-eye effect

I am rather picky when it comes to fish-eye! So to be really honest, I am a little disappointed 😦

There’s 3 levels to choose from – Low, Medium or High. If you just want a little bit of curvature in your picture, then go for low. If you want to be extreme, just go high!

This was taken in High mode!

This was in High mode as well –

To a certain extent, the fisheye works! But to a certain extent, it doesn’t. Look at this picture –


It should elongate and distort my fingers to make it look REALLY scary. But it didn’t quite achieve that 😦

And then there’s this picture –


It only distorted my face + my right arms and not the rest of the picture 😦

I think the mode should be renamed to “Distortion” instead? Cause it distorts the photos more than it creates a fisheye effect! Another problem I had is that you can’t see which part of your photo is in focus when you are trying to shoot. Sigh.

But hey! You still can get creative with it! Like what I did with my eye in the picture above! Or with signs! It makes a boring sign look interesting!

8. A little problem.

I am sure this is not a big problem. Okay, let me rephrase! I am pretty sure this can be solved if given ample time with the camera.

Like I love to say, “All gadgets have their quirks. It’s all about living with them and learning to overcome them!” *ahem* I speak from experience!

Yes, IXUS 130 seem to have a bit of flaring problem when shooting dealing with scenes where there’s 2 lighting situation.

For instance,

too bright.

See that little ‘bright area’ at the right side of the picture? Yup, that’s the problem I am talking about. I think it’s called flaring.

Here’s another example –

pretty ladies on a car!

In this case, it works in the favor of the picture because it gives the photo a ‘dreamy’ feel! Perfect! Cause *ahem* I am sure it is every boy’s dream to see 3 sexy ladies sitting on a car? Right? RIGHT! *glares and hand over puke bucket to reader*

I am pretty sure the problem can be solved! Maybe it was because my ISO was not correct or something. Don’t really think it’s a problem with the camera though. Probably just the settings!


Things I didn’t get to try: Smart Auto (didn’t get to try in different environment); Changing the ISO; Changing the WB; Shooting in low light; Assisted PhotoStitch

All-in-all : Overall, I think this is quite a spiffy gadget to have (: Like I’ve said, the miniature effect is reason enough to buy the camera (: A few others agrees with me after seeing the pictures on Facebook! PLUS! It is very light (133g – about the same weight as an iPhone), very slim (17.8mm) and comes in different colors (I don’t have to bejewel it!).

For those of you who are interested to find out more – you can visit the official site or dpreview!

For more pictures taken by me with the camera, head to Facebook!

OKIE DOKES! That’s it from me!


The event: I think it’s pretty smart to hold the event at USS and giving us the chance to ‘test-drive’ the cameras! Why? Cause the best way to experience a camera is to test-drive it in a photog outing environment. A person may have a review set but that doesn’t mean they will bring it out for a test-drive. So yups! (: Only thing is..I wish we had more time! We were rather torn between shooting and trying out the rides! But OHWELLS!

Still, a great event! And thanks for the souvenir!

Thanks, DK for getting me an invite! Thanks, Canon and Ogilvy for the invite! 😀

*hangs rabbit foot on blogpost and sticks 4-leaves clover all over*

Beginner Photography Class B05 by Willy Foo(:

Some time back in early July, I was frantically looking for people to take the class with me. Luckily, Juan told me Ling was interested and I sms-ed her on the day lesson starts and VIOLA! Both of us were on our way to class that very evening (:

4 lessons for $240 ($180 for students!) and it’s money well-spent! 😀 For me at least. While the first two lessons are very theory-heavy (and I almost fell asleep cause too tired from work), the last 2 lessons are much more interactive. I guess it’s also because everyone has “warmed up” to each other(:



Personal favorite out of the 4 classes will definitely be the outdoor shoot! We get to try out the theories that we have learnt in the first 2 classes. And of course, feedback from the laoshi (Willy Foo) was given. We had to show him our pictures if not we won’t get out cert! Fierce right? 😛 But, that’s the best way to learn. If you don’t try, you won’t know! Besides, the teacher don’t bite and the class is small enough for him to give enough attention to everyone(:

waiting to do panning shots!

waiting to do panning shots!

Of course, going outdoors means you will attract attention. Imagine a group of 20 people holding on to huge-ass cameras standing by the roadside. Bound to catch people’s attention! I think if the class gets any bigger, we might just get on the news! OR! Attract the police’s attention. It’s also funny to see how people will try to stick their head or stop to look up and see what we are shooting. Especially outside Orchard Central! A bunch of tourists actually took out their PNS and started shooting too (even though they have no idea what they are supposed to be shooting). Haha.

And I like the outdoor shoots so much that I am wondering if I can tag along for future classes’ outdoor shoots! A good way to practise all the techniques and I can also help the new students! *looks at Willy Foo* Can, uncle? 😛

personal favorite (:

personal favorite (:

I have officially completed all 4 lessons and made some new friends along the way *waves to everyone* Probably going to spend a bomb on a new DSLR soon! Bye bye, Lumix! The past 6 years have been great! But my flings with D200 and D700 is just too nice! I’ll pass you on to my sister de! I think she SHOULD know how to use you 😛 And of course! Enthusiast Photography Course E02 at end September! Can’t wait to see everyone again! (:

certificate with flowers from convocation(:

certificate with flowers from convocation(:

SO! If you are interested in photography or keen to find out more, join the FB group – Photoschool to receive news about upcoming classes or trips OR you can sign up for September’s Intensive Weekend Photogrpahy Course for Beginners, there are still spaces available! And I am thinking of getting my brother to go (especially since he is interested in photography and I will have gotten a DSLR by then).

If you think the things taught in the Beginners Class may be too basic, go for the Enthusiast Class (which I am going in Sept!) – Sign up at  Enthusiast Photography Class E02! 3 more spaces only! Come come and be my classmates(:

LASTLY! If you just want to shoot, you can join the Singapore Photography Group in FB(: They have outings/talks every month! Photo competition every month too! Good way to learn and “improve” the way you look at things  (i.e. you won’t keep shooting in the same pattern).

Oh and thanks, Ling! For taking the course with me (:

perspective and framing!

perspective and framing!

P/S: I graduated TWICE this week! (:

Photography makes me happy (:

the simple company i love.

Friday, 8th May

I was late because I ended work late and made the mistake of taking cab instead of the train. The jam was horrendous, my driver was falling asleep and I was at the back, hoping that it won’t turn out to be another $30 cab ride (it’s not).

We (Victor, QQ, Vincent and I) headed straight for G2000 where I tried several outfits. All FAIL! I ended up buying a nice white top (yes, white again) that looked awful on me in pinkish-red. I have to say, Victor is the toughest ‘critic’! Anyways, THANKS GUYS! I need to buy more though.

Darran came to join us and we had dinner at Pasta Cafe. Still FAIL. We stayed until they closed before heading to Xin Wang at Cine(:

As usual, we talked crap (as QQ put it) and totally random stuff. But it was nice(: Simple company rocks!

Sometimes I am afraid that we are meeting up too often and that they are meeting me because they dont know how to say no. But it’s just me over-thinking eh? Whatever it is, THANK YOU! Thanks for being there when I am emo. Thanks for pushing and pulling me when I gave up. Thanks for going out with me! And I guess, most importantly, thanks for the simple company!(:

(Hopefully I don’t jinx anything.)

Saturday, 9th May

Baking was not nice per se. But, the cookies are! A little over-baked but who cares? Cynthia and I are happy enough. We got talking towards the end and it was nice. What happen to the simple company that we used to have? That’s the question we kept asking.

ANYWAYS! The parents decided to bring the grams to the MacDonald’s near my house for dinner to “celebrate” Mothers’ Day! Random talk with the parents and brother. And it was pretty nice(:

Well, it’s always nice to see my grams. I love her plenty!(:


grams with her McSpicy(:

grams with her McSpicy(:

the brother and his filet-o-fish.

the brother and his filet-o-fish.

the dad caught with his tongue out!

the dad caught with his tongue out!

grams and me (:

grams and me (:

After sending the grams home, I decided to head for a stroll. Yes, after the cramps this morning (that left my legs hurting), I still went for a stroll! And it was pretty uneventful. But I saw the moon through the trees and noticed how HUGE the trees along the roads are. Like HUGE.

red among the green. hate the noise that comes along with shooting in "Night" mode.

red among the green. hate the noise that comes along with shooting in "Night" mode.

the moon through the trees.

the moon through the trees.

I think I might have dropped Omny one too many times. I can’t take sunset shots anymore. Actually, when I point it to any source of light, it will turn it into a blob. Nice when you are indoors or when the effect is like the one in the picture with my grams. But when you are trying to take a shot of the sky during sunset or sunrise, it SUCKS! I want a nice portable camera!

I have missed like 3 pretty sunset because of it. Upset (trademark!).

But yup. Going to bathe soon! And maybe a movie or random clicking or just reading. I want to continue to feel this way. Calm, relaxed and a little content (:

OH! And I feel like going to Hort Park soon. I want take pictures of flowers!

Many things to be thankful right? Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings and see what God has done.

Happy Birthday, Singapore Photographers’ Club! You’re ONE!

After fetching Omnia from the service center (servicing FAIL), I went to City Hall to meet Victor, QiQuan and Sarah at Sakae Sushi(: A quick lunch and off we go to SupperClub!



We were late! So when we entered, Willy Foo went, “The bloggers are here”. Victor and I were a bit shocked. HAHA. So erm..I just raised my hand and waved. The event kicked off with the SPS game and that’s when I saw the REALLY REALLY beautiful cake!!

the birthday cake (taken with digital zoom)

the birthday cake (taken with digital zoom from the 2nd level)

I had 2 slices! *cough* glutton *cough* But it was FANTABULOUS!! I had a sugar rush afterwards! Hehehe. I was eyeing the camera. Damn! I so wanted to eat that! (Yes, I love icings!)

ANYWAYS! After the cake cutting session, there was a series of talk and sharing session. QQ and I fell in love with Natalia’s macro-shots! *swoons* OH! And I was awed by Zhang Jingna. Totally blown away. Was feeling a little sheepish too. Because she’s so young and yet she’s achieved so much. And her guts to quit school and pursue something that she loves is totally *kowtow*

All in all, it was pretty nice(: Even though we kinda stoned and almost fell asleep somewhere in between. But yups!

Oh! We had an impromptu shooting session afterwards-.-

the bar away at the top.

Some thoughts

I realised during photography events, one way or another, the topic always turn technical. It will be like, “Oh! Your pictures look great! What lens/exposure/<insert technical terms> did you use?” and the conversation will start to drift that way. For beginners like me, the entire conversation will just go *whoosh* over my head and I tune out. And I wonder if this tendency to turn technical means that without the equipment, you can’t take good pictures? I know that’s NOT TRUE. But yeah.

All these talk about <technical stuff> might just scare beginners off? I think a constant “worry” for beginners when they are deciding if they should go for photog outings might be, “Omg. I don’t know about all the things that they are saying!” and then they will just not go. And the cycle continues. They will continue to not know how to fully utilise their cameras and etc.

Sometimes, I wish that someone will really go back to the basic. Like talk about framing, positioning and something that is none technical? Perhaps cater to people who don’t own a DSLR? *shrugs*

Hmmm. Everytime I go for this kind of talks, I will feel pretty “excluded” because photography seems like such an expensive hobby.

Okay, this woman is tired. The thoughts are probably not very well-expressed and if I continue, I am going to have verbal-diarrhea and end up offending people. More when I am more awake or when you guys meet me !

Off to configure my useless Omny.