Cookies for Sid (:

Been meaning to write this post for awhile now. So here I am attempting to write this via the mobile app since I have a bit of time (:

Everyone knows twelve cupcakes yes?


photo from twelve cupcakes facebook page.

The cupcake boutiques that sells really awesome and innovative cupcake favors opened by celebrity couple, Jamie Teo and Daniel Ong. I love their Chocolate Rum N Raisin and Red Velvet! Yums!

Anyways, Cookies for Sid is the sister brand! Initially, I didn’t take too much notice about the idea of a cookie shop cos I love Famous Amos and I shelved it as a mercenary venture (sorry!).

But! When I saw Daniel Ong’s tweet about who Sid is, hehe. I got curious! Sid is actually the name of Cookie Monster (: betcha didn’t know that! Apparently, Cookie Monster introduced himself as Sid when he appeared on Sesame Street. Cool huh?

So I liked their FB page and eagerly anticipated the opening of the shop. I mean, if it’s cookies for Cookie Monster, it should be pretty awesome!

A few weeks after their opening, I popped by the outlet at United Square after my dance class.

The packaging caught my eye! Hehe.


first impression counts.

Pretty right! I love the blue! And I love how the carrier is a ziplock bag (so the cookies won’t 漏风?). How the cookies each have their own individual pouch! Hehe.

And that witty line on the packaging!

…we recommend consuming these cookies the minute you get your hands on them or if you are unable to finish them for reasons we cannot fathom, please….

Hehehe! Anyways, I loved the cookies so much that I finished the entire box in 2 days and went back to buy more the following week.


Ginger Chewy.

The cookies: Are they good? Okay. First of all, they are not the hard crunchy cookies like Famous Amos. Instead, the cookies are a little chewy. Not soft soft ok! Chewy! Like Subway cookies but more awesome (:

The flavours: There are the regular flavors like Raisin Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, Triple Choc and M&Ms. Then there are the special flavors like Cranberry Pumpkim Oatmeal and S’mores.

My personal favourite? Malty Milo, Ginger Chewy, S’mores, Cranberry Pistachio and Triple Choc!


Malty Milo.

Omg. S’ MORES! A deadly combination of chocolate, melted marshmallows and cracker bits. They are worth the calories! I chugged 3 pieces down in under 5 minutes during my TOPIK preparation back in April :p


I have yet to try the elusive Rum & Raisin Oatmeal and Rocky Road though. Off tangent but CHOCOLATE RUM AND RAISIN CUPCAKE from twelve cupcakes are delicious! Been trying to get them for the past 3 weeks but sold out 😦

However, unilike twelve cupcakes where they have a list of special flavors for each day of the month, you will need to follow Cookies for Sid fb page to find out what they are.

Price: $4.60 for 3 cookies. Additional $0.20 for special flavors. Quite reasonable me thinks. The staff are really friendly too!

Brought the classmates to buy the cookies last week and they quite like it (: hehe.

Thinking of buying some home this Saturday to noms on while watching the National Day Rally on Sunday. Woohoo!

So if you like cookies like Sid, do pop by Cookies for Sid to check the cookies out (:


Cookies for Sid can be found at –

1 Raffles Link #B1-10 (City Link Mall, near to Starbucks and the link to  Marina  Square)

United Square #B1-60A (opposite Subway)