Bible Prayers for Bedtime.

Raise your hand if you’re shocked that I am actually blogging something about Christianity. Heh. When I tell people that I am a Christian [or rather I believe in God], they are shocked. I guess it’s because I am not the kind who goes to church every week or openly talk about my religion.

Once and for all, I am a free-thinker but yes, I believe in God. I went to Sabbath School when I was a little girl. And even almost acted as Mary in a Christmas play once [cried my way out of it. hehehe].

ANYWAY! Enough about me! My sister is currently in-charge of the primary level of Sabbath School at our church so she bought this book with the intention of sharing it with the little kids. But me being me, I hijacked the book and started reading a few pages before I go to sleep and after waking up.

I’m sure little kids may have this problem. They don’t know what to say when they pray. When I was young, I thought just talking normally would be offensive. Sometimes, I feel like I am asking too much from God. Sometimes, I don’t know what to say and so I just skip praying and go to sleep.

And this is where the book comes in!

Here’s one example of the book –

starts off with a story.

ends with a simple prayer.

I like how simple the whole book is. There’s 4 colors representing 4 different ‘companions’. The words are easy to understand and straightforward. It also helps to increase the child’s understanding of stories in the bible!

PLUS!! By reading the stories and prayers, you will find that there are many things to be thankful for. Things that we have grown used to and have taken for granted. It also serve as a reminder that God is always near (:

Yups! I am so pleased with the book that I bought the other one!

devotions for bedtime.

There’s one more series that I am eyeing!

And I just found out they have this!

Heeee. Maybe I should ask my sister to buy them all! OR! Just borrow her member card. OHOH! You can buy it at any Trumpet Praise store(: Not sure where are their outlets but I got mine from the one at J8 !

Before I go, here’s another of my favorite prayer –

for the friends in my life.

Anyhoos, Happy Sabbath Day (:

Bunny Days by Tao Nyeu

I have this habit of borrowing at least ONE children book everytime I visit the library (: You’ll be surprise at how good their fantasy stories are!

While waiting for bernice yesterday, I saw this book on display and started reading it –


And while the illustration was pretty cute, the story was a bit sadistic!

In the first story, the bunnies were muddy and then Bear had to put them in the washing machine and hang them to dry overnight!

In the second story, the bunnies were sucked into a vacuum cleaner and flung out of the bag!

The last story is the worst! The bunnies were playing hide and seek in the bushes when lo and behold!! Their tails were cut off! And that’s not all! The tails were then sew back on with a sewing machine!  I cringed when I read till that part!!

And the ending of all the stories were, “..And everyone was happy…” Like eh?

Abusing people make them happy? What’s the moral of all these stories?