books and me (:

Ever since I was in Primary 4, I have a very good and deep relationships with books. Goosebumps, Babysitter Club, The Naughtiest Girl in School, Mallory Towers, Tom Swayer and the likes. 3 library cards, 1 trip to the library and 12 books per week. Yes, I was that crazy.

Throughout secondary school, JC and even university, I continued reading. Reading before bedtime. Reading being the first thing I do when I wake up (even before I get out of bed). Reading till I fall asleep. Reading has been an important part of me (:

I love reading into the wee hours of the night. Sacrificing sleep to finish up a book AND not feeling tired the next day. Being plunged and pulled straight into the world of the books. Forgetting about time and your surroundings. I miss those stuff!

Ever since I’ve graduated last year, my reading rate has come to a halt. Even during my unemployed days.

I could not find books that seduce me. The last really solid one that I read was Spiderwick! I loved it so much that I will read every word twice so I will not finish it so quickly! But after that, I just don’t read anymore. I tried but failed. The books are all similar. So plain 😦

And I guess I don’t have a comfortable chair for me to read. So I just stopped.

Maybe I should pick up reading again. But what to read?


Nokia Singapore – The Rookie Grand Finals

Thanks to Text 100, I was invited to the Grand Finals of The Rookie @ Zouk last Saturday (: Suaku kia that I am, that was actually my first time there! Hehehe. After spending the whole at work, I rushed down to the event!

What is The Rookie you ask? Well, think Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” in local style! Basically contestants will compete for an internship spot at Zouk, Standard Chartered, Nokia (doh) and Microsoft! (: And one person will then win the title of “THE Rookie” + $5000 in cash!

Confession! I actually did thought of taking part in this cause I was unemployed! But heh. Must do video leh. I am shy!


the judges.

Had a great time watching the finale and discussing about the outfits of the contestants with some of the usual suspects (: And it was interesting to see how the friends of some of the contestants were so enthusiastic! Reminds me of camp. Kinda.

The host was kinda yummy too. But not yummier than my SuperJunior boys though!

the host.

And this being a Nokia show, the host checks the results via a Nokia phone!

hmm. let me check my gmail.

I burst out laughing when he said he was going to check his phone. But great product placement, I guess (:

And what is an event without some cam-whoring with friends?

mus and i! (:

JLee and I (:

Okay, let’s try something new here in the post!

Giveaway! (:

The last episode for the Rookie (the one that I was at) will be out on 2nd July @! And I’ve got a complimentary Zouk pass! Yours truly is not a clubbing sort of girl so I want to give it away!!

SO! Let’s do this…Watch the last episode of the Rookie and tell me who the winner is (: Submit your answer by commenting in this post (by 4th July, 2359) and I will do a draw to give the complimentary pass away! (:

Note that the complimentary pass is valid till the  end of July and admits TWO people!


Lagi no people join then I throw face 😛 *fingers crossed*

My fascination with the box of McDonald’s Quarter Pounder.

So there we were at McDonalds, after Nokia’s The Rookie Grand Finals @ Zouk. Lazing around and rubbing our tummy. And just nuaring. While DK was updating Julian about some stuff, I was fascinated with the box of the Quarter Pounder that Chester had.

credits to mt•MT•Mt on Flickr.

My first question was, “Why is it Mighty Simple? Does that mean that the other one is Mighty Complicated?” HAHAHAH! No one can answer my question though. But Chester brought up a good point. That perhaps on the Double Quarter pounder, it will be, ” Simply Mighty”. Hmm. Let me try googling for it.

OH! Here it is –

from Google Image Search.

Hmm. Twice as mighty? Okay lah. But I prefer Chester’s suggestion. At least it links the two products up!

ANYWAYS! After examining the box, I went, “ come there’s an asterisk next to the pound? *picks up box* where is the subnote?” HAHAHAHA! Chester was sitting directly opposite me so he very nicely replied me by picking up the box and flipping it. Underneath it, it says, “…1 pound = 113 grams of uncooked meat..” OHHHH! Being the curious girl that I am, I asked why would they want to state that and who in the world will go weigh a piece of meat? That’s when Chester told me that it was to avoid lawsuits and about a case of a woman who accidentally poured coffee on herself and sued McDonalds! While the arguments sounds okay, I still think it’s ridiculous that it actually amounted to a lawsuit? I mean, WHO PUTS HOT COFFEE on between their knees?! Read about the lawsuit here.

Going to try to see if there really is a disclaimer on their coffee cups that say something along the line of not putting the cup between knees. Heh. Someone remind me!

I think I asked, “..why did they put with cheese?” and it was answered that they actually produced quarter pounder WITHOUT cheese. OHHHH! HAHAHA! Sorry lah! I don’t take beef mah!

After awhile, I went on to ask, “..Have you noticed how ALL burgers are in boxes EXCEPT McChicken? *looks at my McChicken wrapper*”

I think I got an answer? But except that McChicken, Hamburger and some breakfast burgers are still in wrapper. Apparently it’s to seperate the atas burgers from the cheaper burgers. Filet-O-Fish very atas meh? It’s only $0.50 more expensive than a McChicken! And according to Chester and JLee, they don’t use boxes in Canada. Really? Hmmm.

So why do we use boxes? Is it more environmentally friendly? If not, can we please change back to wrappers?

AHAHAH! Okay, so after that, I stopped asking! Ran out of questions! But it kept me occupied and entertained for at least half an hour.


yes, i am still alive!

Week One of work has been interesting enough. Had to hog my sister’s Macbook and work OT on Friday (missed Wondergirls’ showcase because of it). I even went to work on Saturday!

Ended up with a high fever on Sunday night. 39.4degrees and shivering so much that I ended up crying. I hate being cold. I rather be warm than to freeze. Went to work on Monday and got chased home. Went to the doctors and got chided for going to work :X

But yes! I am still alive. Colleagues are nice (: Not going to say much lest I jinx anything.

However! The view from my office has been wonderful!

The first sunset I caught –

The last strip of sunlight in the sky (the day before the rain that flooded Orchard!) –

On a bright sunny Saturday afternoon –

Doubt I will be taking loads of photos this week though. Am on MC till Wednesday and my colleague who sits next to the window is back! So I can’t keep going over to take photo! Maybe I should visit the 17th floor more often! View of the Flyer, MBS and the highway. Hmm.

OHWELL! This sickie must rest now!!

I have so many blogpost backlog! Have to chiong once I get my Fujitsu back!!

Life 2.0 (:

By the time you are reading this, I am either a) squeezed in a train towards Marina Bay, b) have reported to work or c) half-way through my first day of work.

In case you still don’t know from my many tweets about pre-employment syndrome and the blatantly obvious Facebook message, I am EMPLOYED! (:


By the way, that’s my staff pass photo. Self-taken one ok? (: Background was photoshop-ed in. I guess all that cam-whoring practices paid off? Kind of. After going through a gazillion photos, I realised my eyes are a little lopsided and they are not the same size! SAD!

ANYWAYS! I’ll be working at..Hmm. Want to guess? This is the view I can get from the 17th floor.


Somewhere in Raffles Place, you say? Close enough, Maybank!! Wondering if it’s wised to put the name down. Maybe I should learn from DK, but ohwells. My position is called, “Customer Experience Management Executive”. Shan’t bore you with the details (: But yeah. How many of you are happy that I am employed? 😛

To be honest, I am approaching this job with a bit of weariness. Not really sure what to expect or how to go about it. Because I think I expected too much from the previous one and it fell short. All that endless hours of waiting. But HEY! I already like my manager and CEO when I met them during the interview. So it shouldn’t be that bad right?(: AND! It’s not you-know-what (starts with g ends with t).

After 6 months of unemployment, I grew to appreciate the quiet of the night. Often staying up late till 6am. Being around myself and my thoughts. And in these 6 months, I guess I grew up a little bit. Picking up and sorting through the mess I created in 2009. 2009 was just noisy noisy noisy and messy! Right after my exams ended, I started work. Work was just [null]. Everything just got BLAH. So I’m glad I had these 6 months to myself (:

I am going to miss having my own space. Because work literally means crowd in the morning, crowd in the afternoon and crowd in the evening. And when I get home, the constant blaring of the television. But HEY! I can do it (: I have the weekends (oh, you precious precious thing) and I have the usual suspects! So yups!

Here’s to Life 2.0! (:


Super Junior – tired?

Okay, so I was sending ber the link to the latest performance by Super Junior when she sent me one that was even more recent! And yeah. The boys are tired. You can hear it in their voice and see it in their dance moves.

This is one of the earlier performance –

And this is their performance on the 13th –

There’s one that looks even worse. That was slightly messier and just bad. Heck, click here to look at it.

Everyone look like they are tripping! :X

But yeah. And what’s with Leeteuk and the dishcloth? I no like!

Oh! And whenever Heechul touches the side of the face and stick out his tongue, this thought will pop up, “..NO! Don’t do that! You’ll have pimples!” HAHAHAHAH! But seriously, no. Don’t ever rub the side of your face like that. Bad for skin. BAAAADDDDD!!

Okay, bedtime for me! Can’t wait for their next single though! 😀 Yes, fangirl! *screams*