had a tough day.

partly hormones i think. when i don’t get enough sleep and when auntie red is here, it’s really a deadly cocktail. if this continues to happen next month, I think it’s time to go to the gynae. I’m way overdue for one anyway.

I’m lucky though. Jerrick offered to have lunch with me. But I thought seeing a familiar face will make T.T so I met up with ZQ. Not saying that he is not a familiar face but he did see me T.T before during the lead up to my resignation so he is more prepared. So yeah. Thank you, Jerrick and ZQ! (:

As I get older, I think my perseverance seem to be decreasing. I didn’t like the first thought that entered my mind today.

I’m gonna ride this through. I will keep trying and keep communicating until things work. Even if it’s going to be painful.

Dear God, please bless me with perseverance so I can get through this tough time; a clear mind to deal with things objectively; courage to make a difference. Most of all, please guide me through this. 

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