What are you doing this weekend?

A common question. Usually used to start a conversation. I’ve even used it myself! BUT! It’s these (see below) common replies when people realised that you have nothing plan, staying at home that really irks me. I really appreciate people trying to talk to me though!

Oh yeah. I have also come up with some possible replies (in italics) I might use next time.

Option 1 – I can’t take it!

“It’s Friday! Where are you going after work?”

“Nothing much. Going home.”

“But it’s Friday! Aren’t you going to do something exciting?!”

“But it’s precisely it’s Friday that I am going home! It’s too exciting for me. I can’t take it!”

Option 2 – Return to the Terrible 2s

“So what are your plans this weekend?”

“Nothing much. Just staying home for some quiet me time.”

“But why?”

“Why why?” 

“It’s the weekend! You should do something!”

“But why?” *keeps asking why*

Option 3 – Freak them out

“What are you doing for your leave?”

“Nothing. Just catch up on sleep. Do some cleaning.”

“You should do something fun!”

“Oh. But cleaning is fun! The dusting, the wiping. That’s my favorite!” 

Option 4 – Freak them out (2)

“It’s Friday! Where are you going after work?”

“I’m going home. I have a party in my head to plan and attend.”

Option 5 – Imaginary boyfriend

“It’s Friday! Where are you going after work?”

“I’m going home to meet my Korean boyfriend, Siwon. He just flew in from Korea.”

Honestly, I think I am the ultimate conversation stopper. It’s quite bad if you take a look at it. I take a super long time to warm up to people, which is bad enough. Then when people try to talk to me, I can somehow stop the conversation.

I guess, to some extent, I just can’t be bothered don’t quite get the reasoning behind asking back the person what they’ve just asked you. Like….

“How was your weekend?” “Not too bad. And how was yours?”

I’m like *mimics head exploding* Never did. Never will seeing that I am already 27.

Come to think of it, I got to know most of my friends through working with them. Not by talking randomly or doing lunch or stuff like that *thinks* Yeah. Something  like that. We would have worked together on some things, then after that, we just kind of form a “friendship” of sort. The last time I made friends not using this “work” thing is probably back in secondary school? Woah.

But yeah. It’s okay to ask the question but the replies should be more like –

“It’s Friday! Where are you going after work?”

“Nothing much. Going home to stone.”

“Spending time with the family?/Tough week huh?/Oh! Is there any good shows on TV these days?”

Sounds better already doesn’t it? But I guess I’m just weird and tough to know since I take time to warm up. I really don’t have much of a life for a person my age. I don’t go out with my friends. I go home everyday. I stay home whenever possible. I read alot. I don’t even watch dramas! I go for Korean lessons and the occasional dance class. And that’s about it.

Hmmmm. I think I am going to try tackling the list of commonly asked questions during CNY. I’m pretty sure I can come up with show-stopping replies! Stay tuned!




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